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Illustrations of all our The Victory Garden renovations — updated regularly with new plans and after-sketches of our vegetable garden, cutting garden, roof-top garden and more

The Vegitable Garden before renovation
before sketch of the vegitable garden

The Vegitable Garden after renovation
What was previously just a vegetable garden has undergone extensive renovation. We've reoriented the vegetable beds, put in a central ornament and stone seat. A cutting garden has also gone in at one end and a pumpkin patch at the other. New steps and a stone retaining wall have created a picturesque entrance through a freshly planted herb garden. (Read more about the Vegetable Garden and Designing a Cutting Garden.) after sketch of the vegitable garden

The Rooftop Garden plan The plans for the rooftop garden in Boston's South End called for dressing up the previously sparse 14x16-foot deck with a number of attractive elements designed to create a beautiful and intimate space. Additions include box and hanging planters, a trellis to conceal an ugly nearby building, potted spruce trees, and a classic table and chairs set. (Read more about this Rooftop Oasis.) sketch of the roof top garden

Published August 31, 2007