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Islam and identity

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. asks Dr. Oz about how his Muslim faith affects his sense of self, and Dr. Oz talks about the role of religion in his native Turkey. View Dr. Oz’s full profile.

  • Sam

    Dr Oz, you are a great doctor. I hadn’t seen any positive achievements by Muslims in this country. It was until I watched this video. It is great to have Muslims like you in US. You are so open and honest man. Wish you all the best in your life.

  • Mimi

    I really respect dr. oz and his views
    but sam..are you serious??? Haven’t seen any positive achievements by muslims in America? well first off of course with a comment like that i wouldn’t expect you to be a reader, you must rely on this brainwashing and misleading form of media that is fed to AMericans showing Muslims only in there extremist form, well I’m sure i would be able to say the same about Christians if all they aired on T.V was the kkk, and Timothy Mcvay. Point being Muslims in America aren’t shown in a positive light. If you do look into the religion and its true values and meanings you would understand what Muslims around America are doing everyday that promotes a positive and great achievements. If all that isn’t enough you can thank muslims for ALGEBRA!

  • Mimi

    I really respect dr. oz and his views
    but sam..are you serious??? Haven’t seen any positive achievements by muslims in America? well first off of course with a comment like that i wouldn’t expect you to be a reader, you must rely on this brainwashing and misleading form of media that is fed to AMericans showing Muslims only in there extremist form, well I’m sure i would be able to say the same about Christians if all they aired on T.V was the kkk, and Timothy Mcvay. Point being Muslims in America aren’t shown in a positive light. If you do look into the religion and its true values and meanings you would understand what Muslims around America are doing everyday that promotes a positive and great achievements. If all that isn’t enough you can thank muslims for ALGEBRA!

  • Marie L

    Such an elegant explanation of religion and politics in Turkey. It is my sincere desire that non-muslims will come to understand that Islam is a deep and varied a religion as Christianity and Buddism. A few extremist groups may get all of the press, but they do not represent the majority of Muslims anymore than polygamist Mormans represent Christianity.

    - Marie –
    a non-muslim American

  • John

    Mimi- You are an uneducated fool. 90% of what you wrote is wrong…… KKK and Timothy Mcvay have no history of being Christian. You are rubbish.

  • mimi

    So then if you think the kkk and timothy mcvay have no relation to christianity how are you able to think that Osama binladen has any connection to islam! Every religion has extremists John but we shouldn’t base a whole religion off of a few nut jobs….Your an idiot…please have some sense before you go around saying dumb words like “rubbish” you uneducated fool. Timothy Mcvay claimed Christianity and the KKK are an extreme Christian group. Im assuming you don’t agree with their ways so you claim they aren’t of Christian Faith but guess what they claim christianity. Just as muslims don’t agree with extremists but those extremists still claim islam as their religion and have taken the message of such a peaceful religion to a very dark place.

  • Jenna

    I enjoyed what Dr. Oz said, but I must take exception to secularists giving credit for the Ottoman Empire’s extraordinary tolerance and diversity to anything other than Islam. It is not secularism that created the ancient cosmopolitan city of Istanbul, not secularism that caused Turkey to be a haven for Jews and Christians for centuries. Islam utterly defined the Ottoman way of life, and is entirely responsible for the remnants of hospitality that remain in modern-day Turkey.

    one more thing: Sufism is to Islam what a candle is to a lantern — it is what gives the lantern its light and heat and radiance. without a candle, a lantern is an empty, rigid shell that serves little purpose. Sufism is not just one mystical sect of the religion, but the clearest and most complete understanding of the religion. extremists (like the Wahhabis) discount Sufism as an “innovation”, and by doing so, basically wage a war on Islam’s beautiful, polychromatic history.

  • mark

    There are alot ot succesfull Turkish American with muslim background. turkish and Iranian doctors are also very famous all over the world.

    Here are some Turkish Americans with muslim background.

    Dr. Mehmet Oz,

    Nba player Hidayet Turk,

    Ribbie william’s wife Ayda field,

    Coca Cola’s CEO and President Muhtar Kent.

    And there are alot of more.


