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Eva Longoria


longoria_hpthumbEva Longoria became a household name when she was cast as Gabrielle Solis on the hit television show Desperate Housewives. A Screen Actors Guild Award winner and Golden Globe nominee, Eva is a champion of charities and organizations supporting Latinos. She has been honored several times with American Latino Media Arts awards and was selected in 2006 as ALMA’s “person of the year.” In interviews, Longoria is open about her Mexican-American heritage and her childhood in South Texas – a sharp contrast to the life of a Hollywood actress.

The Longoria family’s roots in Texas run back to a time before Texas even existed. Lorenzo Longoria, Eva’s first ancestor to arrive in the New World, sailed from Spain in 1603. Through the generations, Lorenzo’s descendants moved north to the modern US-Mexico border. In 1767, Pedro Longoria, Eva’s 7th great-grandfather, received almost 4000 acres along the Rio Grande in a land grant from the King of Spain. This land stayed in the family for over a century, enduring even the influx of Anglo settlers in the aftermath of the Civil War. Though Eva celebrates her “Tex-Mex” heritage, she recognizes that a significant part of her bloodline runs back to Europe. The stories within her family tree open up a fascinating and under-studied area of US history, and give a new face to America’s earliest settlers.

  • Texas Nanna

    Hopefull, many will see this segement as this kind of history will not make it into Texas History books anytime soon. I wonder if some SBOE members have in their past the old time Texas Rangers. They seem to have a similar approach in trying to keep Hispanic history away from our school children. Wonderful and enlightening piece.

  • L.Tallchief

    Interesting. (And who gave the King of Spain the right to grant land in far-away Texas? Bartolome de las Casas)? When I went to school, when the term “Chicano” was still new, and I took Chicano History, most of the Chicanos I knew claimed to be “Spanish” and deliberately set themselves apart from Chicanos. Come to think of it, the Chicanos from NM would correct me everytime I referred to them as “Mexican”. Now I run into these same classmates and they are “Indigena” and deny their Spanish heritage altogether, to the point where they even claim to be members of long-extinct tribes. I joke with them that I remember them when they were “Chicano”. But back to this piece: wasn’t Eva Longoria married to an American Indian? I believe he was Seneca, at least that’s how he was billed when he won an award at the 4th or 5th Annual First Americans in the Arts awards ceremony in LA. I’m happy to see the true genesis of the Texas Rangers is finally outed.

  • Eddie

    Man I wish Gates couuld’ve figured out what indigenous ancestors Longoria had. Because I would think its hard to figure out when exactly the spanish and indigenous intermingled. However, I do believe in Mexico that the majority of the people considered themselves indigenous in the beginning of the 19th century, so I would think people can trace some recent native ancestory, but I don’t know. Also, I do think most Mexicans do have a fair amount of native ancestory, the only thing is that the native culture and language pretty much became hispanicizied, and many tribes ceased to exist after the conquest, so Mexican history can be very tragic.

  • Victor

    As much as she wants to be proud of her mexican heritage, it doesn’t make sense to marry a non-mexican. I don’t understand. When your proud of who you are, you’ll want to promote it by any means necessary, even if it means in marriage. It’s not about going against your heart or true love, its about being natural in your instincts because its a beautiful part in you that wants to seek out those who are like you too.

  • roxn

    Maybe this genetics will help people feel better with each other.

  • DLsalinas

    How do i find out if i am related to Eva on her mother’s side?

  • Max

    Victor, to promote who one is by any means is clannish and maybe racist. It might be natural to you. One ought not to inhibit marriage to a loved one. Groups who arrange marriages for their children to others like them would support you, and I am not personally critical of you or them, just those ideas. In America terrible things happened at the hands of groups relying on ideas like yours.

  • saints

    to DL Salinas: research your ancestry beginning with you. Work your way back generation by generation and see if you will link-up to Eva Longoria’s branch. Best way to start is visit a Mormon Family History Center, the volunteers will help you get started. You can also visit It’s a free website. Good luck, it’s a wonderful journey.

  • sofia

    I am a proud mexican american married to an equally proud, and fluent in Spanish, Italian-Irish American. We are raising our children to be bilingual (like ourselves) and to be free to love and marry whomever they wish. Please do not preach to me or my family that in order to be proud of our heritage we have to marry only people who are exactly like us. That is racist!

  • Paul

    The history of Tejanos and others of Mexican ancestry in the southwest U.S. is very complex. It would been more facinating if Dr. Gates explored more into Native America ancestry of people of Mexican heritage. I wonder if he (Dr. Gates) is aware of the African heritage that exists in people of Mexican Ancestry. African heritage is a topic that is far less explored or discussed.

  • acirema

    So they mentioned her spanish ancestry,where 2 ancestors but completely negated her other ancestry.

  • LG

    This is awesome. She has a family history she can be proud of. How many of us can say our family came to the ‘new world’ 400 years ago? Dr. Gates always does such a great job!!!!

  • Sid

    I’m so glad for Eva Longoria’s participation in Dr. Gates’ study of heritage. “Faces of America” is what America needs right now. We are all part of the greater American culture but we sometimes forget where our roots are. Sometimes it takes a few “household names” to take an interest in something important before we, the average Americans, can do the same.

  • DL Salinas

    I too am from S. Texas. However, many of my aunts and uncles have since passed. A distant cousin informed one of my siblings that Eva’s maternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather were brother and sister, making Eva’s mother and my father first cousins. I just want to confirm but have no direction as to how to verify. I am just proud of who she is and how she has represented our Latino community. Now living in San Antonio, we are proud she is married to one of our NBA players too!

  • Tomthumb

    Eva Longoria is so radiantly hot

  • Judy Flores

    Go to
    or just google Raul Longoria and it will take you to his site.
    There you’ll find the history of the Longoria’s, going back to Asturias, Spain.
    I didn’t know I was connected to Eva until I watched the previews of Faces of America
    and saw Pedro Longoria and Agustina Garcia. Their daughter, Agustina Longoria,
    married my ggggg+++++ grandfather, Francisco Lopez de Jaen.

  • Lodi 79

    My wife’s family is directly descended from Pedro Longoria Chapa making Eva my wife’s distant cousin. We are happy to see that Eva is representing our family with such high honors and poise. We hope that Dr Gates will do a series on the Texas Land Grant Cases that are going thru the courts.

  • Kelli

    I agree with you, Paul. 40% of Africans taken out of Africa during the Atlantic Slave trade were taken to South America and Mexico. A much smaller percentage ended up in the U.S. There are many Afro-latinos out there and they are proud of they’re ancestry.

    It is a great deal of territory to cover when it comes to race and heritage in this country so be patient with Dr. Gates and others as they explore this fascinating journey to self-discovery. I am sure that Indigenous Americans are on his list. Many of them can find ancestors in Asia! I love this series and the African American Geneology programs before this with Oprah, Chris Tucker, Whoopi Goldberg and Quincy Jones. Good stuff.

  • pamela

    I think it is wonderful to hear Eva Longoria’s family have been living on this land in Texas,perhaps even before the Pilgrims settled the Plymouth Colony. I hope the more we learn about our ancestors, their struggles, why they came to this land, the better we might get along with each other. Let’s not foget, once, this country was land without borders, land which belonged to the first Nation of people.

  • Mary V

    For me Ms. Longoria is practily family, not only because a Longoria came with my Tatara-abuelo parents; also
    in the 30s, 40s and fiftys my Grand Ma work for Dona Sara Theriot Vda de Longoria wife of Mr. Octaviano L. Longoria. My Grand- Ma’s name was Dona Pepa Vda de Gutierrez Galvan.

  • ashley

    If you knew your own history or if you are hispanic or brain washed hispanic .You will reconize that Hispanic in this case Mexicans consist of Spaniard , Native American and to many that refuse to admit even African /descent.So your culture is influenced by the Native , Africans and Spaniards.To get to the point your culture; Mexicans are of mixed blood; influenced by many other cultures in the first place. I dont know if you have issues with her married to a black men ; which most south Americans and Central Americans have issues with;; when a hispanic love one marries a african american they are disowned or not accepted into the family in many cases. However, when a love one is married to a white American everything seems to be ok. My point is these types of Mexicans forget their heritage , their struggles and become brain washed like you. They forget that they may have black blood running through their vaines . I mean your all about heritagae read yours and you probally find out your ancestors may be be of African American Heritage. . LOL , funny if your are just one of those jealous white guys who hate the fact that Hispanic and Asian women find interest in other ethnicities other than yourself ; you need help….lol

  • Karen

    I am of Mexican descent, and like the Longorias, my family was in South Texas before it was a state. I had my DNA done and I am 60% European and 40% Native American. From the clips I have seen, this program looks very interesting and I will be sure to watch. So much of Southwestern US history is ignored, and those of us who have been here for hundreds of years are brainwashed into believing that we are foreigners in our own country.

  • Karen

    I think Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s Spanish ancestors arrived 400 years ago too.

  • Karen

    I don’t think they negated it. They probably just didn’t have any wriiten records about them. Her Spanish ancestors owned land, so Gates was able to create a narrative based on the records (land grants, newspaper articles, etc). The others are only known about through DNA testing, which is an estimate.

  • DL Salinas

    Thanks Judy!
    I spoke to one of my siblings and cleared something for me so I think I am getting somewhere. I found another site that had Eva’s geneology noted from Geneology Magazine where I found the Salinas part.
    Eva’s grandmother Eva Salinas and my father Medardo Salinas, Sr .were first cousins. My grandfather Pedro Salinas and Eva Salinas’s father Cecilio Salinas, Jr. were brothers–he would be Eva Longoria’s maternal great-grandfather. Most of this whole clan as noted on the Geneology Magazine hailed from Brooks county–Falfurrias. My father, Medardo Salinas, Sr. also was born in Falfurrias–Brooks County.
    Eva Longoria—give me a shout out! I live in San Antonio. I guess that makes us 3rd cousins?
    I think this PBS program has started something–it is super.

  • Sara

    And remember please, many of the first families were Jews, secret Jews and crypto Jews, hiding from the inquisition!

  • Marge

    Eddie, Eva is descended from Moctezuma, the Emperor in power when another of her ancestors, Hernan Cortes, landed on the Mexican shoreline. One of Moctezuma’s daughters was a “charge” of Cortes’ and bore him a child. This is historical fact and not myth. Read Moctezuma’s Children by Donald E. Chipman for a clear and concise telling of this fact.

  • Marge

    Almost 500 years ago, some of my family members were greeted by some of the others who became family. :)

  • gilbert garcia

    So Glad this is coming out not only are we learning but,this is an opportunity for the U.S. to right the injustices
    that have been directed to the founding families to have justice served…..and cases heard in the court rooms of South Texas.God Bless All….

  • Michael

    Max, I know exactly what Victor means, and I doubt he means anything your insinuating. When speaking of such a subject, it is very hard to find the right words… because people might react in the same way you just did. There is nothing wrong with wanting to marry someone of your same ethnic group (There aren’t “races”, only people from different branches of one) Theres nothing wrong with wanting to keep traditions, characteristics, etc. in the family… That’s not to say we should have a problem if anyone happens to marry a person of another ethnic group… We shouldn’t. And we also shouldn’t put down others if they do not.

  • Michael

    Seems you are preaching as well. And its not racist, that word is overused.

  • Chris

    Great interview with Eva Longoria . A similar story to be aired on Fox News channel on February 23, at 9:00 pm. CST. It is a special about the heirs of the original land grants. My family and I will watch it.

  • Freddie

    I am envious of Ms. Longoria and others in this series. I too can trace my ancestry back to Spain. My family was born on the island of Puerto Rico and most of the records on births, marriages and deaths were kept by the Catholic church and not local government. Unfortunately we have no avenue to research our history because those records were lost during hurricanes that destroyed these churches. I long to know more about my ancestors but sadly I have no idea how to find my lost history.

  • g.longoria

    Kudos to Prof. Gates & PBS for including a member of our community in this series! My dad began working on our genealogy years ago and while Eva isn’t an immediate cousin, I’m eager to learn of Prof. Gate’s findings.

    Yes, both sides of my family can trace their arrival in Texas to land grants from a Spanish monarchy. Yes, this is presumptious when you consider the land was already occupied but I cannot control what happened centuries ago. So, when people ask me where my family is from, I tell them my family arrived in Texas in the 1750’s. I also tell them that when they arrived, the family that was already here muttered, “Well, there goes the neighborhood!”

    Chris, in which market will the Fox news story be broadcasted? South Texas?

  • Yazmin

    I am thrilled to have watched Eva’s interview. Although, I was born in California of Mexican immigrants parents, and feel somewhat disconnected from Texans (because of many of their conservative stances, in comparison to Californias), I was very proud of the Interview Eva gave. She is an articulate, bright, savy and intelligent woman. Solely based on her interview, I now consider her an intellectual, an academic. I am proud to now know her as a TexMex, Chicana, or whatever label she desires to place on herself. KUDOS to Eva for presenting herself, her family and her history so well!!!

  • A.D. Powell

    So, Longoria has a trace of African DNA. Does that mean Gates will try to claim her for his “race”? Claiming nonblacks for the “black race” has been the focus of his entire career.

