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Episode 2: Becoming American

Becoming American explores the many journeys to becoming American that defined the “Century of Immigration” (1820s – 1924) and transformed the United States from a sleepy agrarian country into a booming industrial power. Stephen Colbert’s Irish great-great-grandfather escaped poverty and religious oppression in Limerick and never looked back, whereas Mario Batali’s great-grandfather, who left the place where his family had lived for centuries, struggled to survive in the quartz mines of Montana. Her Majesty Queen Noor’s Syrian great-grandfather quickly found his footing in New York’s first Arab American community, while Kristi Yamaguchi’s grandfather faced exclusionary laws and racially-defined barriers to citizenship for decades. The obstacles, short-cuts, tragedies and successes encountered or created by the guests’ ancestors from around the world reveal the complexity of our shared history and identity as Americans.

  • Judy Forbes

    What a Wonderful show !!!!
    Excellent !!!

  • Kathy Lowe

    Episode 2 is inspiring, educational, and bitter-sweet. Mr. Gates is truly a thorough researcher. His works benefit everyone. I learned much about diversity, endurance, and the human spirit. I am further motivated to trace and document my family’s history in this country and our ancestry beyond slavery.

  • BKL

    What an incredible show to bring all of us, human beings, together. My sincere thank you for all who have worked on and involved in this series.

    I have to differ on Mario’s comment about his grandfather’s move was just for his father. My parents moved to Hong Kong from China in their late 30s and sent me to boarding school here in the States. Each step and sacrifice they have made is for me and generations to come.

  • Julian Esquivel

    This program is incredibly moving, but not just in a joyous way. It also has this extremely sad undertone that travels throughout it, constantly reminding us of our limited time on this planet. Yet, all of the millions of people that made these important journeys, established their lives and worked extremely hard to just stay afloat, is one of the most inspiring facts of life, ever. It really brings one towards the beauty of life in our, essentially, meaningless existence.

    That they worked as hard as they did, only for all future generations to reap the benefits, is something both noble and upsetting. Noble, because it has given us the simple luxuries that they’ve worked so hard for, and upsetting in that not many appreciate it. Those past humans, like ourselves, made an effort to live their lives as best and as fully as they could, and we ought to do them the favor of continuing that tenacity and bravery.

  • Marilina

    It would be nice to have it translated into different languages :)

  • Patricia Hubbell

    This is such a fascinating series. Thank you for this wonderful contibution to our history.
    I agree that many of our ancestors must have come to America for their children and also for future generations to have opportunities, not just the first born son who would have inhertied the family land in the old country.
    This story has been passed down to me: in Northern Germany, an ancestor died after childbirth with her 10th child. Her husband sold the farm that had been in the family for many generations, left the infant daughter with his sister in Germany and sailed for America with the 9 other children. Upon arrival in Iowa, he purchased 10 parcels of undeveloped farm land so each child would have a farm. The parcels were spread out so each child could purchase more land. Sale of the land in Germany allowed him to make these purchases. He died the next summer after his arrival. His children took turns going out to the parcels in groups of three and breaking the ground and building a cabin for each other. The infant daughter left in Germany eventually rejoined the rest of the family in Iowa. This impressive man had provided a means of livelihood for each daughters and sons.

  • Susan Pentico

    This is a great program that was needed fifty years ago. Look at the better understanding that people would have had if done so long ago. So thankful it is being done now.

  • N Dudley

    Thank you Dr. Gates, PBS and the many people who contributed to the production and broadcast of this series. Excellent Job!! My mother immigrated to this country 50 years ago from Barbados. She joined an aunt in NY who arrived 20 years earlier. My mother had a good job, and a loving family in Barbados, but wanted better opportunities for her children. My brother did not want to live here, but I was so young, I had no choice, but to come. My mother and great aunt frequently talk about the hardships they experienced in this country, to include unbelievable acts of racism. It hurts my heart to hear her talk about it, and watching this series brings to light that life was difficult for many who came to these shores. My mother and great aunt gave a lot to this country, and has since moved back to Barbados. I followed in their footsteps, and has given back also. But, our family’s journey in the United States is about to end, as we are a part of the reverse migration story. In a few weeks, I will be moving back to Barbados. This series is touching; I think if every citizen of this country views these broadcasts, this country would be a better place.