  • jamespotts

    The quote, Timothy Mcvay claimed Christianity, from Memi is completely false. While there are many attrocities that can be pinned on Christians, this is not one of them and McVay did not claim to be Christian; he said he was an atheist and there is no eveidence to suggest otherwise. People should do research and educated themselves to truth before making such outlandish statements.

  • Dabbas

    Why do Americans think all the 1.9 billion Muslims are terrorists

    Arrogance is what’s going on here fellas

    media propaganda leads to American arrogance

  • Wow

    “I hadn’t seen any positive achievements by Muslims in this country. It was until I watched this video. ”

    Just because you do not know of them does not mean they do not exist. You are so ignorant it’s insane.

  • Ali Raza

    you may be right..Mimi

    but all this depends on %ages.
    %age of extremists in Islam are 99% & in other relegions it may be hardly 1%,these are the people who make this religion ****.
    Further,Algebra/trigonometry/Geometry/Calculas/Asrology etc was invented by Aryans in India & it is all there in Vedas,which are said to be in existence thousands of years B.C. when Al Khwarizmi came to Indus civilsation for loot/Ducaiti.

    if you don’t beleive me,refer to full text of vedas,you will find all there.
    here is a link for your reference dear.

  • Ali Raza

    Dear Dabbas

    Media is reflection of society.
    all this depends on %ages.
    %age of extremists in Islam are 99% & in other relegions it may be hardly 1%.

  • Dina

    Dear Ali,

    “%age of extremists in Islam are 99% & in other relegions it may be hardly 1%.”
    That is absolutely rubbish!!! Where did you get that from??? Please be enlightened before you claim facts :O

  • Ola

    Muslim and proud!!!

    Dr Oz,

    Thanks for not being ashamed of who you are.

    This shows lots of courage and self-confidence especially these days where many Muslims are discriminated against.

    You have shown me (and many others) that religion/faith is a personal choice we shouldn’t be ashamed from, it should affect our lives and jobs positively. Being in the medical field myself, and a Muslim female (wearing hijab) who did my specialty in Australia, I was not ashamed of showing my beliefs and those beliefs gave me extra strength to always do a great job, be a perfectionist and always treat my patients with care, love and compassion. This is the true essence of Islam, its mercy and love.

    I was always hoping to set a good example and change public views about Islam through work and deeds more than talk and bitter discussions especially that many westerners don’t have a true understanding about Islam (thanks to the media!!).

    I just want to thank Dr Oz again, this video made me feel good about what I did, you have encouraged me, you are much appreciated for this, I will always be a Muslim, and will be proud of it.

  • ishaq

    ali raza, you seem like your the one sit infront of tv all day long, get your ass of bed, you will get fatter and fatter otherwise, but your brain has been completely controlled by builderberg main stream media.

    what made you think that 99% of Muslim are extremists. did you refer it to those people who are fighting back for their country,their dignity and for their religion, for religion i mean if someone try to damage the philosophy of your religion by different strategies), or to those who wants to fight back because he or she has lost his relatives in the bombshell . so if you call them extremists your just a schmuck i think you have no life, no religion.
    there would be no war, once those bankers are down, who trying to take over the world by bring NWO..

  • Rofida

    I am so happy that Dr oz is a muslim he really is my role model and I’m studying medecine and wish to be like him!

  • bboy

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the all-time NBA points leader, is a Muslim. Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem Olajuwan, also in the top 10 all-time scoring list, are Muslims. Do those count as positive achievements? I hope so. And that’s just scratching the surface. Think outside the box.

  • Lianessa

    I love Dr. Oz because he wants to get Americans as healthy and as fit as possible. I could care less what religion he is. Further, I feel religion is such a personal and distinct belief system in each individual that you cannot define a person by it. I think it cheapens ones accomplishments when people are categorized by a broad definition of one religion.

  • Ali Raza

    Dear Ishaq
    I am a muslim, but really not proud of being a Muslim.
    The harm we have done to others, whether Americans(WTC)/Australians(bali bombings)/Indian(kasmir) in unforgettable.
    and you think people should appreciate us just because we have few broad minded peoples among us.
    Remember what ever names are quoted here are of those who have lived in a non muslims society.