  • Michelle

    I too am descended from people who had land grants in south Texas. My relatives have said that one of our ancestors had a land case decided by the Supreme court in 1855. I have been able to trace back to the early 1800s, but that’s it.

  • Marilou Longoria-Nanez

    My grandfather was Pedro Longoria and his wife was Refugia. They lived in Combes, Texas. My father is Francisco C. Longoria from Kingsville, Texas. I know we have relatives all over, but don’t know many of them. It would be great if I could get to know my family, so we can learn more about our family tree. If anyone that may think is related to me please email me I would love to hear from you. Of course Eva if I am related to you I would love to hear from you my dad has family in Corpus Christi, Texas were you were from. Please hit me up.

    Thank You
    Marilou Longoria-Nanez

  • Yazmin

    I am not sure that you are interpreting his research correctly. What I have gathered from his work thus far, is that there does not exist one race/ethnicity/blood line that is 100% pure. Instead, he argues that we are all intermingled and share different races/ethnicities and blood lines. Thus, although some of us may claim to be more superior or “pure” than others (based on our own presumptions), ultimately we are all one and the same.

  • a walk through the past

    Following up on saints…

    Definitely a trip worth taking. I had no information about my fathers ancestry other than his parents and grandparents’ names and their town of origin. In the three years I spent researching his father’s side of the family, I was able to go back 200 years (as far as Italian civil records went) and branched out as I worked my way back to early 20th century records. It was the most gratifying experience because the best thing that came out of that whole experience was taking my father back to Italy to see where his father came from AND we are now in touch with our Italian relatives who still live in that town of 5,000 people. I am probably connected to every single person there in one way or another.

    If you have the time and inclincation for the research, definitely check out Click on the Library link, then Library Catalog. Enter the town and the country you wish to research and you will see a list of records available for research. There are many, many reserach sites and online groups as well.

    I stumbled upon this series a couple of weeks ago and I’m hooked. I think it’s fascinating to learn about one’s heritage. It would have loved to be a part of the research team tracking down all the records and pictures.

  • m

    Well said Yazmin! We are one large family . Why do we make war with each other . Claiming people hmm? He who dies with all the people (like toys) wins ,what?

  • Crystal

    My mom just told me about this as we too are apart of this land grant stuff… Excited to see what its about…

  • m.

    I’d like to hear more about that. Our geneology and dna has markers from askenazi jews from Europe in the colonial era. Yet most of our genetic cousins reside in Ireland and Germany today. And that’s on the African -American side.

  • Tanner

    Yea that’s my last name my family is Hispanic and from Texas and came from Spain

  • Mike

    Shut up! That’s such an insignificant part that people like you to make a big deal out of. If we as people of mexican descent had such an enormous amount of african ancestry, why would’t we all look those of cuban or puerto rican descent. It’s a small part that doesn’t need to be overblown. Yeah so lets rewrite history, Cortez meets Montezuma and they clash, oh wait here comes Kunta Kente and he joins in the mix. Whatever that’s not the way it happened. Probably a ship with escaped slaves ran ground on the southern coast of mexico one day and some of them did intermix with some mestizos, but that doesn’t mean all mexicans have that african blood. It’s ridiculous, it’s like saying all white people here in the U.S. will have african blood in 300 years. And there’s even more blacks here in the country than there is mexico. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • Victor

    Ashley kiss my brown butt, you have no idea what the story is. The problem is mexicans here have no identity of themselves, their heritage is something to choose to put on the back burner in order to get along with mainstream america. Be proud of who are 100% and believe you me you would never stray from what you are. Hernan landing on Mexico the clashing of people was inevitable, it was the old world meeting the new world. I don’t agree with eva marrying a white dude so much, because spanish are white, in a way its part of her makeup. We as mexicans haven’t even began to fully receive our seat at the american mainstream table with respect and honor. She marries a black dude and do you really comprehend the magnitude of her actions. This is one lady who to an enormous degree carries on her the hope and dreams of millions of under represented people who have been here in this land even before there was a country called USA. Her marrying a black dude sends shockwaves that people absorb and to a big degree copy her. There’s no counter measure out there, so young people especially look up to her and instead of having respect for themselves choose to do as she does, thinking “well if she’s a big tv star, celebrity, she’s so smart, I should do like she does” You just don’t get it. It’s not racism, it’s realism. It’s about respecting who you are, and wanting to give back to what you’ve been given, because what we’ve been given is one the greatest cultural identities in the world today. Appreciate it. love it, honor it. Do you know why it is that most pretty, blond haired, blue eyed girls who come from good families would only marry white dudes. It’s because she’s been given stature and status in our society, she views herself as a prize that only a white man should get. Unfortunately it’s not the same way for other women. See what we’ve all been lead to believe is that multiraciality is a overwhelmingly beautiful concept. That in some way I’m supposed to have a chinese best friend, an ecuadorian lawyer, an arab chef, and a nigerian doctor. So if I don’t choose this lifestyle somehow I’m not politically correct and a little racist, but that’s all hogwash. All i’m saying is don’t runaway from your natural inclinations because society says to. If you keep from being strayed, you’ll find the most ideal choice for you is to stay with your own, because really it’s a part of you too.

  • Mercy

    You are so right Kelli. My family is from Ecuador, South America, and there is a big afro-ecuadorian population there. They mostly settled in the coastal areas. They mostly arrived aboard ships that ran aground. The majority stayed in the coastal areas but later moved inland. Geneaology has always interested me, but I guess it’s difficult to track your roots if they are from South America. Here in the States there is a wealth of information that helps you find out about your ancestors. Those of us that have descendants from Spain, and which later migrated to Latin America, have a very hard time trying to find information.

  • majriv

    to the earlier argument/discussion….
    It’s not racist per se, but culturalist.

  • Irma L. Cavazos

    Our family has always been interested in our roots. Not only the Longoria line but all of them. This program only did the Longoria lineage but we have gone back on all our other lineages. Thanks to my cousin Raul N. Longoria who has worked very hard with a lot of our family members to bring us all together. Its been a long labor but very gratifying. I grew up knowing all about my ancestors and in our family we always discussed them. Eva’s dad is my only brother and we grew up hearing about our ancestors. They were always a part of us. We have many stories that pass from generation to generation.

    If you have ancestors in the towns of Camargo, Mier, Matamoros and Reynosa you can find your roots very easily if you know the names of your ancestors. You go back from your parents, grandparents, etc… The University of Texxas Pan American in Edinburg, Texas has all the information that you will need.

  • Benji

    Dude, that’s crazy. Just relax. I know several Mexicans and Tejanos who have connections to the African world THROUGH Mexico. In matter of fact I know a guy who is Mexican who has Chinese, Native, Black, French, Spanish, Jewish and German ancestry. His ENTIRE family is from Mexico. Now just look at that beautiful diversity.

    If you want to disagree with someone then that’s alright. However, the Kunta Kente jab was a little racist and incorrect. Don’t associate our people with the likes of David Duke.

  • Benji

    You are being silly. If you KNEW anything about him then you would know that he claims Irish ancestry (see any of his past documentaries that are on PBS). Racists like you give our people a bad name. You’re probably an angry white dude. Go figure.

  • Lodi 79

    You can view the interview on the Land Grant cases by going to Fox News Houston Texas. Then click on the heading that says ” the state may owe you money”. Good luck…

  • Juan-Jose

    I find it a disservice to precolumbian history of Mexico to ignore that the vast majority of Mexicans with indigenous blood are not Aztec. There are hundred of nations and the Aztecs or Mexicas, where only the dominant ethnic group in central Mexico when the Spanish came.

    The Aztecs highly depended on alliances in particular to the Acolhuas and Tepanecs, with whom they formed the Triple Alliance.

    I believe a good analogy is to speak of the United Kingdom as being entirely populated only by English people. There are millions of Scottish, Welsh, and thousands of Irish. And of course more recently there are even more ethnicities through migration. (I am purposely ignoring the less numerous Scandinavians, Normands, Anglo-Saxons and other non aboriginal British tribes).

    Next time, Dr. Gates should his homework and at the very least allude to the Native Mexicans groups that lived in Texas or Northern Mexico and clarify that they had their own history and achievements independent from the Aztecs.


    all of what the history books you were taught about in school as native americans or indians were black people.There are websights that document the olmecs with stone heads weighing over one hundred and fifty thousand pounds dating back thousands of years with rock that could only be found on islands one hundred and fifty miles away like the pyramids no one knows how they got there we still cannot do it today also hidden or supressed evidence of many pyramids not only in america but all over the world wiped out civilizations amoorica rich land of the moors. all the men that we were taught to look up to presidents and such to this day write history books acording to how they want it to be lies. its all on line now,carthaginian coins found in north america 2000 years old petroglifs destroyed history rewritten my facts or numbers may be off since i am doing this from menory but minor investigation on your part will find much more only about three percent of american blacks came from africa slaves cant own land the rest of the allowed photos to be published were cross bred peoples from anglo and asian folks which came here easily for thousands of years

  • rosemary

    Rushed home to watch fox @9 I must have missed it. Do you know if they will be airing a rerun?

  • Toño González

    You are 100% right, I am a mexican and have a spanish ancestors, yewish ancestors and following the americans way of naming your own indians: “original mexicans” that were not aztec, in fact most of the “original mexicans” were fierce enemies of the aztecs.
    I find difficult to understand some comments expressed here, like the guy that criticized Eva because she did not married a mexican. If the only way to show my pride is to marry what I am, I should marry a man (I am a male also) , that is 40% Asturiano (that they did not consider spanish at that time I am not sure if they do now), 40% chichimeca 20% jewish HAHAHA.
    For the guy that states that mexicans have african lineage: you are right, well WE ALL DO HAVE AFRICAN LINEAGE, AS ALL THE HUMAN RACE DOES, but we have more recent mix of chinese, arab and spanish blood and most of our african heritage is too ancient to follow.
    In my opinion the “melting pot” that several americans thought they were, is just begining now, as you can see with these kind of programs, in Mexico for us is too damn hard to discriminate people by the skin color (as we all are mixed as americans will be in the future sorry guys hahaha), so we discriminate the poor (Is not a joke)
    Any way, I just love to find out what my origins were, I seriously envy Eva and all the famous people here that somebody made all the hard work for them.

  • Judy

    You’re welcome! Yes, does sound like you’re at least a 4-5th cousin. Shout out for San Antonio! I have a cousin there from Flores branch of family. He’s a children’s dentist.
    Tonight’s episode will again feature a segment on Eva. It’s sad that she doesn’t speak Spanish, but great that she’s aware of family history.
    It was sad when the man told her that Ponciano was killed by a Texas Ranger, and she didn’t know
    about that- also an uncle or cousin Antonio I think was his name, who was killed execution style by those rinches!

  • Karen

    Victor, many people will try to define who we are for their own purposes. That’s their issue, not ours. We’ve made it this far, so we’ll be all right. :)

  • cessnacaptain

    This is a very interesting topic. South Texas has a real rich history. if your interested in knowing more about Anotonio Longoria, real life “bandito” fights, and a big forgotten ranch of the Rio Grande Valley I suggest reading, “Texas Cowboy : Kirby F. Warnock, Roland A. Warnock (Book, 1992)”. and watching “Border Bandits”. Wonderful book and Documentary of the rich history of the Rio Grande Valley. I lived and grew up on the land, and saw the tombstone of Antonio Longoria on a weekly basis. Not all “Anglos” were bad guys, but I can see where they got off on a bad note.

  • Tom

    I’ve been reading through the comments and noticed that many here express an interest in learning more about their Hispanic roots. If you have any family ties with New Mexico (and even if you don’t), this website should be of interest to you: It is the Hispanic Geneological Research Center of New Mexico website. This site goes back to Onate’s arrival in New Mexico in 1598 and in most cases, goes back further to families in Mexcio City and surrounding area and to Spain. I’ve also used Raul Longoria’s site in conjunction with this one to do my geneological research. I’m probably related to Eva Longoria somewhere along the way, as both sites contain many of the same people, LOL!

  • Mlosan

    I love this show! I happened to tune into it last night just out of curiousity…now I’ll have to watch the whole series! I’ve always wanted to know where my roots extend to. I’ve heard rumors that my family is related to Juan Ponce de Leon and would like to see if that’s true. I know that my mom’s family has some deep history in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico and one of my great grandfathers emigrated from Spain to Mexico where he married my great grandmother…the woman who raised my mom.

  • Pecos 45

    Eva Longoria’s ancestor, Antonio Longoria, was murdered by Texas Rangers on Sept. 30,1915.
    My grandfather, Roland Warnock,buried his body.
    Its all in this story at www dot borderbanditsmovie dot com

  • History evolves

    I agree with Benji- relax, and really take the time to do research in this area. It’s been largely ignored because, let’s face it, Mexico has had it’s own issues with race and class. Look up La Costa Chica. No, it doesn’t mean all Mexicans have African blood, nor does it mean all Mexicans have Spanish or Indian blood. We’re all different, and it’s not a sin to be descendant from Africans – they were brought over not by their own free will. And we Mexicans, well, we’re all a bunch of mixes anyway.

