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Kristi Yamaguchi

What it means to be Japanese-American

Kristi Yamaguchi reflects on what she's learned about her ancestry, and how that affects her feelings about being Japanese-American.

Jan 20th, 2010 | Comments

First visit to Japan

Kristi Yamaguchi talks about what she felt when she first visited Japan and met relatives in her ancestral homeland.

Jan 20th, 2010 | Comments

Loyalty, sacrifice, and persecution

Kristi Yamaguchi and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. discuss how Japanese American soldiers and civilians were treated during World War II.

Jan 20th, 2010 | Comments

Japanese heritage and Olympic gold

Kristi Yamaguchi talks about how her Japanese heritage affected the public's perception during her quest for the Olympic gold medal.

Jan 20th, 2010 | Comments

Stories of the Past

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. asks Kristi Yamaguchi about stories she heard about her family as a child, and what she hopes to learn about her ancestors.

Jan 20th, 2010 | Comments
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