    And Diana
    just for your information, above 90% muslims lives in Afghanistan(destroying budhist sculptures)/Pakistan(Killing non muslims,supporting terrorism)/Indonesia(bali bombings)/India(parliament attack,mumbai attack), you can have our historical contributions to the society.

    Please be practical.


    because he knows and others beleive that he is wrong.

    no! never! because every one know that they are!

  • Ali Raza

    Hi mark
    The Names of Muslim you have quoted above are those who have have brought up in a non Muslim Society.

    Please name any Muslim nation which is progressing on the basis of Intellectual abilities?
    Please name any nation where Muslims are above 15% of total population of country and they are not demanding their seperate home land?
    Please advise if any non muslim can pray in Saudi Arabia/Afghanistan in Public, however a Muslim can do in Christian nation?

  • dee el

    I appreciate Dr. Oz and his broad-mindedness. I wish the Turkish Secularist attitude in general and his attitude in particular were the norm. But having been born and raised in Michigan, not far from Dearborn, which is one of the largest muslim enclaves in the US, I have seen a great deal of islam in action on a daily basis, and from my observations it is a religion of subjugation and total domination. There is NO respect or place for any other belief system from a fundamentalist qur’an-beliving muslim. Infidels must die, and this includes muslims that preach peace and tolerance. Read your own scriptures, and then tell the truth. Religion of peace – please. The peace of the grave, perhaps.

  • Nejla

    Your name is Ali, that is an islamic name if I am not mistaken? are you an extremist???

    Please people, know facts before posting any comments. I can’t stand it when people give out false information. These blogs should be educational, lets concentrate on educating people with accurate information instead of lashing out with false information. It turns my stomach to think I am living amongs stupidity, ignorance and complexed people who does not have anything better to do but express their worthless opinions just to be heard.
    Did you not listened to the definition of the religion Dr. Oz, so carefully described in the interview???
    How could any religion be evil, it’s the people who are evil?

  • Ali Raza

    Hi Nejla

    just to exclude peoples like me I mentioned 99% as extremist.
    I am not “fortunate” enough to be among them…

  • Ali Raza

    Dear Ishaq

    Please notice the harm we have done to others, whether Americans(WTC)/Australians(bali bombings)/Indian(kashmir) and many more,are unforgettable.

    and you think people should appreciate us just because we have handful of broad minded peoples among us.
    Remember what ever names are quoted here are of those who have lives in a non muslims society.

    and if you think Hijacking/Bombing/kidnapping/killing innocent peoples tantamounts to fighting for country, then I am sure you have poor knowledge.
    Have a look on Biography of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

  • Ali Raza

    Why should we thank Al barouni for AlGebra, as these were long back used by Indians even more then 5000BC.
    Trignometry (trikonmiti) /Calculas/Pythagoras theoram (sulb sutra)/Molecular sciences/Aviation science (Viman shastra) whatever you can think of are all there in Vedas.

    Al Barouni just named himself after AlGebra, because India was there colony at that time.

    Just get some knowledge “Mimi”

  • inspiration

    hi,im a muslim,and i very happy bout the fact that dr oz is a muslim..and to ali raza,im not want to argue you,but i dont really agree on the fact that 99% of islam is extremist…all religion whether islam,christian,jews,buddhist are not support terrorism,and the same goes to islam..islam is a peaceful religion…they do not want all muslim to go for terrorism,in fact,they ask all muslim to be in a healthy relationship..not wars…its just that some people who does not want to practise the way of life(islam) by joining in an extremist group..and that not reflect the islam itself…just like dr oz,does he support all type of terrorism? fact,he give some tips on how to go on a healthy diet to the non-muslim viewers..


    ALI RAZA, 3 things:
    1. It is extremely sad that as a muslim you have disgraced your own religion.
    2. I think that you are confusing terrorism and crime with Islam.
    3. Before starting to make huge claims like “99% of muslims are extremists”, please do your research… where did you get this number??? Who did the survey? Which nations did it include? How was the number quantified????

