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June 17th, 2010
Profiles from the Recession
[VIDEO] Dubuque Smart City: The green gamble

The residents of Dubuque, Iowa, have signed onto a unique experiment to revitalize their city though a focus on sustainability. Local historian and museum director Jerry Enzler shares a little bit of the background — where Dubuque came from — and why this focus on sustainability is important for his city’s future.

  • Ann

    We live in Texas and are one those from Dubuque who left in the early 80’s due to lay offs. We are so proud of the way Dubuque is recovering. We still have family there and come back quite often and am amazed at how the redevelopment of the downtown is progressing, it is the heart for those that remember. Someday we would like to make Dubuque our home again, it is always home.

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