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Recipes | Fruits & Vegetables


From The Victory Garden to your kitchen, creative recipes you've seen on the show!

Episode 1: Minnesota
Nam Khao Salad, Herb Salad, Rice Balls & Lao Omelet
by Chef Jaime Malone

Episode 2: Memphis
Blackened Catfish & Cornless Succotash
by Chef Trimm

Episode 3: Ohio
Tandoori-Inspired Chicken Wings
by Chef Jose Salazar

Episode 4: New York City
Eggplant with Tahini Lemon and Herb Salad & Cold Eggplant Salad
by Chef Einat Admony

Episode 5: Bay Area
Crunchy Summer Salad with Hard Cooked Egg and Avocado & Confit Tomatoes on Toast
by Chef Samin Nosrat

Episode 6: Palm Beach
Lionfish "Escabeche"
by Chef Clay Conley

Episode 7: Madison
Chicken Larp
by Chef Christine & Bounyoung

Episode 8: Vancouver
Smoked Salmon Salad & Rye Crusted Sturgeon with Pickled Beets, Roasted Pumpkin and Tomato Jam
by Chef Chris Roper

Episode 9: New England
Apple Salad & Pan Roasted Duck Breast with Apples, Turnips, and Barley
by Chef Carolyn Johnson

Episode 10: Omaha
Pumpkin Cornbread & Lentil Eggplant Chili
by Chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Episode 11: New Orleans
Chicken and Shrimp Curry & Black Beans
by Chef Donald Link

Episode 12: Charlotte
African Prickly Cucumber Gazpacho & Rowland’s Row Roast Chicken Breast
by Chef Clark Barlowe

Episode 13: San Diego
Farm Raised Quail with Roasted Root Vegetables and Farroto
by Chef Javier Plascencia


Past Recipes

Apple Sorbet
Apple Sorbet with French Sorrel
by Chef Ed Tuson

Asian Beef Salad
Served with garden greens, radishes and sugar snap peas
by Chef Michel Nischan

Asparagus Tempura with Dipping Sauce
Crispy asparagus tempura served with a light dipping sauce
by Chef Hiroko Shimbo

Autumn Eggplant in Spicy-Sweet Vinegar Marinade
Known in Japan as namban-nasu, this delicious dish can be prepared up to a day in advance
by Chef Hiroko Shimbo

Bacon-Wrapped Scallop Tournedos with Summer Succotash
Flame-grilled giant scallops wrapped in bacon with corn, lima bean and tomato succotash
by Chef Chris Schlesinger

Baked Plaice
Served with herb butter
by Chef Darina Allen

Bananas Faustos with Sopadilla Salsa
Bananas in a rum butter sauce, topped with strawberry and sopadilla salsa
by Chef Aaron Sanchez

Barbeque Duck with Greenhouse Herbs in Lettuce Cups
Asian-inspired grilled duck served with a spicy dipping sauce
by Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier

Beets and Their Greens with Marjoram and Pine Nuts
Beets and Their Greens with Marjoram and Pine Nuts
by Chef Deborah Madison

Big Stuffed Ravioli
Big ravioli stuffed with spinach, sorrel and a poached egg with morels in chervil cream
by Chef Jody Adams

Blackberry Jam
A savoury blackberry jam with jalapeno peppers, onions, and lemon
by Chef Michel Nischan

Bok Choy, Mizuna, Arugula or Spinach in Black Sesame Seed Dressing
Boiled Asian greens served with black sesame seed dressing
by Chef Hiroko Shimbo

Burmese Salad
An interactive salad platter served with a spicy Russian dressing
by Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier

Canned and Pickled Vegetables
Preserve the bounty of your garden through canning and pickling
by Chef Camille Roy

Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken salad wrapped in collard greens
by Chef Michel Nischan

Chilled Gazpacho with Lobster and Lime Créme Fraîche
Few dishes are as refreshing on a hot summer day as gazpacho. In Maine, this classic Spanish "liquid salad" is embellished with lobster.
by Chefs Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier

Chilled Parsnip and Caramelized Onion Soup
A flavorful soup to keep you cool during the summer
by Chef Michel Nischan

Chinese Noodles and Broccoli
Fresh Chinese noodles served with blanched broccoli and chile oil
by Chef Didi Emmons

Chopped Summer Salad
Served with six-minute hen's eggs and truffled crostinis
by Barbara Lynch

Cold Salmon With Black Sesame Crust and Herb Mayonnaise
A homemade mayonnaise prepared with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs is delicious and nutritious
by Chef Jacques E. Haeringer

Composed Lily Bulb Salad
With black bean vinaigrette
by Chef Ken Oringer

Couscous Salad with Arugula
A couscous salad perfect for a picnic or potluck.
by Chef Ellen Ecker Ogden