    If you don’t have any legitimate and educated reason to say what you have said, please do everyone a favour and just keep all of your ‘extreme’ hatred to yourself and don’t try to contaminate other people’s thought…

  • Toufiq

    Not Ali Raza..

    you know you are making fool of yourself just like ostrich do.

    please be practical, see around.
    Some one rightly mentioned above read Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

  • All Are One

    Stop arguing..
    Please love each other respect each other.
    “Love Islam Love Christianity Love Hinduism Love Buddhism and other religions” I
    above all “Love, live & Let Live”
    all religions of the world teaches humanity and love, these are like different windows facing towards God. but ultimately everyone is praying one “The Almighty”
    Then what is this discrimination and differences for, all arguments leads to hatred and non satisfaction….

    LOVE LOVE and LOVE every where….. love the differences in cultures,religion and languages… these are colors of the world.

    All are brothers and sister except your girl friend and boy friend (on a lighter note)

  • Anonymous

    Ali razza, you quoted 99% of Muslims live in afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and india…
    So what happened to all the other Muslims (Saudis, Kuwaitis, bangladeshis, malaysians, Filipinos, singaporeans, etc)

  • Muslim

    so he prays and fasts right?

  • i’m turning 18:)

    hey,i’m still young,turning 18 in 2 weeks time:) *justsaying
    so my opinion might not b as smart as u guys do…
    i’m a my country,we live in in harmony despite our rich culture,races and religion.
    i have a best friend,her name is amy and she’s a christian.i love her very much and she feels the same way towards me.
    ngiam wei tze is also my best buddy and he’s a buddha.he is very caring and funny.
    what i’m trying to say is,its not about your religion.its about you.i have not found one religion one earth who ask their followers to kill the innocents.
    i just found religion that demand their followers to protect their religion and its sanctity.
    ali raza,i think you really disgrace islam.i don’t think you understand islam at all.
    Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) teaches us to be tolerate even to non muslim.
    he teaches the value of peace.
    there are no bad religion,but there are bad people.
    for ages,this topic has always been very sensitive.
    just look at yourselves.this should be about dr.oz.
    not which religion is bad,and which is not.
    hey,i can live and even love my non muslim friends and we respect our religion and culture.
    and i’m still 17.
    what’s your excuse not to do the same???

  • i’m turning 18:)

    i totally agree with you:)
    i think we could be great friends:D

  • i’m turning 18:)

    Dear Ali Raza
    Please do not disgrace your religion. Please do not lose faith. Please respect your own religion. These are your brothers and sisters, trying to make you realize that you shouldn’t have state the %age thing. Yes,there are so many harm done by Muslim extremists. So, why don’t you start doing your homework, and show to the world the true value of Islam. Take example of Ahmad Deedat. Islam is really about peace. Stop and think, if many Muslim are like you, so how do we suppose to change the mind set of the citizen of earth about Islam?
    *excuse my grammar

  • lee

    The facts are as follows, the quran says, if they are not Islam they must die, by any and all means necessary, kill all Jews and like people, Islam will take over the world through population, yea, they usually marry their 1st. cousins, they can kill their women with almost any reason they can think of, their children also. Islam is a very backwoods, barbaric religion based on Mohammed’s interactions with Allah, they can have sex with their animals, who then must be killed, they can’t eat the meat but they can sell it to their neighbors, they can and do have sex with their male young boys, literally every muslim man has been violated by another grown man while in their childhood, the women can be stoned to death for as little as disagreeing with their husband or saying something against Mohammed that they don’t like, there’s just too many reasons to not accept islam as a religion in America, they want to be muslim, then stay the hell in their muslim country!!!!!! One day, and you will see, we Americans have grow tired of this BS from islam and we will show you what Americans are all about, we put up with your BS for a long time, the time is near, we have had enough and we are ready to show you, Beware, the time draweth near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S NOT ISLAMAPHOBIA WHEN THEY REALLY ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU, COME ON, WE’RE WAITING!!!!!!