    Besides – history gets rewritten all the time as new information comes out.

  • Joanne

    He was her ancestor? I imagine that it would be painful for her to discuss that incident on national TV, but I hope they include it in the program.

    I was a little disappointed that her segment last night was not longer, and I hope the clips on the website make it into the show. I find the most fascinating aspects of her history to be the arrival of her ancestors in the early 1600s, and the fact that they kept their land, despite many the many wars and changes in government over the years. Also, that they maintained their culture and identity in the face of intense pressure to change it, or abandon it. (That pressure exists even now.) One of her ancestors lived under five flags without ever moving. Amazing.

  • Irma L. Cavazos

    Sorry to disappoint you but Eva’s genealogy was done a long time ago by her family and my cousin Raul N. Longoria. What they showed on the show is a tiny piece of what we already had. We had papers from Spain. Just see Raul N. Longoria website and you will realize that we made their job easy. Its not that hard to find your ancestors if you have the names of your great grandparents and where they came from. Its not so hard! I started in 2000 for a family reunion and I am sstill at it.

  • Irma L. Cavazos

    Antonio was not the ancestor that was our relative; Jesus Bazan, his son in law who was also killed that day was a first cousin of my great grandfather Ponciano Longoria. They were buried together.

  • Irma L. Cavazos

    Look at Raul N. Longoria website and you will see a lot ofl our family.

  • Irma L. Cavazos

    Eva speaks fluent Spanish and is learning French. My brother’s girls all learned Spanish as children. Their mother and father made sure of it. They all worked as teenager and were always taught to respect their elders, etc.. We all have known about that ancestor (Jesus Bazan) but he was a first cousin of Eva’s gg grandfather Ponciano Longoria so she wasn’t aware of that or maybe she didn’t remember that fact.

  • Reymundo

    I remember watching a previous interview with Mr. Gates where her Native DNA was traced back 700 years earlier. I noticed that though she is 27% Native and she did share an ancestor with YoYo Ma this lineage was glossed over in favor of her Spanish ancestry claiming them as her first ancestor. If there is anything that makes her authentically/originally American it wold be this side of her family line. I did enjoy this program and understand that trace the European roots is easier I would like to see the pursuit of her Native third explored further.

  • Irma L. Cavazos

    I believe the program wanted the Longoria lineage way before the DNA was done.

  • Felice

    You can also look at the following website.. which shows Ponciano on the family tree. The other interesting thing is that many of our relatives came to America as part of the Spanish inquisition. They refused to stop using the book of Moses. Most hispanic names that end in Z or has the tilde n are of Jewish heritage. The largest tribes are the Perez’s and Garcia’s. We are related to the Longoria’s and many others. We have actually traced our lineage further back then our family tree shows.

  • Raul N. Longoria

    The Texas Rangers did not kill Ponciano Longoria; they killed Antonio Longoria and his father-in-law Jesus Bazan. The family connection between Antonio and Ponciano has not been established, although I think they were distantly related. Jesus Bazan was indeed a first cousin of Ponciano; their mothers were sisters.

  • Raul N. Longoria

    Correction — Jesus Bazan was the father-in-law of Antonio Longoria. Jesus Bazan was indeed a first cousin of Ponciano Longoria.

  • Irma L. Cavazos

    Hi Raul, I was trying to say Antonio was his son in law but that Jesus was really Papa Ponciano’
    cousin. SORRY!!! It came out wrong!

  • Sylvia Robles

    I am descended from Tejanos and have enjoyed the results of collaborative works with Somos Primos out of Orange County California.

    Cris Rendon, recently posted the link between his family and the Longorias;since I am related to Cris and many other Tejanos due to the long nature of their residence in South Texas, I am ready to open up the geneaology book and see if her Longorias match mine.

    She is a lovely, bright and articulate young lady. Very aware for her age of her cultural legacy.

    She can marry whomever she wants. I hope these attacks on her marriage will not discourage her from participating in future projects.

    She clearly identifys herself as Mexican-American; the ancestor frorm Spain was clearly pointed out as the only documents link to the first entry into the New World.

  • Toño González

    You are not dissapointing me, your comment does support mine, i did not say that PBS nor Henry Louis Gates did all the hard work but “somebody” , relatives or not, everybody except themselves. I did not criticized that, my envy is just a fact…

  • Toño González

    History evolves, Benji & Mike.
    If I have african ancestors that I do not know, I would be proud of it. However, (as I wrote in some other comment below) is more likely that I have chinese or arab (that I am not aware of it also) just for the amount of arabs & chineses that came into Mexico. But is true that in some parts of Veracruz & Guerrero (i.e. la Costa Chica) the probability increases, and off course, the mankind started in Africa, so we all have African lineage

  • Pecos 45

    Thanks to Irma and Raul for updating the Longoria lineage.
    The story of the killing of Eva’s ancestor, Antonio Longoria and his father-in-law, Jesus Bazan is a true tragedy. They were American citizens who traced their roots in the Valley back long before any Anglos ever settled there. They were shot and killed by a group of renegade Rangers sent down there by a corrupt governor, Pa Ferguson,to “kill them all and let God sort them out.”
    This story is just too poitically incorrect for most mainstream outlets to touch it, because it involves prominent Texans and weatlhy descendants that have a lot of wealth and power today.
    Please check out the entire tale, warts and all, at

  • Bubbles

    How can I see this movie? Is it possible to buy/rent the DVD?

  • Irma N. Cavazos

    I believe that PBS made that DVD available when the show aired. I know one of my cousin bought it. Check on their webpage.

  • Irma N. Cavazaos

    Hi Tono,

    I didn’t mean to bite your head off. Sorry! Its not so hard to find your ancestors. You do need to have the names of your geat grandparents or great great grandparents and where they came from. I could help you if you send me your information.

    In our family we have many who do the research and we all seem to enjoy it and thrive when we find a new ancestor. I will tell you one thing. It does become addicting and once you start its hard to stop.

  • Nyak Gala

    Hey this is a facinating story. Thank you for sharing with us. I have often wondered about my family as well. I do believe that so many of my family is here in North America, as I see characteristics of them in personalities of African Americans. Being of African decent I know that a lot of my relatives are here. Thank you for sharing with me.

  • RavenMaven

    Great responses, Benji and History evolves, and very true.

    As for you, Mike, no one said that EVERY Mexican has direct African ancestry. And if they do, what’s the problem? I’ll never understand why African heritage is always treated with such disgust and disdain. It’s absolutely ridiculous! Your ignorance and racism (yes, I said it) is showing very clearly, so stop with the ignorance and get out and learn some history, because it’s clearly apparent you don’t know it.

  • RavenMaven

    Still at it with the “claiming black” jazz. Disclaiming the black race for “other race” has been the focus of your entire crusade. So let me guess, you didn’t vote for Obama since you seem to have serious issues with people such as the president who proclaim themselves to be “black biracial”. Your anger and bitterness at blacks is always astounding, and yet pitiful.

  • Greg

    Good for you! You’re kids will be better off for what you are doing! I think that when people try to keep cultures within a certain group of people it is sad. I am half Irish, and half a mix of many things (mostly european), but does that mean I can’t learn about or even participate in some other culture. Of course not! The more the cultures of the world intermingle and share with one another, the better the world will be! :)

  • Greg

    That is an incredibly sad, cynical way to view life/culture. I feel a bit sorry for you…

  • Tony Solorzano

    Victor: Love is truly blind hermano! Don’t fall into that pit that’s full of bologne, the one that tells you that you can’t marry the one you love, but only someone from your own ethnic group or religious group. There are enough of those fanatics around that cause life long misery to individuals that only see love. There was an interview with the mother of a male Druze who said that her son was in love with a women from Europe. The mother said to him, go ahead and marry her if that is what you want, but you will no longer have a mother or father, brothers and sisters, or any more family. Lighting up hermano, I enjoy the fact that I have Irish, English, African American cousins, in-laws and the like, especially when my little blond primitos, when asked by their teacher in Houston, “How is that you say that word in Spanish so clearly?” and the answer is “Because I’m Mexican!” Diversity in families is always important, try it Victor.

  • Magpie

    Victor, You are full of________. Eva is fine doing exactly what she is doing. La Tercera raize did not start with only her. We have also African ancestry in Mexico. The first slaves to the New World were brought to Mexico and you can still see quite a few descendants in Vera Cruz, as well as Chihuahua, Acapulco, Costa Chica. Who knows maybe even you.

  • Irma N. Cavazos


    I just wanted to share something that not many know. A lot of the ships carrying Africans capzied near the Gulf of Mexico or close to land and many slaves found refuge in what is now South Texas. I know that many found a home close to Brownsville, Texas and they stayed there for the rest of their lives.

    There is a work out there on “Slaves of Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico.” Mr. Crispin Rendon made the introduction with translations by Dahlia Rose Guajardo, Dahlia Palacios, Eusebio Benavidez, Tony Vicent Garcia and Crispin Rendon. It is very interesting and it has a lot of information on the black roots in Mexico. It covers the years of 1626-1816.

  • Amy

    This is great. I wish that one day we can all have a chance to have our genetic explored. I would love to know my history so far back and what truly genetic make of my DNA is. Our technology has advanced and great minds learned how to put it into a good use. Thanks to those great minds.

  • Mauro

    I have a single question! any of you people have watched the whole documentary?, because in my humble opinion, it just want to show that it doesnt matter who you are or what ethnic group you think you are part of, all of us came from the same place, all of us share at some point the same ancestor

  • Ron Maestas

    I have a full genealogy on Kenneth Salazar’s family in New Mexico if anyone is interested

  • Irma N. Cavazos

    TRUE! We all come from the same people. Its especially true if you come from the 150 families who settled the towns close to what is now the Rio Grande. All of us come from the same people. Its amazing! My mother says that her mother would tell them they didn’t know anyone who wasn’t related. She married my grandfather who wasn’t related to her as far as she knew. There weren’t too many people around and everyone was related to each other.

    I am so pleased with so many of you young people who are interested in our roots. Its fasinating! Learning about our ancestors you learn about yourself.

  • g.longoria

    Mauro, true but spinning yarns & hammering out the fine points regarding family history has long been a tremendous source of pleasure in South Texas.

    My maternal uncle was curator of history at a museum in the region. As a child, I often heard similar exchanges but about my Sefardic maternal line that arrived in the area with the Escandon expedition. As I read through the posts on this site, I couldn’t help but smile….they are the on-line manifestation of the conversations that have long taken place for countless years & generations over cups of coffee, after dinner and/or at family gatherings.

    So please bear with us….the ties that bind us are indeed greater than that which separates us but genealogy & the discussion thereof is a great diversion in our corner of the world:)

  • Ed

    Has it been established beyond DNA how Eva and Yo-Yo Ma are related? His parents and grandparents and great-grandparents were Chinese. I assume that somewhere in Eva’s ancestry there must be a Chinese person (?). In the show they said the DNA connection/shared ancestor was in the last 250 years.

    I missed the first series but saw the second one about African-Americans and all four episodes of this series and want to thank Prof. Gates for his work and promoting genealogy and these programs.

  • Glynn

    What a great show!

  • Raul N. Longoria

    No, it has not been established how Evan and Yo-Yo Ma could have a common ancestor within the last 250 years. In fact, with the extensive genealogical history they had on both Eva and Yo-Yo Ma, I was disappointed they didn’t make the effort to determine who that common ancestor was. At the very least that would have verified the accuracy and validity of the computer program that was used to make that connection. My initial reaction to all this was very similar to Mike Nichols’ “That’s not true” and Meryl Streep’s “This is ridiculous”.

  • sunnyday

    I’m not sure I believe that either. In any case, they should have established the connection between Eva and Ma beyond just the DNA test. It’s more convincing when the DNA test matches the paper trail.

  • Sylvia

    Both of parents were from the town of Rincon, Puerto Rico and though I have been able to find 5 and 6 generations back it is all in the town of Rincon. I wish I can get out of the town. Nonetheless I happy to have some of our family history to share with my nieces, nephews and many cousins and future generations.
    There ARE records in Puerto Rico. I was able to find death certificates for my great- grandparents and older.
    Start with your family now and find your local Family History Library in your town.
    A lot of towns say that they have no records because of hurricanes (they say that about Rincon too), but there were “copies” (as in duplicates) in a lot of cases kept at the dioceses.
    Check out, although most of the members are more interested in the eastern cities of Puerto Rico near San Juan, you will get support for you to do your research.

  • Brian A. McGee

    Dear PBS FANS:

    I have watched this genealogy documentary “FACES OF AMERICA,”
    so far ALL THREE PARTS. IT IS DEFINITELY an educational program
    that is WORTH WATCHING. I encourage everyone to watch this program,

    I have also watched all three or four previous genealogy
    documentary programs co-produced by Dr. Gates, “African American LIVES.”
    I find all of the programs that he has co-produced informative, educational,
    and inspiring. This program and programs like it encourage me and
    inspire me to continue my own family history research, and continue
    the work of preserving my family history through MY FAMILY LEGACY PROJECT.

