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Do's and Don'ts
Dos and Don'ts

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Things to Remember
  • Listen to your children when they talk to family and friends in order to find out what interests them about their world. Help them explore these interests through the use of creative materials, pretend play and trips to museums, parks and zoos.

  • Give your children lots of time to explore as many kinds of creative materials as you possibly can. Let your child make choices about how he uses the materials and encourage him to talk to you about what he is doing. Try not to put too much emphasis on what he makes, instead focus on what he may discover about the material he is using and the fun he is having.

  • Allow your children to be in control of their play as much as possible by making their own decisions about what will happen next. Encourage your children to use their imaginations and try out new ideas.

    Things to Avoid

  • Avoid giving your child a model to copy when using creative materials. Better to encourage her to use her own ideas.

  • Try not to make too many rules about how toys and play equipment are used. Allow your children to use their imagination and think of different ways to use the things they play with, as long as they are playing safely!
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