  • lee

    The religion of islam states, the quran states, if they are not islam they must die by any and all means necassary, they can lie, cheat, steal, rob, and even kill and they are forgiven by allah as long as it is for the betterment of islam, how do you think nobama can sleep at night???, oh yea, by the way, the KKK was developed and brought about by the democratic party. The islamic religion and the muslim people are both evil, how can one believe the way a muslim does and not be evil???, how can a religion teach the things islam teaches and not be evil??? Anyone who does not educate themselves on the facts of islam is a damn fool for not understanding how backwards and unfit it is for this religion to even be in this world, and those 72 virgins, that got messed up in the translation, it actually meant they are 72 Virginians waiting on their ass’s to stick up in the air , it’s their normal position they were taught by their uncle, cousin, neighbor or some other sick male figure. We already have funding to build a strip club and a BBQ restaurant beside the Ground Zero mosque, the strip club will be named “Mecca Your $ Count”, the PORK BBQ RESTAURANT will be named, “Mecca that PIG on a Sandwich”, how ya like us now??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

  • lee

    One thing, you will NEVER CHANGE the MINDSET OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, you as a religion have crossed over the line of no return, you have proven what jislam is all about, we learned everything we needed to learn about jislam on 9-11-01, you want to live in AMERICA, then act like you want to be here, not transform all we have to suit your way of barbaric life, your beliefs are sick, your women are treated like animals, anyone who you don’t like gets the jihad treatment, and you want to be in AMERICA, then adapt to the AMERICAN ways or get the hell out before we AMERICANS put you out, or under!!!!!! oh yea, those 72 virgins are actually 72 inches of earth placed over you, or we can just do as you and blow you up or burn you up, either will suffice!!!!!! you equal to pig dung on the bottom of my shoe!!!!!!

  • Mehmet

    Pig dung of the bottom of your shoe?? What sort of language is that? You’re such a hater, you like to generalize things and rationalize your hate. It looks like you’re hopeless, since I’m afraid you’re happy with your hate. You can’t even tell the difference between a small group and a $2B people community. You don’t even want to accept that every community has bads, as well as goods. You are likely so sure that God does not love muslims. What would you do if you know that is not the case? Will you be sorry? Or don’t you care? Muslims accept and respect Jesus, as well as Moses, that’s what Quran says, so, what you said is not true. Why do you lie? You’re such a ’so-called’ elitist, you are not humanist, therefore I don’t think you carry a typical American sprit. Americans, or normally Christians, as well as Jews are not like you, you don’t represent any of them.
    It’s such a shame!

  • Hate Stupidity

    “ali raza” must have used the vedas algebra to come up with the 99%. ridiculous mind using ridiculous sources to get to ridiculous conclusions!

  • i’m turning 18:)

    well,its a shame.this is how u americans do it huh???no wonder most of your solutions are wars.when we offer peace,you neglect them and humiliate us.i don’t what i said to deserve your words.i’m sorry my muslims brothers convey jihad in a wrong way that sacrifice a lot of innocence..but that is not the true jihad.i respect your religion,it’s a shame you can’t do the same…and thank god,i DON’T live in america:)

  • i’m turning 18:)

    funny,i don’t find one single comment insulting your religion here.

  • zainuddin

    America was first discovered by Cheng Ho a Muslim Admiral in the Muslim Ming dynasty of China.
    Indians made use of the zero symbol first discovered in Banka Island of Sumatra by modern archaeologist (Smith:History of Mathematics).The Malays/ Javanese were very adept in mathematics long before Indian influence. They had meso american pyramids all over the place long before Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism arrived in their countries. In 7th century Indians brought the Malay/ Javanese zero symbol to India and in 9th century this was passed over to the Arabs at Gwalior, India. Indians had name for zero but no symbol so also the Chinese and the Sumerians. Nearest was the Khymer bindu a dot . Mathematics allowed the Malay’ Javanese people to build pyramids such as the Candi Sukoh . A pyramid is not a tomb. It is a profound computer in brick and harnesses the energy of the earth and the air. It is of great astronomical and agricultural use.
    Malays patroled the seas of great Persian empires when the latter was Zoroastrian. They were known by the Zoroastrian people as Sayabidja and the Indians as Shavaka and the Ceylonese as Javaka.
    Perhaps they sailed around the world before Zheng He.