  • Allen Rees

    Just wonderful, and enlightening in so many ways. Thank you for taking the time to prepare and share this with us.

  • M Shabbir

    I just finished watching Part II. I was so moved by all the stories and the fascinating research that was conducted by Dr. Gates and his team. I was especially moved by Kristi Yamaguchi’s family story. If we all could just take a bit of what her grandfather endured and try to match it, we would never complain about a minor struggle.

    It also had me remember my own parent’s immigration in the 1950s from India. I think Meryl Streep’s comment about the extraordinary undertaking it takes for the first person of the family to leave their country to make a new life in a far away place called America. I always enjoy listening to my parents tell me about their first impressions and what it was liked coming to this country. When I was in grade school and we learned about the “pioneers” in social studies, I would say, ” I live with pioneers”. I didn’t need to read it about it in a book because I was experiencing it.

    Thank you for airing this program. I look forward to more.

  • KinMapper

    All must realize that few came to America rich, most fled from country’s run by totalitarian regimes, benevolent or not, to find economic opportunity and individual freedom. Every one of our genealogies if fully explored will provide amazing facts and details.

    As someone of Italian heritage whose Italian grandfather died of la grippe in Pennsylvania in 1922 (after the main sweep of the flu epidemic of 1918-1919), I must strongly disagree with Professor Gates as to Luigi Batali’s actual cause of death in claiming that a miner who dies of the same stated ailment can be presumed to have died of anything, absent additional bases for the distant diagnosis, ofher than the cause of death of my Italian-American grandfather which is known these days as “flu” or influenza, which as an epidemic swept the world on several occasions in the recent past centuries.

    The science of documentation of history requires much more than mere documents, but logic, perspective and common sense must be leavened throughout for a cogent credible result. Care must be taken in “finding” from whole cloth a new line with only a single thread to follow. Prof. Gates, as a responsible historian, demonstrates much of this science, but beware each and every lineage you ever see in our world, written, video or virtual, for there is much being propagated that results from wishes, hopes, carelessness and intentional mischief on the part of the originator, who often is not the current propagator.

    Regardless, I concur with the vast majority that the show should be seen by all in America. Similar shows in foreign lands would be different in that the goal in most such countries would probably be dealing with the origins of the individual in that very country, quite often anyway. Here only native Americans, the Native Americans, can possibly claim a right to that privilege.

  • Judy Broleman

    BRAVO!! What a touching, inspirational and educational series you have put together for us. Thank you so much for delving into these histories and teaching us about the difficulties our grandparents and earlier were willing to endure for their new life in this new land.

    Will there be a time in future programs to explain what techniques you used to find all the information you are presenting. What a treasure you have put together in those family books you are presenting to your guests.

  • KinMapper

    Again this is an unbelievably fine series, made possible as to this episode by documents and hopefully documentation of facts mainly. Prof. Gates also used DNA and it probably will be employed occasionally in this year’s episodes. But imperfections only make the interesting presentations more useful, as teaching points of excellence and errors.

    Stephen Colbert’s lineage, like all, is of interest to review:

    However avoiding that, my attention was struck by the schematics presented us on his mother and her Tuck paternal lineage, at 8:15 and thereafter, of the Episode Two video, showing his mother Lorna E. Tuck (Colbert) and her paternal line being generationally linked (logically) on the left hand side of the screen and on the right hand side of the screen again symmetrically their spouses, Stephen Colbert’s father James W. Colbert, Jr., and the Tuck ancestor wives, being by the diagram generationally linked (illogically) making for a great symmetrical showing allowable only by a misleading and incorrect schematic. Symmetry is a blessing in nature, but can be a flaw when misused.