    I am angry and saddened by some of the ignorant and uneducated comments
    that have been made in reference to this program, and in reference to people of
    different nationalities that may not be perceived as your own. The UNFORTUNATE
    TRUTH is that Most PEOPLE especially in America DO NOT KNOW THEIR FAMILY
    and the path that man has taken to get us to

    If you have been paying attention to the documentary, especially Program number #3,
    in the genetic research part of this program. Dr. Gates interviews several genetics experts,
    and a paleontologists that said in his interview that ALL MANKIND ORIGINATED IN AFRICA.

    AFRICA IS BIRTHPLACE OF MAN. No matter were we all are now, no matter what nationality
    you may currently identify yourself as NOW, WE ARE ALL RELATED TO ONE ANOTHER, We ALL
    originally Came from the same place. All of Humanity Finds his origins in AFRICA.

    An additional quality educational program worth watching is another documentary that came on PBS,
    a few years ago. Perhaps you can purchase a copy from the PBS ONLINE STORE. It was called,
    “THE HISTORY OF MAN.” In this documentary they prove the same thing through genetics research




  • Brian A. McGee

    Dear PBS FANS:

    I have watched this genealogy documentary “FACES OF AMERICA,”
    so far ALL THREE PARTS. IT IS DEFINITELY an educational program
    that is WORTH WATCHING.

    I have also watched all three or four previous genealogy
    documentary programs co-produced by Dr. Gates, “African American LIVES.”
    I find all of the programs that he has co-produced informative, educational,
    and inspiring. This program and programs like it encourage me and
    inspire me to continue my own family history research, and continue
    the work of preserving my family history through MY FAMILY LEGACY PROJECT.

    I am angry and saddened by some of the ignorant and uneducated comments
    that have been made in reference to this program, and in reference to people of
    different nationalities that may not be perceived as your own. The UNFORTUNATE
    TRUTH is that Most PEOPLE especially in America DO NOT KNOW THEIR FAMILY
    and the path that man has taken to get us to where we ARE TODAY.

    Personally I have African, Native American,(Choctaw & Cherokee) and Irish Roots.
    However, I am deeply saddened by the continued division that the PERCEIVED RACES

    If you have been paying attention to the documentary, especially Program number #3,
    in the genetic research part of this program. Dr. Gates interviews several genetics experts,
    and a paleontologists that said in his interview that ALL MAN KIND ORIGINATED IN AFRICA.

    AFRICA IS BIRTHPLACE OF MAN. No matter were we all are now, no matter what nationality
    you may currently identify yourself as NOW, WE ARE ALL RELATED TO ONE ANOTHER, We ALL
    originally Came from the same place. All of Humanity Finds his origins in AFRICA.

    An additional quality educational program worth watching is another documentary that came on PBS,
    a few years ago. Perhaps you can purchase a copy from the PBS ONLINE STORE. It was called,
    “THE HISTORY OF MAN.” In this documentary they prove the same thing through genetics research




  • Ron

    @Magpie: Actually, the first African slaves brought to the New World arrived not in Mexico, but HIspaniola in 1501, then Cuba. Of course, before Spanish contact with the Americas, the Aztecs were waging war against their indigenous neighbors in Mexico and then enslaving them. But Africans were in the the Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands before Mexico.

  • Brian A. McGee

    Eva Longoria Is one of MY FAVORITE ACTRESSES.

    I really enjoyed hearing more about her rich family history further uncovered
    by Dr. Gates. As one of the Family Historians in my family, I will recommend
    that all of my family watch this program.

    I come from Multicultural Family, and I have many Cousins that share
    Mexican and Tejano family lineage. I will be sure to tell them about
    the program and encourage them to watch and support all of the
    genealogists out there working hard to preserve and uncover the
    histories of our family and our ancestors.

    Brian A. McGee
    Rain Dance Productions

  • Brenda Sanchez

    I just wanted to add that the show is exceptional!! I am an American mutt. I have very little information on my family past my great-grandparents. How cool would it be to know the people you came from; the cultures and values you carry around with you intrinsically bred into you through milenia…I believe this knowledge would allow me to understand my gifts and faults in a way that would enhance my life. My lineage was lost through divorce, abandonment, and familiy feuds…too bad.

  • Elissa

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep traditions and pride in your heritage…there is nothing wrong with wanting to marry someone of your same ethnic or religious background. There is ALSO nothing wrong with marrying someone completely different from you and your ethnicity.

    There IS something wrong with anyone passing judgement on someone else’s choice of spouse/partner/whatever. Love is love, and when two people are lucky enough to find each other…that is a miracle, and should be treated as such.

  • Sergio C. Munoz

    Question for Irma:
    I was born in Mexico. I have pretty accurate records of most of my great grandparents leading back to Spain. I am most curious about how those Spaniards got to Spain. We assume that they were Sephardic Jews. I am also curious about my Indigenous side which we assume to be Chichimeca but are less sure. Is it possible to trace this far back according to your expertise?

  • Veronica R

    Wow im jealous i wish i could trace my family history but i dont even know my great-grandparents names grat show

  • Toño González

    Hi Irma:
    I know the full names of 3 of my great grand parents from Asturies (Spain) but I do not know the town nor the dates they were born (well I know that one was born in Castropol). In the Ancestry webpage they do not have enough data from Spain nor Mexico because I guess that work at those times was in Church’s hands.
    Do you have any clue where can I find some info?

  • CAM

    I would think Eva would consider herself more Spanish than Mexican; afterall, according to this show, more of her original ancestors came from Spain.

  • sunnyday

    She is 70% European, but we don’t know if all of those Europeans were from Spain. A lot of English migrated to Texas and a lot of Germans migrated to Texas and Northen Mexico.

  • Mary V

    Why do I lv Geneology? Because is like an Adventure to find out when and were did we came from?
    Were did my last name Gutierrez de Castro or the Gutierrez last name starded? Or how it came to be?
    I know that my starded in the 977 hundres not 1700’s hundres and that the 2 people who deceided change
    the last name were Diego and Hernando Gotoret, Gotores o Gutierrez which means Godo ilustre!

    Ofcause all the Last Names have Branches like a tree, Gutierrez de Castro, Gutierrez de Barcena, Gtz. de Lara.
    de los Rios; just to name a few. How dud I found out about all of this? When I went to Mexico Cty.
    So you see it only took the desire or curiosity to know were and what? Go to Biblioteca Nacional de Mexico which is know at Univercidad Antonoma de Mexico. Maybe through the Internet?

    My seven Grate- Gand Father was one of the group of People that came to establish Nuevo Santandre Villa de
    Revilla with Jose de Escandon in 1750 accorthin to the Cesuses, he was Juan Jose Gutierrez de Castro and
    his Mother was Maria Antonia de Longoria.

  • diane Ladame

    People that are upset that she did not marry Mexican, Hello her DNA came up
    though a small amout African and the majority of her DNA as European???

    Would love to have someone confirm, is it not a fact that a brother and sister
    of the same parents can have a different DNA??????????????????

  • Raul N. Longoria

    I would like to offer some corrections to the profile of Eva at the beginning of this blog.

    1) Pedro Longoria, the Original Grantee of Porcion 94, was Eva’s 5th great-grandfather, not the 7th.

    2) The land grant was over 4000 acres, not almost 4000. The Texas General Land Office lists Porcion 94 as being 4649.8 acres.

    3) I believe the influx of Anglo settlers into Texas started soon after Texas gained her independence from Mexico, although there were undoubtedly some in the “aftermath of the Civil War”.

  • Diana Bradley

    My thought was perhaps they are related through the Native American connection: Native Americans stems from the Asian group that crossed the Bering Strait about 10,000 years ago. If Eva had an ancestor in the last 250 years that had an Asian DNA marker similar to Yo-Yo Ma’s DNA marker, then that could be the ‘linking’ cousin. Just an idea. Wish they had elaborated on it.

  • Alex


    Eva Longoria is 70% White, 27% Asian/Amerindian, and 3% Black. Therefore she is MIXED, so it would be foolish for her to be overly ethnocentric when it comes to who she dates. I

  • Victor

    None of you all get it. Let me ask you this, why is it most young people say in middle school hang with their own race, So does that mean they’re all just a bunch of little racists in school. No their not because they find things in common with those like them and that’s the way it is. You find comfort and security in your likeness, that how were all made. We find it in our families and our friends. It’s not about hatred or promoting some type of supremacy like the KKK. It’s about not being swayed into something totally unnatural because its now a fad. When Eva does something there’s no counter balance. She’s one of a very few. Her actions are enormous. To an extent what she has contributed to in this wave of mex/black relationships has grown so huge that there’s now a major motion picture about it. “our family wedding” I go places and what do you know mostly all chicanos there and what do you know hardly any black girls, and what to my surprise swarms of black dudes trying to hook up with latinas. So you all can keep trying to tell me I should have no beef with that, yeah right. I saw Tyra Banks one time and its over 70%, that right 70% of all interracial relationships involve black men. This is a phenomenon that gets perpetuated by you alls mentality, Evas, and the media. So I marry a Chinese lady does that makes me somehow more cultural politically correct. Have you ever noticed Hollywood always like to promote the revolving blond blue eyed bomb shell as the ideal woman in our culture? Have you ever noticed how Hollywood really doesn’t like to promote interracial relationships, but if they do they keep the man white and the females are the minorities, or if the man is black they now put in a woman other than white in there like a latina. Why was Joe Camel taken away from advertising? because he was subconsciously drawing the appeal and attraction of kids. What i’m talking about aren’t things you can put your finger on, you have to think deeper.
    Love is something that very romantized by hollywood, do you think we were put here in the world to fall in love with that one in a million person, to an extent but really it’s about finding someone your compatible with, and then reproducing.
    And as far as the blacks in mexico, that’s a minute fraction of the reality. Compare mexico to puerto rico or cuba and you’ll see the difference. The last summer olympics not one black did I see on mexico’s olympic team. It’s something that gets overblown. Eva may have african blood but it’s so small as to not even be reflected. Mexicans are indigenous and spanish, end of story.

    All i’m saying our natural instincts as humans aren’t something we should condemn. Its not about any one type of people being better that another. Its about a group that has been pigeon holed to such an extent, we often think that what is laid out before us is the most ideal reward for ourselves. I say it isnt’.

  • Mike

    Look all I’m saying is throwing the african heritage doesn’t accomplish much. Look at us, all of you look at us for the most part we resemble our ancsestors. There are those of us of mexican ancestry who are from mexico city have mostly spanish blood and look mediteranean white and there are those in the countrysides who are dark brown native indigenous people are even vice verse. In genreral mestizo’s make up the majority of the population.

    It’s not about looking on african blood with contempt either. What i see when i see my culture is the mixture of two voices. You have a spanish catholicism mixed wiith native symbols. Spanish influcences mixing wth native inspired cuisine. I see spanish traditions mixed with indigenous folklore. THOSE TWO are the genesis of what it makes us mexicans. Those 2 cultures coming together the powerhouse of the old world meeting and mixing with the powerhouse of the new world. Those two, get it that’s the general understanding. Now what you all doing are trying to mix the exception with the rule. “oh well my great uncle was married to a chinese lady who came from mexico” “well costa chica has black mexicans, blah blah blah” Its like saying well since theres blacks in london right now in 200 years we can say oh wait white dude in london you really also have black ancestry as well, your not really white. And wait there were also koreans here 100 years ago, so you have korean blood too. It’s foolish. If I looked in my mirror each day and said wow i have african features I’d say hell yeah Im going to recognize the africa, that’s not the way it is. Sure mexico is now like the united states people from all over live there, but what lies at the root of our inception is those two two two two twooooooooooo cultures coming together. I relate you all to this black i say who was this psuedo academic who was trying to show how africans were really the first natives in mexico,because some idigenous face sculptures had flat noses and he was debunked when this researcher showed how some authentic indigenous tribes had flat noses too.
    Its not about me getting the story right, its about you all getting your facts straight. Don’t try and twist it up.

  • MIke

    Another thing just thought of it do you think charles barkley or snoop dog wake up in the morning and say it’s great to be white, i’m going to honor my whiteness. They probably don’t, because that whiteness isn’t reflected in them. They’re black men. So if come out to be 5% african, I’m supposed to go around like I’m black, don’t think so. Get it right!!!!

  • DrMAG

    Totally agree. . .my ancestors come from NM and my Dad has always only called himself “Spanish” descended. I actually showed him that he also has Mexican roots, and he still denies it. It is interesting how we self-identify, isn’t it?

  • Raul N. Longoria

    Yes, Diana, what you say is true, and it is possible there was a person living within the last 250 years that they are both related to. However, Prof. Gates did not say they had a common relative within the last 250 years, he said they had a COMMON ANCESTOR. That would mean that Eva and Yo-Yo Ma had the same 3rd, 4th, or 5th great-grandparent! Identifying that person would have not only validated the computer program but also would have made a very interesting story.

  • Carmen

    I noticed the show wasn’t too specific about that. For all we know, she could be descended from an Arab from Morocco. After all, they are also African, and Morocco is very close to Spain. Similarly, they lumped together Asians and Native Americans. I have seen other DNA tests that distinguish between North Africans and sub-Saharan Africans, and Asians and Native Americans.