  • zainuddin

    Lee like LKY shows his complete ignorance about Islam The Quran states the opposite.”Whosoever submits to do good, he shall have his reward .He need not fear .He need not grieve. He shall have his reward from his Lord” Quran uses the word Rabb or Lord to denote your understanding of Ultimate Reality, the Nameless or that aspect of God that is beyond the beyond. In this respect it agrees with Taoism which also states that in the beginning is the One and that if you describe God , it is not the Absolute Reality that you are describing but only your relationship with him.
    As a Muslim scientist states God is Absolute Quality at Zero Quantity based on the following Quran chapter
    In the name of Allah, Infinitely though inscrutably Gracious, Magnanimous
    Say Allah is One, Indivisisible, Unique
    Allah is the Eternal Support and Eternally Besought ( of all)
    Allah procreates not nor was procreated
    And like Allah there is nothing”
    Above is the interpretation of the Surah or Chapter called Al Ikhlas
    Elsewhere the Quran states “Whosoever saves one life it is as if he has saved all humankind” Furthermore in one of the shorter chapters it states clearly ” Jaheem ummuhu” meaning Hell is his mother denoting that contrary to the tortuous image of Hell that many people have , the Quran teaches that Hell is a Nursing Mother after you have been confronted with your deeds in its most objective form . God will not do injustice to the human , the Quran states, not even by a zarrah or smallest particle.
    Both Jesus and Muhammad said that only sword can be used for self defence and aggressive wars are forbidden.
    Modern warfare is forbidden to Christians and Muslims . tHIS IS ESPECIALLY CLEAR BY THE WORDS OF MUHAMMAD UNKNOWN TO EXTREMISTS.
    TODAY INDIAN POLICE HAVE FOUND OUT THAT BOMBINGS IN INDIA AND EVEN IN BALUCHISTAN , PAKISTAN IS WORK OF THE BJP HINDU EXTREMISTS who hate Gadnhi and whose people assasinated him and burnt Christian missionaries while they were in the car. They pulled down a whole mosque and since independence they have caused more than 100,000 deaths of Muslims.
    Hindu extremists also known as saffron terrorists are the problem of the future as Indian becomes a world power.

  • zainuddin

    As a Sufi let me underline the fact that Sufism existed with the first humans. It is the kernel of revealed religion but it came to a zenith during the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad who came between 600 to 1000 years after Prophet Jesus one of the greatest signs of God to humanity who laid his head on the ground in prayer and said those words found in the Bible ” Let this cup of death be taken away by me but if this be not Thy will, let Thy Will be done”
    Islam is only the latest divine edition of religion which God promulgated through thousands of Prophets and Messengers of God chosen as role models in all parts of the world. And the saving grace of Islam is that it has its scripture in pristine purity and the evergreen example of the Prophet who said
    God loves not the actions of the aggressor
    God does not allow destruction of trees, flora and fauna even in self defence (jihad)
    God does not allow the use of fire on other humans or lesser creatures (such as we find in modern warfare)
    God does not allow the diversion of water channels or its poisoning
    God does not allow the killing of elders, women, children, sick people, farmers, anchorites. priests and anchorites
    God does not allow the destruction of buildings particularly religious houses of worship
    “If Allah did not use some people to stop other people, cloisters, synagogues, churches and mosques in all of which the name of God is frequently extolled would have been destroyed” (Chapter Haj in Quran)
    It was Sec Gen of Arab League decades ago who said that the atomic bomb is haram or forbidden , a view that was repeated by Ayatollah Khameini. The fact is that all fire arms are forbidden and that is why
    Gandhi and Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Frontier Gandhi never wielded any weapons against the so called Christian British colonial armies.
    I am an old Sufi and pained whenever Islam is attacked. The extremists are ignoramuses . Pity that the work of the Mossad and the Indian Intelligence conspire to bomb places in Aftghanistan, Pakistan, even India and blame the bombings on Muslim extremists who have excommunicated themselves from their own religion which is why Muslim grave administrators refuse to burn their bodies in Muslim graveyards.
    “There is not one animal moving in the earth nor a bird flying with two wings in the sky but they are social organisms / communities like you” Quran
    Please read a Jewish Muhammad Asad’s The Message of Al Quran for a proper interpretation of Islam. Although coming from a Jewish Christian family of Germany Muhammad Asad ( Leopold Weiss) was chosen in the 40s and 50s to represent Islam at the United Nations.
    His other book “State and Government in Islam” I think available from where u can get my book
    “The making of a Singaporean Fundamentalist” The fundamental of religion is Love