    Here the preparer of that diagram pointed the genealogically poorly founded down a confusing mental path.

  • NancyJL

    As a professional genealogist I found the research and findings to be thorough and interesting. One thing disturbs me about the show so far- I see a decidedly ant-American flavor throughout the entire show. There are many, many American stories that do no involve the worst parts of American history. Perhaps mixing both those veins would have proved to be a more even-tempered approach.

  • Jillian Brown

    ? The whole show is about Americans. They may not have shown up on the Mayflower, spouting Purtian ideals, but everyone of them defined America, the good and the bad. America would not be where it is today without what you refer to as the “worst parts” and history is about learning and not repeating the mistakes of the past while carrying forward the strengths of the past. Mr. Gates says this repeatedly. I see this series of a growing movement, presently in the nations top universities, away from the whitewashed, watered down history that we are presented in grade school. Yes some people’s history follow paths that avoid the “worst” but the vast majority, especially in urban areas, do not. I suggest taking a new look at history, iTunes U overs compelling views of history from this nations top university’s.

  • Loraine DiCerbo

    I agree that this is a wonderful series, and contains some very fascinating information. I must concur with the comment above left by KinMapper, indicating that “La Grippe” is actually the flu (influenza), and “spotted la grippe” is spotted yellow fever.

    I look forward to watching more of this series!

  • L Paetz

    Absolutely fascinating series; love every minute. Hope there will be more to come in the future. I have an even deeper appreciation for those immigrants in all our families.

  • Melissa Ricketts

    Faces of America is simply breathtaking. I am looking forward to viewing the next series. I recently became a citizen and the importance of this series is more than words can express. Thank You!

  • Teresa

    You said that so beautifully. Thank you for saying what my heart was thinking. Yes, this country would be a better place if we all considered where we came from. God bless you on your return to your beloved homeland.

  • Jim Stephenson Jr.

    I am very sorry that you feel the need to leave. What you could have got from this series is that ALL people struggled when they came to America. The original English starved and froze to death. Most people that fled to the USA were considered vermin in their native land like the popper Irish that Dr. Gates spoke about. My German Amish and Mennonite family fled to the USA because they were being murdered and persecuted for religious reasons just like my French Huguenot ancestors were. My Irish relatives were starving to death and my Welch relatives were dirt poor as well. Even my English relatives were second sons or lower with no opportunities.
    English people were enslaved by Romans, Vikings, Saxons and others. All people have been wronged at some point in History and life has always been a struggle. Imagine being a White indentured servant in New England under an owner that was failing. You were stuck in close quarters all Winter and it was hell.
    Their has always been injustice including in Barbados where African Slaves were bought and sold. In fact most African Slaves went to Brazil because the Portuguese started Plantations and African Slavery and Brazil is only 1500 miles from Africa. Rome had White Slaves as did the Vikings, Huns, Visigoths, Egyptians, etc.
    It is our job as Americans to learn from the past and make the USA a better place year after year. I have been to Africa, Europe and the Caribbean and I have seen injustice in every Country I have visited. Look what happened to our Native Americans. Nobody has been wronged in the USA more than them and we should try to make a much better effort to right some wrongs to them like we finally did for the Japanese Americans in WWII. Every body has suffered, not just people of color. If every body ran back to there Country of Origin when things are bad we would not have anybody left. As a white Yankee I have been persecuted by KKK in the South starting in 1976 in College because I had close black friends on my College Basketball Team. The KKK is much better in 2010 than they used to be in the 1960’s and 1970’s and I have seen massive social improvements in my life time. We have a long way to go but we have come a long way as well. Quiters never win so Stay and fight. I am glad I lived long enough to see a Black President but General Powell would have been my first choice over anybody since 1990.

  • Sally

    This is a wonderful program; it is so interesting to see how people today are connected to historic events from the past through our ancestors. I’ve been researching my genealogy for several years. Until this program, I had never considered whether my ancestors who arrived here from England during the 1800s actually became citizens of the USA. How could I have not thought of that?! I have no idea how one would search out that information and it was not mentioned on the program. Does anyone know how one would go about finding that information? My only disappointment in the program is that it doesn’t reveal those sources for information.
    Thanks for any suggestions anyone can give me on this subject.

