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1. Listen to your children in order to understand what they are interested in learning more about. Then think of ways to help them explore this interest through the use of creative materials and "family field trips."

2. Work on giving your children long, uninterrupted periods of play without interfering or getting involved in decision making. If your children ask for your help in solving a problem, think of comments you could make to encourage them to come up with their own solution.

3. Set out different types of blocks and encourage your children to combine them to create a structure of their own design. Give them lots of time to design and build their creation. Then draw a diagram of their structure or encourage them to do this.

4. Challenge your child to look at his playroom or bedroom and think about how to transform the room into an imaginary play space. The room could become a castle, a farm, a jungle, a school or whatever most interests your child. Work with furniture, toys, creative materials and household materials to invent a unique play space.

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