  • zainuddin

    sorry for the mistake above
    Correction is “God does not allow the killing of non combatants”
    Prophet Muhammad did not allow minors to join the self defensive battles which is one proof why the nurses in the battles such as Aisha was at least 17-19 years old when she went to nurse the soldiers
    All above can be found in jurist of International Court of Justice Justice Weeramantry’s Islamic Jurisprudence. He is a Sri Lankan Christian and one time Vice President of International Court of Justice.

  • ngug

    this a sample how people dont like muslim very much.none of the muslim had to say any anarkis Mr. LEE really moslem????… if you are…you must read QURAN again dont read it just a few.if you still dont understand pliss dont make any statement that make moslem looks so terorist.

  • Toufiq

    Feeling pity on your knowledge.
    Shavaka in Sanskrit means “New born/baby animal”, of course no one would like to name any race after it.

    Further you are fightinh here for zero which was discovered by Arya bhatta (a Vedic).
    let me allow you to take a step further.

    Arenautic : Vrihad viman shahstra, described in vedas almost thousands of years ago.
    Please have a look and listen thoroghly

    Mathematics: Vedic mathematics was developed thousans of years ago, ofcourse calculations to fly an
    aeroplane was not possible without calculations.

    Universe: when peoples somewhere in world thought/still thinking that earth is laid down as carpet and sky was made above it, please have a look on the understanding of vedic knowledge.

    many more to come for you.

    have you ever heard of Hindu terrorist :).

    think…think… and deeply think..

  • proud to be muslim

    Alli raza if you said that Muslims are terrorists, what did Bush do in Iraq and Afghanistan, he killed half of Iraq and two thirds of Afghanistan, you are a disgrace to the Muslims .. you should read the quran and biography of the Prophet first and then spoke. If you continue in your words you will enter the lowest depths of hell, because by these words you became an apostate.I hope our Lord guide you…

  • Ahmad

    Ali Reza is an idio! Math specially modern Algebra, Trigonometry, Astrology was created my Muslim scientist! PBS itself made a documentary about it! So you are saying that the Scientific Journal of America got it wrong? Then you must be high on weed, because you sound very retarded! Also there been a lot of documentaries on Discovery channel proving that Muslims were the first to create Algebra! Chemistry was also created my Muslim and back then they were known as Al-Chimy. Avicenna a Muslim scholar gave this world a very big scientific knowledge. That is why his statues are all over Europe, Middle East, and Asia! His corpus also includes writing on philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, geology, psychology, Islamic theology, logic, mathematics, physics, as well as poetry.[16] He is regarded as the most famous and influential polymath of the Islamic Golden Age.[17] There is no such a thing as terrorist! Terrorist is a made up word that is used in a political circle to crate a monopoly of violence. Learn political science, then come and talk! I’m a university student you are probably an idiot!

  • hate haters

    i think each person should respect eachothers religion because each person chooses their religion for their own reason, and as u can tell there are a lot of predjudice people out there all i can say is dont go down to there level just respect ur self and others who respect u,and people who dont respect ur religion just dont answer there time will come when they realize how wrong they r,and notice how low they went to talk bad about other religions,in each religion ther r good people and bad we just have to accept that.and to the people who criticize dont waste ur time on them there not worth it like others here!!!! its just disgusting how low people get they arent worth it and they can get as low as they want but some day theyll regret it!