  • Christine

    Nancy, I’m just totally puzzled by your comment that this series – the moving and fascinating stories of real Americans – is “anti-American”. Could you please help me understand what you mean by that? Are you saying that history is anti-American? I am truly bewildered and would like to understand what you’re saying.

  • T.Mutton

    Great show, makes me want to find my family roots.

  • J Neel

    I’m not sure what you mean by Anti-American. I take the success and triumphs of the people presented here as a wonderful example of how people triumphed DESPITE America’s dark realities-which is what they were/are. I don’t know if there is anyway to MORE American than to overcome such injustices. At least for me, it’s why I love this country, though I often am very upset about what we do and have done.

  • Patricia A. Perez

    Thank you for this wonderful series. Much like Eva Longoria, I too am from South Texas and can trace my roots in this area to 1752. Before that time our family was in Mexico as early as 1620. Laredo has survived on the Rio Grande under seven flags; Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of the Rio Grande, the Confederacy, Texas and the United States. While I am a third generation United States citizen, technically the border was moved numerous occasions and my ancestors nationalities depended on the reigning government of the time. I am intensely proud to be an American of Texan, Spanish, Italian and Mexican decent. Congratulations to Mr. Gates and the entire production staff on a job well done!

  • Bergetta monroe

    This is a wonderful series and it should serve as a “jumping off place” to find our own roots. For those who may not be aware of it there are many wonderful ethnic/genealogical libraries in MN for finding your own roots. One such place is the Minnesota Genealogical Society Library at 1185 Concord St. N, Suite 218, in South Saint Paul. Phone is: (651) 455-9057. Website:
    It is a comprehensive library with resources from many areas. Even if you do not have MN ancestors you may be able to find information about your family as it is a place for people to do genealogical research, not just a place to do Minnesota research. Check the website for upcoming programs and classes. There is free parking and public bus transportation stops at the front door of the building. Call for hours as the staff is 100% volunteer. The next program is April 17th.
    I caught the bug at age 14 and just published my second book on my family. Caution: this bug is incurable…thank heavens for that! :)

  • Robyn

    I am enjoying immensely hearing the stories of Americans from all walks of life. I think there are lessons in them all, for us all, and it is what makes America a very unique place, flaws and all. As a professional genealogist, I do wish that Dr. Gates had interwove the stories of African-Americans into this series as opposed to having a separate series. Although I love the “African-American Lives” series and certainly we have a situation different from all the immigrants featured here in terms of forced immigration, I think the title “Faces of America” would encompass these stories as well, and it would have reached I think a wider audience. But I think the wonderful stories he is sharing from all over the place (except Caribbean immigration was not represented) should lead us all to know that we are more alike than we are unalike, and at their core, all families want the same things: love, respect, safety, and a way to make a good living for themselves.

  • Emmett

    What a moving and thought provoking episode, especially that of Yo-Yo Ma’s story, whose prior unknown history was revealed in such poignant moements to him. He was obviously profoundly moved. Who would not.

    Can Dr Gates come figure out some of the dead ends in my father’s side?? Not nearly as moving but surely frustrating to me as the trail went cold arounfd 1840 in NJ.

    If not, thank you to PBS, corporate sponsores, and Dr Gates and his researchers, for such an important contribution to our culture.

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  • Sharise1

    Love the series and am greatly moved by the stories. I am patiently awaiting the third installment! It’s now March PBS…time for the video upload. Thanks again for sharing such great programming!

  • Amber G

    This is wonderful!! Love this show. I do find it disheartening that so many Americans are ignorant when it comes to their ancestry. Or show a lack of interest in the mystery of their background. The genealogy bug hit me a decade ago and I am still researching and find interesting tidbits here and there. I can’t imagine having no interest and hope that this show will encourage those to begin the search.

