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[Ben La Franbuise, University of Michigan Child Development Center] "One project that emerged in the classroom that I was in came about when I was observing two children sitting at the water table. They had just recently found some toothbrushes over in the art area that had been set out and they were playing with some plastic whales that were at the table and so I walked over and I said 'What's going on?' So this child, whose name is Alex, said, 'They're swimming and brushing their teeth' and he's showing me the whale. And so, in a sense, the classroom that was set and the environment was set up by the teachers, there was thoughtful planning put into what was going to happen in the classroom. But at the same time there was an openness about what the kids were interested in and what they were doing that will allow you to focus on their interests. And so at this point and time, I thought this was an interesting idea and so I started asking them some questions about what's going on - what they're doing - to get a sense of what they're thinking about initially so that we could talk about with the other teachers in the classroom where to go from this point."

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