    So if somebody is part Chinese and part Native American would the test just come up Asian? And would an Arab from Morocco and a black person from, let’s say, Botswana both come up African? That doesn’t reveal much. I don’t know if the show collapsed these categories, or if that’s how the DNA testing company reported them.

    Furthermore, I would have liked to see the process by which they concluded that Longoria was related to YoYo Ma.

  • Ian Golder

    Thanks Raul for your comments. Of all the people featured on this documentary it seemed like Yo-Yo Ma and Eva Longoria had the most complete paper trails, and seemed to come from families who stayed in the same place for the last 250 years. Given that each would have just 128 5th-great-grandparents, it seems like an overlapping ancestor would be possible to identify and would definitely stand out! I wish the program (or this website) had gone into more detail.

  • Irma N. Cavazos

    Its very possible that you can go back. You just have to go to the right sources. I can’t guarentee that you will find a lot but you have to go to your local library and see what other sources are available. is very helpful and you can go there for free for about three weeks and then you can enroll if you like it. Ancestry has information on the Mexican parishes and they include Camargo, Mier, Matamoros, Guerrero, etc…..Also Borderland bookstore in San Antonio (internet) has tons of books and SAGA from Corpus Christi has a lot of books on these cities in Mexico.

  • Irma N. Cavazos

    I believe her test had more than came out on the show. I know my brother said that his test had French, English, Spanish, and some others. We knew that we had French and English and Italian and of course Spanish. I believe we have some German. We have had this information for a while so it wasn’t news to us.

    I did ask my brother if there was any jewish in his test and he said no. I was surprised because we did know that we have jewish lines. I believe our jewish comes from some of the wives that married into the family. We did know that there was jewish in our family but not on his DNA.

    These tests are new to me and I really don’t understand their results.

  • Katherine

    As someone mentioned earlier, the purpose of this series was to encourage viewers to inquire about their ancestors and trace their ancestry and ethnicity for not only their sake but posterity’s sake. Some people are indifferent which is perfectly alright. Some people enjoy finding out those stories that bind us to the past. But, the point that is lost, which Mr. Gates mentioned today on Oprah, is that we all come from the same place which is what is now Africa and more specifically East Africa.

    Race is a social construct perpetuated by bigots. Ethnicity is interesting and I love delving into it but enough of these purist mentalities and prejudice. Regardless of how one looks, blonde hair blue eyes, thin hair, big lips, coarse hair, curly hair, hazel eyes, wide nose, long nose, thin nose, raven hair or any combination, we are all related because we are all human beings. Respect your fellow man.

    The way some people are _____ and moaning, it’s the difference between a cow and a person. Get a grip! Better yet, acquire lives!

  • Nic

    A must read “Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean” by Edward Kritzler. Very interesting historical accounts of “Portuguese” (which really meant crypto, converso and sephardic Jews) that fled Spain and settled in the Caribbean prior to North America. Columbus negotiated with King of Spain that Jamaica be left to his Heirs and be safe for Conversos. In anycase, as others mentioned the Inquistion followed them and the Jewish/Converso/Crypto, etc. communities in Peru and Mexico were destroyed.
    I heard a study (sorry can’t remember it) that approx. 20% of latino men could trace Jewish DNA.
    My family fled Spain to Holland, this book touched upon that, but I found the history of the Sephardic jews in the Caribbean and how they struggled to survive by partnering with different European Rulers facisnating.

  • Carmen

    Re: “I believe her test had more than came out on the show. ”

    Then they should have shown it. If these categories really are collapsed, then these tests would be useless to me. Why should I pay hundreds of dollars for a test that doesn’t distinguish Asians from Native Americans? Those groups have different histories, so a test that doesn’t differentiate between them wouldn’t give me any insight into my own past. I think public records are the way to go for me.

  • Nic


    Do you know which Country you believe the Jewish Ancestry comes from? That would break out if the lineage was Sephardic (Spanish & Portuguese + M.E./African) or Ashkenazi (German & Eastern European). I ask because there are apparently companies that specialize in Sephardic Ancestry/DNA. There is also a possibility that your Jewish Ancestor could have been a convert? Also, if you didn’t already know… in Judiasm the religion comes from your mother so if their was a Jewish woman, than her children would be considered Jewish and thereby all female decendents of hers would be Jewish too.

  • Carmen

    Was Columbus Jewish? I know he sailed the same year that the Jewish people were expelled from Spain, and if he wanted Jamaica to be safe for conversos, then it sounds like a strong possibility.

  • Nic

    Irma & Carmen – I believe you are right, it appears they just broke the percentages out in categories. In Gates’ show about African American’s he seemed to break out areas within countries in Africa which I thought was so great that he could give them this precision. For Eva, I don’t think he said the 70% was all Spanish … we are just left to assume. Also from the Asian part – is that all Japanese… as we know she has a common Ancestor w/ Yo Yo Ma. For some guest, I don’t think he even broke the DNA out, like Queen Noor and a few others … I assume she didn’t want it done or at least to be shared. Other than that they seemed to point out a few similarities between his guests (Oz/Nichols, Queen Noor and the Chef), but they didn’t seem to get that detailed. I would love to have my dad do a DNA test, I guess it’s best to request a sample of what the DNA results document will look like from each Geneology company first to make sure you understand the info/results they provide.

  • Nic

    I don’t think anyone knows 100%, it was something he took to the grave. During the Inquistion, if they found out at a later time that you were a heretic they would dig up your body and burn it, But people have made serious cases for it … In this book it basically states that it was thought that Columbus was a descendant of Spanish Jews (Colon family) that had converted. He had good relationships with Jews and many “New Christians” traveled with him ( I think the Dr. on board had just converted). Also a historian, recently reviewing his letters stated that his grammer and style was that of Ladino (Jewish Spanish language – similar to the usage of Yiddish to German/Eastern European Jews).

  • patty

    u cant’t help who u fall in love with.Aren’t words like these , ones that have changed laws and the way of thinking in intelligent people?

  • Nic


    What do you know of your Robles ancestry? Robles is a name that is often linked to Sephardic Jews … many hidden or conversos….

  • Laura M

    I would really love to see the entire series, however I am particulary interested in the episode with Eva Longoria – is she highlighted in 1 particular episode or in every part of the series – my cousin told me today about the Series and I really wanted to see the one that focused on her family history. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • sonia

    To respond to some of the comments:
    1. How many capsized ships of African slaves could there have been to account for black ancestry in Central and South America? The majority of Africans sold into slavery ended up specifically in Latin America .The presence of Africans in these regions has been well researched and is documented.
    Up to the late 19th century church records and military records included race. Casta paintings depicting the racial mixtures tell of a black presence and over 20 Latin American words and expressions existed to identify race including the word mulatto. – See Casta Paintings :Images of Race in 18th Century Mexico by Ilona Katzew
    2. After hundreds of years of intermarriage ethnic features meld and it is impossible to tell many people’s race just by looking at them. People eventually either have no clue of their Black ancestry or have followed family traditions of denial.

  • Nessa

    It has a lot to do with the conflictive history of NM and the idea that being “European” would afford the nuevomexicanos (as well as tejanos and californios) more rights as citizens of the United States. In addition, those who were descendants of the original land grant owners had to prove their “Spanish lineage” in order to claim any right as an heir to the land grants of their families. While these arguments are understandable, the reality is that none of us are pure blooded anything. Everyone comes from a long line of mestizaje, which is what this series touches upon.

  • Tosatel

    @Yazmin and m

    “Instead, he argues that we are all intermingled and share different races/ethnicities and blood lines. Thus, although some of us may claim to be more superior or “pure” than others (based on our own presumptions), ultimately we are all one and the same.”

    No we’re not.

    This isn’t about being ‘pure’. It’s about Gates’s scholarship (or lack thereof). I don’t see anyone on this board claiming to be ’superior’ or more ‘pure’ than the next guy. But culturally and genetically I am about as different as the indigenous peoples of Central America (simply by example) as I could be.

    Do we all come from one place ORIGINALLY in East Africa? So it’s been postulated and it may well be true. But we’re talking about 2.3 to 2.4 million years ago if the theory has any basis in fact. Physically alone we bear marked differences. Those differences cannot be limited to the physical alone I’ll warrant.

    This isn’t about BETTER OR WORSE OR PURER OR MORE SUPERIOR! It’s about being unique as a group and as individuals.

  • Tosatel


    Oddly (but tellingly) he doesn’t talk about his English ancestry which far outweighs his Irish. Go figure.

  • Irma N. Cavazos

    I would just like to add that the ranch that Eva speaks about is not on Porcion 94. Our Great great grandfather Juan Santiago Longoria bought a sitio (land grant) from Gregorio Villarreal who had nine sitios which Gregorio Villarreal bought. This is La Encantada which is where my dad’s ranch is situated. Gregorio Villarreal turned out to be Ponciano’s father in law later. Ponciano married his daughter Maria Rita.

    Raul has all this information on his website.

  • Irma N. Cavazos

    I believe they were Sephardic jews. Irma

  • Carmen

    Eva’s story is shown in bits and pieces throughout all of the episodes, and most of the clips you see here on the website were not shown in the series. I don’t think they showed her enough. Have you seen the Lisa Kudrow show Who Do You Think You Are? They focus on one person for an hour and trace their familly tree as far back as they can. Last week they traced Sarah Jessica Parker’s family back to the Salem Witch Trials. She had an ancestor who was accused of being a witch. It was very interesting.

  • TxnNCali

    Hey Max,

    Ethnocentric is not necessarily racist (especially in this instance), just a level of development within different cultures and stages of life. Some people are ethnocentric and some people aren’t. Tolerance and support for people in healthy stages is necessary. We’ve started to throw the baby out with the bath water regarding growth, thinking others don’t need what some have already had or have been through (or prohibiting growth through fear of a stage). It’s just not true and it’s unhealthy to tear people away from their own experience. It’s EGOcentric to think everyone should be where “I am”. All stages should be respected. Even a healthy ethnocentric point of view. Everything belongs when it’s healthy.

  • Nic


    I am no expert, I have no brothers so I am trying to see for myself if my Father and maternal Uncle will submit their DNA. But what I have seen from “shopping around” is that you might want to make sure that your brothers results included X – Chrom DNA results as in reviewing some of these companies it seems you can check(buy) the male line or female line or both. Also, some companies as mentioned before might specialize in Jewish DNA where others might have limited pool’s of various DNA data. Also, do you know any last names of these Jewish women? There are resources online that list names that could possibly be Sephardic in nature. I’ve been told, Spanish last names of trees and animals have Jewish roots … not sure how accurate that is. But f you have that info you might be able to look there too….

  • Irma N. Cavazos


    The site you mentioned does indeed have a Ponciano but it isn’t Ponciano Longoria. He was my great grandfather Ponciano Perez, through my mother’s side of the family. He is Eva’s gg grandfather but through my mother end of the family. He also came from a (sitio) land grant that his father Manuel Perez bought from Gregorio Villarreal, my gg grandfather through my dad’s side. Yes, I did have two Ponciano’s who were my gg grandfathers. I didn’t know them but have heard about them all my life.

  • Irma N. Cavazos

    My brother’s test was done by PBS. I don’t know much about what they did but my brother said that it was about his male ancestors. That is all I know.


  • Zhana

    You know what I wonder while reading your post and see all these “american” faces, first, who would want to deny having any kind of heritage and prefer to have another and especially spanish roots that date waay back then when all of Europe’s mass murderers and tourcherers came to steel the land and wet it with blood and spread the air with burned flesh smell? Also, its pretty clear how that spanish heritage got mixed up with the natives…. i shall not reveal details… !but what is done is done, and noone can take the blame and responsability of those days massacres today, but people should be proud of who they are individualy and as well be proud of the native heritage( for those who have it) as well or even more proud of any european roots, because that just brings the sad history back to mind! Anyway, I wish I could see some other faces except those 12 posted on the first page, some of those that can be called 100% (geneticly) AMERICANS! Peace!

  • Zhana

    Right! I totally agree with you, and that way you mentioned you can geneticly preserve the genetics you carry and pass them on to your children and on and on to the future generations.. just as our ansestors have since humans exist, but today is a different era, noone cares about that, people are interested in plenty other things ( that do not matter on a long term) and every week a language or and dialect or a culture goes extinct for that reason, and noone cares the previous generations have preserved genetics for thousands of years, in 100, 20 years it will be extremely hard or impossible to find out a person’s original roots … it’s a pity, but today’s goal is to have a better life of individuals and not a certain ethnos or race or group or nation, I guess…

  • Zhana

    I don’t think he was being racist, he did not speak of or offended or showed any kind of dislike or intolerance of other races, especially when speaking of genetics! Actually he just brought another subject into the forum- sexual selection- there is a scientific study about that where they talk about how people select their partners :)

  • zhana

    You should feel sorry- for yourself too :) good day, GREGY!

