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Louise Erdrich

Native Americans and the importance of ancestry

Louise Erdrich on why ancestral history is central to the existence of Native Americans, and why protecting that valuable history is so important.

Jan 19th, 2010 | Comments

Ethnic identification and discrimination

Louise Erdrich talks about how she self-identifies, and her grandfather's influence on whether or not she belonged in the tribal nation.

Jan 19th, 2010 | Comments

The federal government and “the Indian problem”

Louise Erdrich discusses her grandfather's role in the fight against the American government's policy of Indian termination from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Jan 19th, 2010 | Comments

Relationships between Europeans and American Indians

Louise Erdrich talks about the fractious relationship between European settlers and her American Indian ancestors.

Jan 19th, 2010 | Comments
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