  • Sandy

    This show is addictive, just like genealogy! I, too, and waiting for episode 3 to show up. Thanks for an inspiring show, and definitely moving.

  • cyndie lou

    if we had the means to follow our ancestery back back back…..we would find that all of mankind came from the three sons of noah, that lived through the flood. we are all related in this manner, no matter the the race or nationality.
    after all, wasnt turkey the spot they discovered the ark, in the mountains of arat? we all came from somewhere ‘over there’ ,………didn’t we.

  • bettye198

    Blessings on a much overdue presentation. This extraordinary approach to following our family lines has inspired me to do so. A new mission to follow the yellow brick road of my husband and I who are third generation from European grandparents. Thank you!

  • Kealiiloma

    When teaching American history to high school students, I have always had them research their own American journey through whatever genealogical data they could dig up. It led to fascinating discoveries and a deeper understanding for my students of the true American experience. I wish I were still teaching so that I could add the element of DNA data, which really extends our connections as a human race.

    On a personal level, my family has done a lot of genealogical research. However, since we are from a mixed race and extremely varied background, some of the lines end only a few generations back, in China and other countries. I know that I will be looking into the DNA testing to follow back our genetic lines now, even if I can’t get the specific names of some of these ancestors.

    Mahalo for this exceptional series.

  • Alice

    Very interesting! I love this sort of show and am happy at how much more thorough this series is with genealogical research through documents than solely relying on DNA results.

    However, I must say I was bit surprised and confused by the ggrandfather for Mario Batali and “la grippa.” La grippa is the flu, not miner’s consumption/black lung. How or why was this conclusion reached rather than influenza?

    Despite this, very interesting and thorough series, looking forward to upcoming episodes.

  • Joan Griffin

    Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! The perseverance and courage shown by people from every corner of the globe, Americans all, is moving beyond words. We modern citizens of America have so much to be grateful for, such easy lives even in these “hard times.” I find it fascinating that even today so called “real Americans” find fault in immigrants whose only “crime” is to come to America with a desire to work hard and prosper and become American citizens. Blessings to PBS and Gates for creating such an inspiring program. I intend to share it with my middle school students.

  • Huh

    Uh, Where did the video go?

  • Jennifer

    Hi! Your webpages state we can still watch the second video, but the video link is missing. Thanks!

  • Connie

    I’m disappointed… we live in the country and unfortunately do not get PBS. I was so hoping you’d publish the shows online- your website states one can view the second show, but you don’t have capability to do that. The website also states the 3rd show will come online (now past – in February), and that also is not available! I’m assuming this is all because you now have the show for sale on DVDs. Sigh…..

  • Lara

    Yes, where is the video indeed? We only were able to see the first episode on tv and were happy to see they were online. I guess they’re not. PBS, once again you disappoint…

  • Consuelo

    We watched the first online as we have no TV reception and thought it was awesome. And I too saw that all the episodes were available online and now when we want to watch the rest they are unavailable. Please make them available again. Thanks!

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  • AL

    Very true, Jim. Every group of people who have come here have had struggles, but the wonder of America is the Opportunity it provides, and the fact that our amazing Constitution makes us all equal under ther law, if we will respect it.

    At the time the Constitution was established, there was slavery everywhere, in every country. There were millions of Europeans in slavery in North Africa, mainly captured and sold by Barbary pirates during the 17th and 18th century. From 1650 onward, over 300,000 Irish were sent in slavery to the West Indies, especially Barbadoes, and to New England. Inconvenient truth , not taught in schools, but well-documented. But thanks to William Wilberforce and other abolitionists, England abolished slavery, and we did and other western countries. Unfortunately slavery has not disappeared. It is still an ugly blot.

  • Robert of Fairfax

    I got to this page when I clicked “Watched the second episode now”. Please update the link to “Post comments about the second episode here”.

  • Jenifer

    I guess we can’t watch the other episodes online? I missed a few of them when they were broadcast, but sadly no trace of them is to be found… perhaps make them available on Hulu? Or on the PBS video site?

