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Deciding to be a doctor

Dr. Oz reveals why he decided to join the field of medicine when he was seven years old. View Dr. Oz’s full profile.

  • J Nilsar

    What a brilliant human being!!! Be sure to also view his take on Islam. If only so many more people could be as insightful as he! Let’s hope.

  • Nejla Ozturk

    I would like to know how many people started thinking about what they wanted to do before the age of 10.

    I, like Dr. Oz am also Turkish, unlike Dr. Oz, I changed my view on what I wanted to become a hundred times but just like Dr. Oz, I started thinking about what I wanted be since I was 6 years old. Just to name a few;
    Flight attendant, Astronaut, Pilot, Actress, Singer, Model, the list can go on but
    I ended up studying Fashion Design and later became an entrepreneur just like my father.

    I am so proud of Dr. Oz and I think I can speak on behalf of 70 million people living in Turkey who feels the same way.

  • Earl Czaja

    I am pretty impressed with this. I’m new to Squidoo and reading your blog has provided me using the inspiration to try and reach this lofty goal. This shows me anything is possible.

  • Denisse Fabbozzi

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