Crawfish and Dill Pizza
Pizza with a roasted-garlic base, topped with crawfish tails, caramelized onons, three cheeses and fresh dill
by Chef Horst Pfeifer

A healthy selection of roasted, raw, and pickled crudités
by Chef Michel Nischan

Cucumbers with Wild Salmon Mousse
A popular snack with a twist
by Chef Michel Nischan

Crispy, Spicy Tofu and Peanut Slaw
A perfect example of how the simple flavor of chilies transform an everyday vegetable like cabbage into a truly special dish.
by Chef Didi Emmons

Eggplant Lasagna
Grilled eggplant served "lasagna style"
by Chef Michel Nischan

Eggplant Parmesan
A low-fat version of the traditional recipe
by Chef Patsy Jamieson

Ensalada De Bacalao (Salt Cod Salad)
Cod served with onions, scallions, cilantro, avocado, and tomatoes in a lime juice and garlic dressing
by Chef Aaron Sanchez

Fettucini Gremolata
Fettuccine with lemon zest
by Chef Horst Pfeifer

Fettuccine with Swiss Chard, Walnuts and Lemon
A delicious simple pasta dish with Swiss chard, walnuts and lemon
by Chef Michael Schlow

Fresh Flat Bread Corn Tortillas and Tomato Salsa
Fresh flat bread corn tortillas and tomato salsa from the garden
by Chef Michel Nischan

Fresh Mint and Chile Sauce
An Indian-style herb chutney
by Chef Patsy Jamieson

Green Gooseberry and Elderflower Compote
A delicious recipe for when elderflowers are coming into bloom and gooseberries aren't quite ripe
by Chef Darina Allen

Green Pizza
Prepared with arugula pesto
by Chef Michael Ayoub

Green Tomato Fondue
Served with feta and summer herbs
by Ana Sortun

Grill-Steamed Mussels with Chourico and Texas Toast
Mussels steamed on the grill with chourico sausage in a white wine butter sauce, served with Texas toast
by Chef Chris Schlesinger

Grilled Butternut Squash
A grilled butternut squash that preserves the sweetness of its flavor
by Chef Michel Nischan

Grilled Striped Bass
Served with heirloom tomatoes and a fresh 7-herb salad
by Chef Ryan Hardy

Grilled Steak and Onion Salad
Grilled steak and onion salad with a soy sauce dressing
by Chefs Melinda Blanchard and Robert Blanchard

Herb Aioli
A perfect bed for a serving of grilled fish
by Chef Jacques Van Staden

Herb Salad
Mixed lettuces tossed with fresh herbs
by Chef Andre Rochat

Kale and Tomato Soup
A hearty kale and tomato soup that will warm you up for the cool weather to come
by Chef Michel Nischan

Japanese Pot-Stickers
Known in Japan as gyoza, pot-sticker dumplings are easy to prepare, and make a delicious appetizer or party hors d'oeurve
by Chef Hiroko Shimbo

Leek and Scallion Risotto
Risotto with leeks, scallions and Gorgonzola
by Chef Lidia Matticchio Bastianich

Littleneck Clams
Served with a fresh bean salad and onion pickle
by Chef Ryan Hardy

Lobster Stew with Vegetables
Lobster stew with turnips, carrots and zucchini garnished with fresh chervil
by Chef Jean Soulard

Melon Soup
Melon soup with assorted melon "confetti"
by Chef Amy Goldman

Moroccan Charmoula Sauce
This versatile sauce from North Africa complements grilled fish and poultry. It can also jazz up vegetarian entrées.
by Chef Patsy Jamieson

New Potatoes and Clams
With crusty bread and a green salad this dish makes a delicious light lunch
by Chef James Walt

Old-Fashioned Omelet
Old-fashioned open-face omelet with morels, garlic and green onions
by Chef Gordon Hamersley

Japanese crepes stuffed with cabbage, pork and shrimp
by Chef Hiroko Shimbo

Oven-Dried Tomato & Fresh Basil Crostini
Toasted baguette crostini with pesto, oven-dried tomato, fresh basil and mozzarella
by Chef Kathy Duffy

Oven-Roasted Chicken with Fresh Herbs
Chicken stuffed with garlic, shallots and a fresh-herb medley
by Chef Horst Pfeifer

Pacific Rockfish with Edible Flowers
Pacific rockfish and steamed nasturtium flowers with tuberous begonia vinegar and pansy oil
by Chefs Ed Tuson and Sinclair Philip

Pan Seared Sea Scallops
Pan seared sea scallops with crab, sweet pea tip and Yukon gold potato hash
by Chef Dieu Ho