  • C McDonald

    I disagree with KinMapper about “la grippe”, my grandmother also lived in rural Pennsylvania during the influenza period. She always refered to “The Gripp” when ever she had any malady that left her feeling sick and achy. Yes, it sometimes was the annual occurance of the flu but not always. Lighten up!

    I owe the majority of my genealogy research to grandmother. All it took was some interest from me as a young adult and she put all of her family lines to paper back to when they settled in the wilderness of Pennsylvania in the early 1800’s. Her sources besides the family Bible was also her Christmas Card list where she recorded births, deaths and weddings dates. Thankfully, I have her handwritten genealogy and many stories. When she died at almost 96, some family member deemed that the Christmas Card list wasn’t important and now it is lost forever.

    As diligent as my grandmother was in acknowledging all of her extended family members by documenting their life events; she was not afforded that same diligence in death, because some official spelled her middle name wrong on her death certificate. The document is only as good as the documentor and the information available at that time. Official or not.

  • Diana Gerusa-Martinez

    I know a little bit about my family history. My fathers father is the real mystery. I always thought he was a Pawnee Native American from Oklahoma. But recently I have come across some information that leads me to believe that my great grandfather may have changed his name, making it difficult to find. Aside from talking to relatives, where can I go next?

    By the way I love your show. They are all emotional stories I think because the blood that ran through our ancestors veins runs through ours. I have always loved history. I love the way you seem to empathize with the joy and emotion of your guests as they discover the stories of their ancestors. Thank you. Your show is not only entertaining but, inspiring.

  • Margot

    Wonderful series as always. Does anyone know where the third episode is? Under link for second episode it say “The third full-length episode premieres online on Thursday, February 25″ but I am unable to find it. Thanks.

  • Maurice Piraino

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  • Alex

    I agree Nancy, but of course a program by Henry Louis Gates Jr. would be anti-American and racist. What more could you expect of him? There is one part when Queen Noor is talking about anti-Irish sentiment and makes the remark “just as “we” (as in Arabs) are treated today”. And even if these immigrants did contribute to the American identity, let us not forget that the main source of culture comes from the original immigrants: Western Europeans. So far it seems that the series ignores their contributions, except for the Irish and the Italians who were not viewed favorably upon and therefore are suitable for Gates’ opinions. My family came from England in the early 1700’s because my ancestors were not first in line for inheritance. Many people came here because they were debtors. Where are the stories of these people? Are they not shown because they are not sympathetic enough to the liberal cause?

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  • mary

    Just as someone has already stated, I too have detected a lot of anti-american and racist sentiment in all of Mr. Gate’s presentations. Is it possible that he would have been happier if his family had never come to America? Certainly he wouldn’t have had to deal with the abundant opportunities present in America to become all that one can be. He probably wouldn’t have had to worry about finances or material wealth as these would most likely have been non entities. But, most importantly, he might not have had access to a Bible or had the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. No, Mr. Gates, this is not a perfect country but, in spite of all of it’s faults, it has been the best doorway to freedom and opportunity and individual rights that the world has ever known in it’s entire history…. up until now at least. The point is this: that in spite of all that we perceive to be negative, we must try to remember all that America has given to us that is good …and be thankful. The truth is that America has drifted far from its moorings and is presently in great danger, but historically no nation on earth has ever been blessed as this nation has been blessed.

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  • Cathy Foster

    Watching from the UK I find it quite amusing that the Irish speakers are subtitled! Also, sorry to harp on but it is a bugbear of mine when people say ‘England’ when they mean ‘Britain’ – the exports on that list are clearly listed as many of them going to Glasgow, which is in Scotland and not England!!! And a lot of Irish emigrants went to other parts of the UK including many to Scotland including my ancestors. Interesting to learn what was happening with the food exports, I’d never heard that before. Scotland is not ‘in’ England. Any Americans planning on visiting Scotland might find it useful to be aware of this!!!!!

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