  • SGK

    Wow, I can’t believe that you actually believe that “Mexicans are indigenous and spanish, end of story.” Please
    take a course or read about the history of slavery in Mexico and the US. Most slaves escaped to Mexico, not
    Canada, which makes sense when you look at a map. Where would you go if you were escaping from Mississippi?. From your statement I can tell that you have not studied slave and indentured labor in the Americas, so nothing nothing about the immigration patterns of Asians (primarily from India and China) and Africans to these areas. There is one essay about the African being erased from the Chicano consciousness–you need to read it. The problem is you’re mixing concepts of race, nationality, ethnicity, and culture which is why your argument is falling apart. In fact, this were some of the key challenges to the Chicano Movement in the 60s–the culture was different in Southern Cal, Northern Cal, Colorodo, and Texas. You’re also assuming that Eva’s 3% African is representative of all Mexicans–some will have more, others will have less. The same with the Native American and European ancestry. It sounds like you have lots of ideas about Chicano/a consciousness, popular culture, and identity–but your arguments have been made and rebuttled elsewhere. I suggest that you read Gloria Anzaldua’s “Borderlands: The New Mestiza” which addresses the overall theme of your post.

  • Rey Prado


    I am a Longoria on my mothers side. In fact, my mother and Raul N. Longoria are second cousins. I have talked with Raul and found my great grandfather, Reyes Longoria, on his tree. He has updated it with the story of his death at the hands of the Texas Rangers in 1918. I, like you, was thinking while watching the clips how the majority of this info was straight from the tree that had already been done. Great job Raul and Irma.

  • Irma N. Longoria

    Hi Rey,

    If yhou are related to Raul you are related to me. Who is your mom? I am also a Longoria and a Villarreal. Thanks for the comments. My grandmother Sabina always told us about Pedro and Matias and their father. We would recite all the family members going back to Juan Diego which was as far back as we knew. This was in the 1940’s so we knew back then. Its a good feeling to know where you come from.

  • Annie


    As a Mexican that married an American. I can tell you that love doesn’t know of race or heritage. I am very proud of being mexican-spanish. I have both nationalities. I dated many mexicans before coming to the US, in fact I came engage to one, however I found the love of my life and my best fit in an American boy with Polish and Irish heritage. He loves Mexico and loves mexican food, in fact the only problem is that he doesn’t like Spanish food that much and I am more Spanish than anything else but we are very similar in our thinking, really funny because he is more like me than any other guy I dated from my own nationalities.


  • Annie

    Mexico has people from all over the world but it is true there is not that many black people because the Spanish didn’t import slaves due to the fact that there was indians doign the same job, the stadistics are 11% natives, 80% mestizo (mix of indians with spanish) 9% whites. Those whites are Europeans, however there is Jewdish community, lebanese (Carlos Slim, Salma Hayek are 1st and 2nd generation), German, French, Asians. The Black community is less than 1%.

    The numbers in the next census will shift this because there is a lot or Asians and white latinoamericans moving to Mexico.

  • Laura M

    Carmen – yes actually I have been watching the Who Do You Think You Are? Series and I have enjoyed it as I have enjoyed what I have seen on this series. But I do agree not enough on Eva and her family. I have a lot of information – and thought I could get some pointers on where to go with the information I have. So I was just curious as to where Mr Gates found his information.

    If any of you out there have any ideas of where I could go to help me fill in the gaps. My family is from South Texas/Nuevo Leon Mexico (Cerralvo/Tamaulipas)

  • Raul N. Longoria

    Actually, Rey, your mother and I are seventh (7th) cousins, and she would be Irma’s seventh cousin as well. Irma, I will email you Rey’s line so that you can see how we are related.

  • Laura M

    What are the best local resouces to verify information that I have collected? I live in Houston, TX – maybe you all know a local genealogist who maybe able to look over some of my information and point me in the righ direction of where to come up with concrete information.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • Carmen

    Are you guys related to Felix Longoria, the WWII soldier buried at Arlington?

  • Eric

    Eva Longoria is a Mexican & that is the bottom line!
    Enough with all this chatter about how hundreds of yrs ago one of her ancestors had traces of Euro or Black blood because it is all nothing more then a minor trace in her current family DNA!
    Mexican people whose parents originated from Mexico like to say they are 10% Euro or Black is all a bunch of BS!
    Her parents & grandparents are Mexican thus she is a full blooded Mexican.
    I can’t stand people who try to dissassociate themselves from their Mexican culture, she calls herself a “Texican”..Whatever..The fact is no one in your immediate family tree is of European or Black ancestry so stop trying to run away from who you really are & that is a Mexican!
    Yeah probably hundreds of yrs ago some African or Euro dude procreated with someone in her Mexican family tree but the fact is that her family evolved into a DNA of majority Mexican genes.
    So for all those Mexican people out there that say they are 10% this & another 10% that got over it!
    The fact that is that you are just a Mexican! Live with it & be proud!

  • Raul N. Longoria


    I think that by saying she is “Texican” Eva is showing she indeed IS proud of her Mexican heritage.

    I am curious about the reasoning you used to arrive at the conclusion that Eva “is a full blooded Mexican”. Consider the following facts about Eva’s ancestral family, at least as it relates to the Longoria line after they arrived in the New World:
    1) They lived under the flag of Spain for almost 218 years (1603 – 1821);
    2) They lived under the flag of Mexico for about 15 years (1821 – 1836);
    3) They lived under the flag of the Republic of Texas for about 10 years (1836 – 1845);
    4) They have lived under the USA flag for over 160 years;
    5) Her parents and grandparents were born in the USA, not Mexico.

    Considering the above, I have the following questions:
    1) How did her DNA evolve into a “DNA of majority Mexican genes”?
    2) At what point in time will they evolve into a “DNA of majority USA genes”?
    3) At what point in time can she start calling herself just an American?

  • Carolina Cancino

    Really useful post, thanks a lot. Nice blog as well! I might start my own blog soon, do you have any tips? Whats the best host to use, Wordpress or Blog engine? Carolina Cancino

  • P. Pena


    Whoa! You really need to read or take some classes in history and sociology. While I understand the basis of your comments, you don’t understand one think. People and their actions are a reflection of how they were raised and the sum of their experiences. Being 7th generation Tejana (Texas born of Mexican decent) and a historian, you are taught how to perceive the world first from your parents than your experiences. My family taught us to be very tolerant and open. As a result, my siblings and I had a rainbow of friends, black, white, asian, whatever and it was just fine, because my parents instilled that in us. For generations, my family struggled to survive in Texas just like Eva’s family and they knew what is was to be wrongfully judged and persecuted. They also taught us to be very proud of our family history, which from what we know is Spanish, Native American, French. My family never wanted us to become like those intolerate SOBs that made life hell for our ancestors. It is obvious that you have not been exposed to people like Eva or myself who have a very long ancestrial connection to Texas and what that really means.

  • Eric

    For those upset that Eva Longoria married a black guy dont be pissed off! Lets be real if Tony Parker worked at McDonald’s & Longoria walked in & Tony was wearing the mickey dee’s uniform with the little hat & was standing behind the cash register & said “would you like your big mac & fries super sized”?
    Do you think Eva would give this guy a second look? Hell NO!
    The only reason she is even with him is because he is a wealthy pro basketball player that has $ & celebrity status that gets her on tv whenever she goes to his games.
    The only way the Mexican Americans posting on here would have a shot at Longoria is if she got divorced & they won the California lottery, they she would give you some attention, it’s all about $ with celebrities but then again would you really want to be with someone if thats all they were with you for?
    Maybe thats why she’s not with you right now.LOL!

  • Kachina

    When I was a small child in West Texas in the late 60s and early 70s, we had neighbors who were the definition of this bit of bigotry. The father claimed to be spanish, and put down his wife as mexican, and part indian. His mother lorded it over her daughter-in-law, and the sons were treated like gods, but the daughter was a slave to the family.

  • Rey Prado

    Raul and Irma,

    I am so sorry for the misinformation. I had actually spoke with Frank Longoria, who is my moms second cousin. I believe he is the one who contacted Raul to update his website. Sorry again for the confusion.

  • Espy Jane

    “All i’m saying our natural instincts as humans aren’t something we should condemn.”
    “All i’m saying is don’t runaway from your natural inclinations because society says to.”

    Dude, where to start. First of all children of one ethnicity grouping together during recess is not “natural instincts”, it’s socialization, and for many (as you stated) comfortability. We segregate, not because it is in our genes, but because we act and behave as we have seen our parents do. If one’s parents only have mexican or other “hispanic” friends, that’s all one will have known and therefore be more comfortable with.

    Second, the term “natural” is ambiguous. I am going to assume, based on your statements, you mean biological. But here’s the thing, as humans we actually have very few biological insticts. And most of those disappear or are no longer useful after the first 6 months of life (and even then, are labeled reflexes). The only life long instinct is to group, to share, it is culture (little c not big). And this desire to not be alone is not dictated by genes. As humans, we have taken great pride in noting that only animals are ruled by instinct, humans make concious decisions.

    Thirdly, you seem to think all mexicans have had the same experiences. We have not. We are not all first or second generation. Many of us are not wholly only mexican in culture anymore. I can only speak for myself right now, but I am not mexican enough for anyone but myself it seems. I cannot speak the language, and not for lack of schooling, and am unfamilar with many traditions. But those I do practice I hold dearly. I am not ashamed of being Mexican. I love dark skin (my own and others). And I do not always get along or see eye to eye with more-mexican/hispanic-than-I-am men and women. And that can be uncomfortable.

    Fourth, you give too much credit to the heterogenizing messages out there. Most people are much more comfortable with homogenization, and only pay lip service to “multicultural-ity” (a bogus pc term, without much substantial meaning) and true diversity and acceptance.

    “It’s about not being swayed into something totally unnatural because its now a fad.”
    Because I fell in love and married a non-mexican does not take away from my being mexican, or from my childrens. Hell I want them to learn spanish. I am eager to share my heritage with them. I am offended you would label my relationship, and my sons as “unnatural” and the results of a fad. In my husband I have found another who is like me in interests, humor, and ideologies. Is that not beautiful to you? Or is my amalgamated culture not real to you?

    “Its not about any one type of people being better that another. Its about a group that has been pigeon holed to such an extent, we often think that what is laid out before us is the most ideal reward for ourselves. I say it isnt’.

    In a different context, I totally agree with this sentiment.

  • Irma N. Longoria

    I have to reply to Eric. I know that you don’t know my niece at all. Eva is not at all as you seem to think she is. Let me tell you a fact that happened when she was 14 years old. She wanted a quinceanera and my brother told her that she couldn’t have one because he hadn’t made one for the first three sisters. Eva decided to go and get a job at Wendy’s using her older sister’s I.D. She worked and saved all her money and she and her best friend had their party and dance. She was always a hard worker and I know that if she had seen Tony at McDonald’s she would have probably gone out with him!

    Do you know that she sews her nieces halloween costumes?

  • Irma N. Cavazos

    Hi Laura,

    Your local library will be good to start is great and they will let you look for information for free for 14 days. They have a montly fee if you decide to stay longer. They have baptisms, marriages and deaths of all the villas in Mexico. Good Luck!


  • Eric

    Thanks for the post! I had no idea that Eva worked at Wendy’s..LOL! Nice story there.
    One question i would like to ask you is if Eva Longoria has to support her entire family with her wealth?
    I know that there must be all kinds of cousins that she never met asking for some $ but how has she dealt with sharing her money tree?
    Did she buy each of you a nice house & a car?
    Does she give your entire family an allowance?
    Or do you guys just work yur 9-5’s & make it on your own?

  • Eleanor

    I have read all of these threads and something I posted on the Louise Erdrich thread applies here too.

    The people with the strongest sense of history, heritage and ethnic identity are the ones that inspire the most envy from those who lack those things. You have a strong culture. Don’t let anybody dismantle you and then saddle you with a diminished identity that matches theirs.

  • Pecos 45

    Please let all of your contacts know that Border Bandits has been selected for a screening at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, TX on Thursday, May 6 at 7:00 pm. There will be a panel discussion of the issues raised by the film to follow. I will be at the screening to answer all questions.

    To my knowledge, this is the first time an official Texas state agency will acknowledge that these killings took place. (The museum is owned and operated by the Texas State Preservation Board.)

    It would help tremendously if we could have a full house at the screening, so we can show that this is a very important issue to Tejanos and all Mexican-Americans living here in Texas. As I am sure you are aware, there has been a big debate over whether or not Texas’ history textbooks contain enough information on Tejano history. This is a story that (in my opinion) should be included, but it won’t move forward unless folks demonstrate that it IS important to them.
    The museum has told me that we need butts in the seat on May 6, for them to hold the film over and play it for an extended run. Please contact anyone you know in Austin and ask them to come out! The Bob Bullock Museum booked this screening with much trepidation, so I would like to demonstrate to them that they didn’t make a mistake.

    Also, as wild as this may seem, the actress Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) has a connection to my film, Border Bandits. Antonio Longoria, one of the two men killed by the Rangers in my film, is an ancestor of hers. I learned this on the PBS broadcast of Faces of America.