Pea-Cucumber Gazpacho with Curried Scallops
Chilled English pea-cucumber gazpacho with curry-tea-spiced scallops and pea shoot salad
by Chef Ming Tsai

Peperoni Ripieni Sottosopra
Upside-down stuffed peppers
by Chef Maryann Esposito

Pickled Peaches
Chef Alice Waters says these pickled peaches are especially delicious to accompany grilled cured duck breast or pork
by Chef Alice Waters

Traditional French tart with caramelized onions, dried plum tomatoes, olives and basil
by Chef Kathy Duffy

Poached Garlic Soup With Thyme and Red Pepper Creams
A robust garlic soup perfect for fall
by Chefs Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier

Pork, Clams and Greens
Braised pork belly with spring green crostini, littlenecks, pancetta and fiddleheads
by Chef Jody Adams

Potatoes with Green Tomato Jam
Mediterranean-inspired potatoes served with tahini, yogurt, and green tomato jam
by Chef Ana Sortun

Quick Pickled Peaches
A quick and easy way to pickle peaches
by Chef Michel Nischan

Raw Salad
A salad fit for a king's gardener
by Chef Michel Nischan

Red Snapper and Sugar Snap Peas en Papillote
Red Snapper and fresh sugar snap peas cooked en papillote
by Chef Ellen Ecker Ogden

Roasted Stuffed Zucchini
Roasted zucchini stuffed with tomato, onion, garlic and cheese
by Chef James Walt

Roasted Wild Spring Salmon
Roasted wild spring salmon with asparagus, peas, ramps and favas, with savory sabayon
by Chef Jody Adams

Root Vegetable Casserole
A casserole that will turn your tough root vegetables nice and tender
by Chef Michel Nischan

Rosemary Roasted Leg of Lamb
Slow-roasted Sunday leg of lamb marinated with rosemary, anchovy and garlic
by Chef Gordon Hamersley

Salmon Fillet with Sea Urchin Risotto
Chinook salmon served with sea urchin risotto, tossed greens and lemon verbena oil.
by Chef Dieu Ho

Salmon Salad Sandwich
A salmon salad sandwich with mesclun greens
by Chef Michel Nischan

Sautéed Spinach
Sautéed Spinach: Spinaci Saltati
by Chef Lidia Matticcchio Bastianich

Seafood Primavera
Pasta with scallops, clams, tomatoes, mushrooms and squash
by Chefs Jack and Rocco Collucci

Slow-Roasted Salmon with Melted Cabbage
Slow-roasted salmon with melted cabbage smoked bacon and carrot-juice reduction
by Chef Michael Schlow

Spicy Broccoli With Garlic, Red Pepper and Shrimp
A simple broccoli and shrimp sauté
by Chef Jasper White

Spicy Eggplant

Spicy Eggplant
A hot and spicy dish that celebrates the diverse flavors of eggplants and peppers
by Chef Michel Nischan

Spinach and Beet Salad
With Bacon and Sherry Vinegar Dressing
by Chef Jasper White

Spring Peas
An assemblage of fresh spring peas and an "elixir" of frothy pea soup
by Chef Deborah Madison

Steamed Bok Choy and Shiitakes
Steamed bok choy and shiitakes with rock shrimp flashed with ginger oil
by Chef Ming Tsai

Steamed Chicken
Prepared using a rice cooker and served with cabbage and garden vegetables
by Chef Michel Nischan

Stuffed Trout with Scallops Tartar
Smoked trout stuffed with scallops and dill
by Chef Jean Soulard


A healthy "Three Sisters" succotash featuring beans, corn, and pumpkin
by Chef Michel Nischan

Summer Minestra
An Italian soup that brings spring and summer into your kitchen year-round
by Barbara Lynch

Summer Pasta
A simple dish, yet if the Parmesan is good and all the ingredients are fresh — sublime
by Chef Darina Allen

Sun-dried Strawberry Jam
Chef Alice Waters says this method of jam-making requires a little patience, but it's among the best ways to capture and preserve the flavor of fresh strawberries and the floral quality of wild ones
by Chef Alice Waters

Tomato and Goat Cheese Skewers
A cool new way to use sun-dried tomatoes
by Chef Michel Nischan

Wild "Faux" Gumbo
Made from foraged wild ingredients, this meat-free gumbo celebrates a fascinating — and delicious — area of the culinary spectrum
by Chef Ellen Vliet Cohen

Wild Salad
Foraging expert Russ Cohen offers a bowl-full of ideas for a scrumptious wild salad
by Chef Russ Cohen

Zuppa di Cipolle di Toscano: Onion Soup from Tuscany
A hearty onion soup perfect for cold weather
by Chef Maryann Esposito

Updated September 18, 2008