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PBS Online, www.pbs.org

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David Neiman, Avian Mind Design, www.avianmind.com

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The New Media Group, www.tnmg.com


Film Credits

Executive Producer:
Jeremy Bradshaw

Series Producer:
Andrew Jackson

William Hootkins

Mitch Tumbull ("Where Worlds Collide"), Jan Castle ("Mystery of Sulawesi"), and Linda Bell and Grant McDowell ("Creatures of Island Kingdoms")

Anne MacLeod ("Where Worlds Collide" and "Mystery of Sulawesi") and Anne MacLeod and James Sasse ("Creatures of Island Kingdoms")

David Thrasher ("Where Worlds Collide" and "Mystery of Sulawesi") and Julie Mitchell ("Creatures of Island Kingdoms")

Bruce Reitherman, Mark Payne-Gill, Andrew Shillabeer, Peter Scoones, Gil Domb, Sean O'Driscoll, Stephen Downes and Michael Dillon ("Where Worlds Collide"); Bruce Reitherman, Justin Maguire, Andrew Shillabeer, Mark Payne-Gill, Michael Dillon, Peter Scoones and Rod Clarke ("Mystery of Sulawesi"); and Bruce Reitherman, Mark Payne-Gill, Peter Scoones, Gil Domb and Sean O'Driscoll ("Creatures of Island Kingdoms")

David Poore


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