    Thanks for all of your help.
    Ride to the sound of the guns!!!
    As ever,
    Pecos 45

  • Maria

    I am very proud of my Mexican heritage and like Eva married someone who is not Mexican. To shed some light on Victor’s question of how you can be so proud of your heritage yet not marry someone within it, I see it as promoting my heritage to someone who otherwise would not have been exposed to it to such a degree. Consider it, la reconquista. My husband loves learning about my culture and is proud to be married to it. He’s even learning spanish and I am speaking to our baby exclusively in Spanish so she learns English and Spanish. So by marrying outside our heritage, we are promoting our pride and spreading people’s understanding of it. My daughter is lucky because she’ll be proud of being Mexican and Welsh.

  • Victor M. Carrera

    Gates is more than a bit off on some of his facts. After the end of the Mexican War in 1848 (not 1850, as stated by Gates) a few Anglos (not “thousands”, as claimed by Gates) like Richard King, Miflin Kenedy, Henry Clay Davis and others acquired vast tracts of land in the trans-Nueces region by both legitimate and illegitimate means (including intermarriage into Mexican families). And “barbed wire” wasn’t invented until the 1870’s, so it really wasn’t the culprit by which Mexican families lost their land. The main Anglo influx into South Texas did not happen until after 1900, following the arrival of the railroad and the introduction of mass irrigation. Mostly northerners from outside of Texas like William Jennings Bryan, John Shary, John Conway and Lloyd Bentsen, Sr. arrived to engage in farming and land speculation. Thus, most of the cities in the Rio Grande Valley date from the early 20th Century. That is when most Mexican-Americans lost their lands to Anglo farmers, not ranchers, who planted citrus orchards, cotton, sorghum, etc. in the rich soil of the Rio Grande delta misnamed the “Valley”. And, by the way, don’t refer to the early Spanish speaking settlers of the area as “Tejanos” or “from Texas” — for they didn’t live in Texasat all but in Nuevo Santander — which became Tamaulipas after Mexican independence in 1821– with its northern border at the Nueces River — not the Rio Grande. (Ironically, during the nineteenth century “Tejano” was used by Mexicans to refer to Anglo Texans, and to this day it is used to describe a Western style cowboy hat like a Stetson. Early Anglo Texans referred to themselves as “Texians” and, yes, even “Texicans” . Sorry, Eva.) Facts can be stubborn things. Victor M. Carrera

  • Raul N. Longoria

    Sorry, but Dr. Gates got it wrong — Antonio Longoria was not an ancestor of Eva Longoria, and neither was Antonio’s father-in-law Jesus Bazan, the second man killed by the Rangers that day. However, Jesus Bazan was related to Ponciano Longoria, Eva’s Great-Great-grandfather. Jesus Bazan and Ponciano Longoria were first cousins.

  • Enemete

    I think you’re oversimplifying things to say that her Spanish and Native Indigenous Mexican roots are traced back either to Cortez or Moctezuma; there were many more Indigenous tribes at the time Cortez came than just the Aztec(Moctezuma’s people); and there was a continuous stream of migration from Spain, both migratory and commercial, for hundreds of years all over latin-america immediately after Cortez landed on Aztec shores. After a while the “Conquistadores” of old – Spanish crown funded treasure-hunters – gave way to the open sale of comissions for land in the New World by the Crown, allowing people to become “hacendistas” or “latifundistas”, that is – licensed landowners – who would set roots and try to carve a portion of the ”riches” of the New World out for themselves.

  • Evafan

    Not proud of European ancestors?…she almost has 3 out of 4 grandparents with european ancestry…its be hard to deny.
    100% Americans??…..eer the American continant was named after a European Called Amerigo or Americo Vespucci. Nothing ‘American’ about the Indigineous Natives, but they are still indigineous to the continant…via migration from Asia apparently.

  • Noble


    You’re not a racist…. You’re just stupid……..

  • Irma N. Cavazos

    Hi Eric,

    No Eva doesn’t share her wealth with us. We don’t need it. We don’t depend on anyone and we took care of our retirement by going to college and my husband was a C.P.A. so we don’t need help from her or anyone.

    She did help her parents by buying them a house. No cousins that I know have asked her for anything. That would be so unappropriate. All our children and spouses went to Paris for Eva’s wedding and they all paid their own way. They vacationed in Paris for nine days on their own money. Eva worked hard to have what she has and she is a smart businesswoman. She knows what she wants and goes after it. More power to her!

  • Irma N. Cavazos

    As for cousins- She doesn’t have that many but they know that she is her own person and nobody in my family have even thought of what you said. Everybody works and all of them have good jobs. No need to bother Eva!

  • Tony Brazell


    Look up the Balli family and South Padre Island… This happened in the late 1930’s, mineral rights was swindled. The Balli won the case is 2005. My wife is Tex-Mex, from Brooks County, TX. My late grandfather-in-law told us stories how the anglos got the land.

  • Tony Brazell

    Raul and Irma,

    My wife is from Brooks County, TX. Her maiden name is Garcia. She descends from the Narvaez and Abrego family, from Encino area, on her dad’s side. I think that I have contacted Mr. Longoria, in the past.

    My wife’s late maternal grandfather told us, about the the land disputes. He was from Falfurrias, born, lived and died there.

  • Zaragoza Guerra

    Well said… It’s great to see a piece of South Texas history highlighted. And wonderful that people are beginning to appreciate the complexity of this unique American experience. It’s not simply a story of immigration, but also the story of more than a few founding families who arrived centuries ago and preserved their language, heritage, and even secret religious practices, despite several changes in government.

  • Tim

    Modern Mexico still had plenty of indigenous heritage – not just in the genetics, but also in the culture and the language as well. The “Hispanicizing” is often times overstated. Mexican Spanish has many words that come from Nahuatl, the Aztec language, while around 30% of Mexico’s population speak indigenous languages like Nahuatl, Mixtec, and the many Mayan languages. Mexican food is still largely based on indigenous cooking methods and ingredients, too – corn tortillas, tamales, moles, and many things that don’t even make it north of the border are directly linked to Pre-Hispanic Mexico. There are also a lot of indigenous symbols and customs mixed into Mexican folk beliefs – Day of the Dead is a good example of indigenous influence on Mexican Catholicism. Artwork and music are a fusion, too.

  • Lorna

    This is amazing , I saw this & thought wow , we all think we know , who we are & where we came from . But I would love to REALLY know by having my own DNA done & my husbands .
    Does anyone know where we send it ? or the cost .
    Thanks Lorna

  • Paul

    Im actually part of the same family. Its part of the mathias longoria. My roots are from the Ramon Longoria side.

  • martie

    My sister first told us about Eva Longoria doing her family history, My fathers side of the family came from San Antonio TX, My Tata was born and raised there, Julio Longoria was his name,he talk about having alot of family in TX, so did my father Arthur Longoria, they moved to a small Town Named Bisbee, AZ. My father is still alive but has lost alot of his memorie, I would really like to find out about our family history, I am the youngest of 5 sisters and one younger brother, some of us still live in AZ, CA,N M. If someone can responsed to my reply and email me with information where i cabn do my family history, thank you..martie

  • angelo

    thats great paul! could you say hi to eva for me?do you agree this is a nice research. now i wonder if i am from a historic clan too…lol…


    I have always told my children that I’m an American by nationality, My parents are both Americans by birth.My dad was in the service 32 yrs, Spanish by blood, my bloodlines go back to the conquistadores with my original ancestors arriving in 1452, and Italian by birth, since I was born there. My Family if also that “AMERICAN” melting pot of French, Irish and who knows what else. My husband is a true AMERICAN story, his ancestors came from Bavaria (Dad)and Alsace (Mom)in the early 1800’s lived in Long Island and married Immigrants from Scotland, Germany, France, and Ireland as time went on, Our family is a melting pot. I have strong family ties in New Mexico- Taos, and Abiquiui. Of course we have family all over. A strong family history of serving in the Armed Services that continues to this day. I’m proud to be American.

  • Gloria

    My aunt is also from the Longoria’s from South Texas. We find that she is also related to Perdo Longoria. She is looking for information on her father Narciso Longoria. Son of Narciso Longoria, Sr and Alicia Chamberlain. Her and my uncle are just looking for there faimly line. They were told my grandmother that have family in South Texas. If you can help, Please contact use at Anything you can help would be helpful. Thank you.

  • celia vela sanchez

    i just found out same thing about the land and the king of spain the land was granted to 2 soldiers named mathias longoria and pedro vela was my mother great, great …… grand father.i kind of new eva longoria must of had some kind of connection to this land grant just log on to the tejano movement

  • Victor M. Carrera

    1452? That would be forty years before Columbus!

  • Katherine Martinez

    I would be interested in seeing Ken Salazar’s genealogy. I have some Salazars in my geneology going back nearly 500 years in NM. How can I reach you?

  • Tania

    SHES A TYPICAL MEXICAN AKA MESTIZA!!! I took a DNA test as well, I am 85% Euro and the rest native. This is what most Mexicans and Hispanics are in general (PEOPLE OF MIXED RACE) nothing shocking what so ever.

  • Hidie longoria

    lol i have the same last name!!

  • joseph

    Victor, they are never going to get it and Eva will never understand what she did. “Mexicans” are not good enough for her.

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    Look.Your all wrong.Who cares about where Eva’s from.You know where were all really from?SPACE!Just ask Tom CRUISE!HA HA AHA HA ha ha.

  • Lettie Longoria

    The following website is an awesome resource. My family and the family I married have the same roots….many generations back. Good luck!

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  • Diego

    My father are from Longoria. My mom was born in Oviedo, at 50 km. We now live in Barcelona. (Spain too). First time I saw Eva on tv I know she had a lot of spanish blood. Eyes, nose, mouth… If she hasnt that skin color, (we need the sun to have it, that’s why we like to go to the beach ^^) she will be a tipical spanish woman. Sorry for my english.

  • C.J.

    What you are saying is a bunch of “Hogwash. Why don’t you be honest with everyone and say, you are offended and afraid when you see a Hispanic women with a Black man but you will bang a Black chick in a heart beat. You just wouldn’t marry her. You are far too welling to except Hispanic women being married to anyone else except a Black guy. This goes against your Christian teaching “In Christ there no Jew, nor Greek, male or female, slave or free, all all one (equal) in Christ. The Bible goes on to say be not equally yolked with none believes, it didn’t say anything about race or skin color. Quiet dancing around the issue and admit your racist/prejudiced view of Black people. You are like the sub-whites (Italians, Greeks, Spanish) who are too afraid of being striped of your “semi-White status.”

    Lastly, didn’t the Moors rule Spain, your homeland for almost a thousand years and weren’t a lot of those Moors Arabs and Africans. So, there is a good possibility that many Hispanics have Arab and Africa blood in them. Do your own DNA, you just might be surprised to find some African there just like Ms. Longoria and George Lopez.

  • C.J.

    It has been proven that children act the way their parents, society and other adults teach them. This occurs through the actions observed by the children.

    “Eva’s Black blood is so small, it’s not reflected” give me a break. Man you should see closed minded and racist you are. Don’t you know that even with her small amount…it is still there. And, with nature, who knows when it may pop back up.

    You don’t own Hispanic women, White men don’t own white women, Asian men don’t own Asian women. Women own themselves and in a free society should be free to marry who they damn well please. All people originate from Africa so what is your problem with African people?

    Lastly, you statistics are wrong. This most common interracial marriage take place between Asian women and White men followed by Hispanic men and White women.

  • Betina

    I am a descendant of the Solis pioneer family who settled in the Big Bend area, when it was still considered Mexico. They were also ranchers and businessmen, with a similar history. I understand Eva Longoria has a Solis connection, via marriage on her great-great grandmother’s side. Is there anywhere I can find out more information on that lineage?
    We have been tracing our heritage extensively and are trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle. Thanks.

  • rosie f

    I attended a family reunion June2010/Rodriguez-Perez and had a very pleasant suprise. Besides seeing family I had not seen in many years we had a beautiful signed picture from Eva. Turns out she is part of our extended family. Her picture was signed Rodriguez/Perez family! Besos! Always Eva
    Wow! My great grandfather, Pablo Perez (father of my grandmother, Petra Perez Rodriguez) is brother of Ponciano Perez.. Evas picture is beautiful and I wish her continued success and every happiness! It was wonderful of her to take time and send us her beautiful picture for our reunion!

  • ukthy

    “The majority of people in the British Isles are actually descended from the Spanish.”

    The discovery, by Bryan Sykes, professor of human genetics at Oxford University, will herald a change in scientific understanding of Britishness.

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  • Patricia

    Agreed! I have found many, many ancestors through the Raul Longoria database. It is awesome and has alot of cool info.!

  • get real now

    Not all texas people are mexicans ,you have to be born in mexico to say you are mexican. No matter how many relatives you have in mexico.

  • kess

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  • Simpletons

    Italians, Greeks, and Spaniards are sub-whites? LOL?? you are American, aren’t you?? I am a Spaniard from Spain and I can assure you Spanish people IS white in fact the genetical makeup of Spaniards has been demonstrated to be very similar to English! my skin is paler than my boyfriend who is Irish and I have blond hair, I am full blooded Spaniard! Italians and Greeks are white, if you go to the north of Italy and the North of Spain you will see this, in the south of these countries people tend to have darker skins exclusively because’s sunny there. I think all races are great and I don’t think being white is better than being non white or whatever, but it really is laughable the ignorance and racism of American people, seriously, in Spain when someone is of white/black mix we say that person is mulato which means exactly a person of white/black mix , mulato is not a despective term in Spain you retards would probably say that mulato person is “black” because “oh well he isn’t fully white”. In Spain someone who is of mixed race is usually seen as “exotic” and it’s seen ,if anything, as a good quality!.
    In Spain we don’t call South Americans “latinos” because that’s obviously retarded. If someone is from Brazil, then they are Brazillian and we don’t give a damn whether he/she is mulato, white or whatever.If someone is from Mexico then I say that person is Mexican, why would you people call Mexicans “latinos” as some sort of racial identifier while there are 100% white mexicans of European ancestry ,people of nearly 100% indigenous ancestry and also people of all type of white/indigenous/black mixture?? Lastly, Obama is mulato, he is not black neither he is white, I don’t care if he want’s to identify himself as “black”, it’s actually racist to disregard someone’s nationality or actual ethnical background just according to how dark or how light their skin is.
    So please peeps from America…stop spreading your ignorance we are all laughing our asses off in Europe at your ridicule simplistic and racist (in all directions) apartheid society.

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  • R.L.

    I might add, Victor—that during the spanish era, Moses and Stephen F. Austin were known as Spanish empresario, and were very clever and generous to bring the influx of Anglos into Spanish America. Their land grants were carefully chosen–in other words, rich soil land grant. Ironically, those anglos arriving in Texas between 1821-1836 had to take the oath of allegiance to Mexico. In other words, they had to become Mexican citizens . The criteria in becoming Mexican citizens was equivalent to coercion since they had to become Roman Catholics, etc. On the other hand, the biggest mistake that Mexico committed was not having good military forts to protect Mexicans from both indians and anglos. Not to mention, they did have land grants for hispanics but was not enough due to a lack of protection. e The Market Place in San Antonio in the early 1800’s was sort of like the melting pot of New York City.

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  • R.L.

    Pedro Longoria, the original grantee of Porcion 94 was Eva’s 6th great-grandfather, not the 5th

  • Erika Goleman

    When We originally commented We clicked on the -Notify me personally whenever brand new remarks tend to be added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I recieve four email messages with the same comment. Is there any way you are able to remove me personally through that support? Many thanks!

  • Raul N. Longoria

    Pedro Longoria, Original Grantee of Porcion 94, was Eva’s 5th great-grandfather as well as her 6th great-grandfather, depending on which of her ancestral lines you follow. If you follow her ancestral Longoria line directly then Pedro Longoria was her 5th great-grandfather. If you follow her great-grandmother’s Solis line then Pedro Longoria would be her 6th great-grandfather. I went with her most direct line to Pedro Longoria.

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  • R.L.

    Pedro Longoria, Original grantee, his son Pedro Longoria, Juan Longoria, Ponciano Longoria, Mateo Longoria, Enrique Longoria Sr. , Enrique Jr. eva’s father. So, therefore, Pedro Longoria, the Original grantee makes eva’s 6th great grandfather.

  • Raul N. Longoria

    Here is how it works:
    Father: Enrique, Jr.
    Grandfather: Enrique, Sr.
    1st Great-Grandfather: Mateo
    2nd Great-Grandfather: Ponciano
    3rd Great-Grandfather: Juan
    4th Great-Grandfather: Pedro Longoria Villarreal
    5th Great-Grandfather: Pedro Longoria Chapa (Original Grantee of Porcion 94)

  • R.L.

    Eddie—whether Eva wants to admit her Italian ancestry is another issue. The Surname Longoria originated in or about 1430s in the Papal State of Italy.

  • Jessica B

    Irma, thanks for clarifying all the good things about Eva. I’m so proud of her as a fellow Tejana (born in Texas of Mexican descent with my line there when the land was Mexico)! She is beautiful, graceful, proud of her heritage, taking classes to get her Master’s in Mex-Am studies- you go chica!, & raises money for children with cancer. These posts are old I know, but since she married Tony Parker (he’s mixed also NOT just African descent (he’s from France so NOT African-American)- who cares anyway?! Saddened by their split, they made a beautiful couple. Anybody can be proud of their lineage and still marry outside of their race or nationality. We all bleed red! People have mixed it up since men could re-create so stop all this racist and non-sense…Jesus Christ died for all!
    as for Spanish, the language that was put upon Latin America, it is also the language of Kings and I have to remind my children and the bigots who want us to speak english only. I have to be proud of it even though it would have been nice to have kept an indigenous language…then we would really know what tribe we came from.
    I would like to know more about my family, most from San Antonio who claim Canary island heritage. if anybody knows about this, could you plz guide me to where i could get more info? Thanks!

  • chitta

    you know what’s really interesting, how every mexican and spainard in this country wants to claim to be native american, when there ancestors are the ones that butchered the aztecs and stole there identity!!! Gates is a puppet for the boulle” and the illuminati and is paid well to spread there lies. the israelites are coming from him, and the murders too!!

  • Joe Lambridia

    Eva.My name is Joe Lambridia, but i go by my middle name, Adam. I really don`t know whitch brother i come from but i know it`s eather Pedro or Mitias Longoria. My grand mothers name was Anita Longoria She was a direct desendent. Her brothers names were Juan and Lupe Longoria. Eva,if some one famous like you, were to lead some type of protest,i would be wright theere with you and the many thousands of “our relatives if only someone would lead the way to our inheratance path. Thanks

  • —–

    No, that is wrong Mexicans and Chicanos depending on regions both United States and Mexico some may have more Native less European and a small portion of African, While others may contain More European less Native American no African, however their are pure Mexicans in Mexico who could have 100% Amerindian or 100% European but most likely Mexicans depending on where their from Mexico/United States are mestizo…. Which is obvious! Because as you should know… Theirs Mexicans in the Southern regions of Mexico who hold more African blood maybe mixed with Amerindian or Spaniard

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  • Jesus Longoria

    Can you help me find my connection if any…my grandfather is Anibar Sosa Longoria born 1923 Brownsville texas. he served in the Us army in 1945 at Fort Sam in Texas??? married Esther Brondos from matamoros mexico

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  • jcjcjcjc

    Actually her roots in the America’s are very easy to trace. I believe it would be her 12th great grandpa( i might be a “great” off since i’m saying this from the top of my head) was the grandson of Diego Montemayor – the founder of Monterrey, Mexico….

  • jcjcjcjc

    Call me late – but I just found this page while looking up some other info……..
    I didn’t know that when I was born Mexican it came with rules that I could only marry a Mexican- Wow – this is blowing my mind. I wonder if anyone ever explained these rules to all the other Mexicans? Because unless you look like the indigenous people of Oaxaca – someone in your family tree was doing the deed with one of those “WHITE” people. I think you need to go ask for a refund on that white blood you are carrying. And the next time you see a light skinned chicana with light eyes, you better not think twice about marrying her because she has even more of that white devil blood, and that would be just like being with a white girl. FOR SHAME!!!
    P.S. – All of the grandkids in my MEXICAN family are bi-racial and I love it!

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    Well if you Mexicans did you History you would know that your first president Guerrero was a black mixed mexican and also there were blacks in Mexico before the other mexican tribes got there , The Olmecs were from Africa, D.N.A sheds that light !! Also when the Original White Conquistadors ” Castillian Spaniards Conquered Mexico and the rest of South & Central America they brought Black Latin Moors with them ..

    At one time these Blacks along with theyre halfbreed Black/ Mexican offspring out numbered the Native mexican population number like 60 % at best … to the point to where every mexican has anywhere from 5 to 38% or more black blood in them

    Mexican Indian or Native – Straight Hair no lips minimal buttocks
    Spanish- Caucasian Blond haired blue eyes ,very minimal buttocks
    African- Kinky ,curly wavy hair full lips big asses

    There is no way you can take a White Spaniard looking like Fabio and have him impregnate a south american native Indian “Mexican” and have a kid that looks like Sammy Sosa . J-Lo or the rapper Fat Joe

    Come on !! l.o.l

    By right if Mexican had no Negra blood they should not have kinky curly wavy nor bushy hair like alot of mexicans do .

    Vera Cruz
    Mexico City Both Slave station out posts for commerce buy the White Spanish

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  • Raul N. Longoria

    R.L.— would you elaborate on how the Longoria surname originated in or about the 1430’s in the Papal State of Italy? My own research has led me to believe longoria was a medieval Latin word meaning a long, narrow strip of land used for agricultural purposes. Perhaps your source of information can shed more light on the subject.

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  • aroldo gonzales longoria

    My father died in 1992 at the age of 86 yrs.old. He told me stories that went back over 300 years about the natives,anglos and other origins that had good relationships with the the longoria families. I have always known that greed got the best of some people because he witnessed a lot of disruptions .I loved my father and mother very much because they never complained about anything .Most of our relatives live between san antonio and south texas also northern mexico.My branch started in 1575 in south texas with francisco mendaux longoria,anastacio longoria,asencion ponce longoria,tomas flores longoria.I am an american and have all american blood running thru my family.

  • Danielle

    I know this was posted a while back but when you say Ramon Longoria do you mean the Ramon Longoria born in 1893, and died around 1955? I’ve been trying to find out information on my grandfather for years, all I know was that he had 2-3 other wives and several children that were much older than my dad. I asked my grandma about him a few years back but I don’t remember everything she told me or what I did with the paper I wrote it all down on.

  • Chris

    BTW, if the Spaniards and Portuguese did away with Native American genetics south of the Rio Grande, then our English, German, French, Dutch, etc. ancestors really did a number N. of that river. BTW, there are folks of mixed Indian and European ancestry in N. America, excluding Mexico. Some are registered as Indians with the USA, most are not. There are about 3 million registered Native Americans/First Nations folks in USA and Canada.

    There are a hell of a lot more than 3 million folks of mixed Indigenous and European ancestry in Latin America. This lunatic version of history is a mix of guilt ridden White liberalism with the reactionary nature of N. American politics.

    Sickening. Resist it.

  • Chris

    Take a good, hard look at the man in the picture. He led the Cherokee through the Trail of Tears from Georgia to what is now Oklahoma. Is he full blood “Native American’?

    Only in your dreams. He was 1/8th Cherokee and 7/8ths Scotch-Irish and he looks as Indian as Thomas Jefferson; but his basic mixed ancestry was common in much of what is now the southeastern part of the USA, add African American in many instances due to slavery, and many folks owned slaves, including Native Americans and African Americans.

    Anyway, a whole mess of folks of similar ancestry moved west to places like Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, etc. Many of their descendants are listed as Native Americans with the US government and many are not.

    But I dare anyone to deny them their heritage to their faces.

    Long live the Mexican people.

  • Chrystal

    Wow Ashley you hit the nail on the head… I could not have said it better
    this is your stmt from 2010 the faces of America EVA LONGORIA PBS Dr. Gates
    ashley says:
    February 12, 2010 at 2:08 am… the faces of America EVA LONGORIA PBS Dr. Gates
    If you knew your own history or if you are hispanic or brain washed hispanic .You will reconize that Hispanic in this case Mexicans consist of Spaniard , Native American and to many that refuse to admit even African /descent.So your culture is influenced by the Native , Africans and Spaniards.To get to the point your culture; Mexicans are of mixed blood; influenced by many other cultures in the first place. I dont know if you have issues with her married to a black men ; which most south Americans and Central Americans have issues with;; when a hispanic love one marries a african american they are disowned or not accepted into the family in many cases. However, when a love one is married to a white American everything seems to be ok. My point is these types of Mexicans forget their heritage , their struggles and become brain washed like you. They forget that they may have black blood running through their vaines . I mean your all about heritagae read yours and you probally find out your ancestors may be be of African American Heritage. . LOL , funny if your are just one of those jealous white guys who hate the fact that Hispanic and Asian women find interest in other ethnicities other than yourself ; you need help….lol

  • Justin

    Eva is so very beautiful and stunningly looking but dosent that come from a derverse look? Yes it is because her blood is a good mix mexican i.e Aztecs – the spannish spain her and her italian hertitage from the papal state of Italy. Anyhow good luck to all the Longorias especially Eva. I think it is good she is proud of her heritage.

    I my self don’t live in scotland – Ireland – Italy but that is my back ground Quater Irish and Scottish and Half Italian. My ancestors on my Scottish side and Irish side were nobels lords kings apparently. But unfortunatley lost everything due to the English robbing them of there land titles and what was rightfully theirs. My Italian side they came from north south the middle and Sicily. Tell Eva Longoria people all over the world love her and are proud of her. May many more people look up their family tree’s all over the world.

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    Nayarit received its name in honor of the hereditary line of the region’s rulers: Nayar. Sinaloa derives from the Sanskrit Senaloha, meaning “copper colored men.” Having traveled extensively in Sinaloa, I noticed that most of the Sinoloan Amerindians have beautiful reddish copper colored skin. There are several Sanskrit names for certain villages in Sinaloa, such as Cosalá.

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    Although change has come about somehow it is evident that our feelings of today still carry the same practice that our ancestors put down on paper.
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