  • hate haters

    ur great all are one and have a very positive attitude i think everyone should listen to u !! ;-)

  • joey

    wow whoever u are lee go get respect and some knowledge go back to school buddy u need too cuz ur a disgrace to humans in general what the hell who says that to whatever religion it makes me want to throw up man go get a life and watch ur words and if ur going to answer this in a rude way im not going to answer cuz u disgust me

  • shatha

    most of the christians but not all of them judge all the muslims by what they watch on tv…. muslims are not allowed to kill non muslims in any condition except if they are come to fight….muslims are not allowed to prevent christians to do thier religous rituals in any case ….and i’d like you to know that we muslims believes in Christ-peace be upon him-like christians do the diffrence is that muslims believe that jesus is a massenger from god just like muhammed-peace be upon all of them-and we should respect him like we do to all the massengers and we become angry if anyone insult jesus like we do if any one insult muhammed …..muslims inventions are recorded in history wether you like it or not and we are proud of the achivments that muslims did Muslim civilisation stretched from southern Spain as far as China. From the 7th century onwards, scholars of many faiths built on the ancient knowledge of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, making breakthroughs that paved the way for the Renaissance.

    The discoveries made by men and women in Muslim civilisation have left their mark on the way we live today. 1001 Inventions uncovers a thousand years of science and technology that has a huge but hidden impact on the modern world …

  • shatha

    most of the christians but not all of them judge all the muslims by what they watch on tv….and you get it all wrong who told you that muslim men treat thier women like animals !!i’m a muslim women and live in yemen one of the most conservative countries in the muslim world we have the right to do what ever we want no one can even hit a women ,i’m not denying that some men doesn’t respect thier women but it is forbidden in islam,and we have bad people just like christians do we have killers just like christians do , we have War criminals just like christians… do muslims are not allowed to kill non muslims in any condition except if they are come to fight….muslims are not allowed to prevent christians to do thier religous rituals in any case ….and i’d like you to know that we muslims believes in Christ-peace be upon him-like christians do the diffrence is that muslims believe that jesus is a massenger from god just like muhammed-peace be upon all of them-and we should respect him like we do to all the massengers and we become angry if anyone insult jesus like we do if any one insult muhammed …..and you get it all wrong who told you that muslim men treat thier women like animals !!

  • Serina Busch

    Timothy Mcvay was born Catholic. Christan has many branches and one of them is Catholic.

  • Andy

    No I have to admit I haven’t heard anyone calling Hindu terrorst but sure Hindi fanatics burnt muslim mosque with people in it. Kashmiri muslim land is the only location on earth where number of soldiers exceed the local population so they can continue to kill many more Kashmiri muslims. Kashmere was supposed to be allowed to go to referandum according to the U.N after the partition of India. Banghladesh, PAkistan and India got all their countries but not Kashmeres where Indian soldiers butchered more than 100,000 Kashmere civillians for decades. No wonder, why India has been a target for terror acitivities, It is called KARMA and you should be more familiar with it than anyone else on this board. You should only get the same treament if not better than the one you bestow on others.


    Lee, im a muslim that was born and rasied in america, so this country is all i have ever known. Reading your words didnt even make me mad, honestly it didnt. The reason why is because there is so many mistakes its funny. I mean literally funny. I shared what you wrote about islam with my family and it took us about 30 minutes to recompose ourselves, so thank you. It seems your entertainment these days is finding the kraziest comments about islam you can find, i say comments because in no way, shape, or form, are they facts, and you hold onto them with dear life just waitng for a forum to spread these comments on. Well hey by all means go ahead and spread them because my entertainment is laughing at you, i would try to teach you and would be more than willing to, but im sure you wouldnt care for a lesson, and guess what thats your right as an american. But guess what, i am educated and i no that my right as an american is to practice whatever religion i want. Im the real american and i did just show you what we REAL americans are about. Again thanks for the laughs though, i appreciate it.


    The real american again. And hahahahaha i liked this one. I thought it was very funny. Some people say ignorance is bliss, but after reading your comments i think a better sayin is ignorance is entertaining. And to all the other muslims tryin to convince this person that he is wrong just give up. Islam has the most people converting into the religion than any other religion. So for every LEE out there, there are two people not believing him, checking his comments, then converting into islam. So LEE thinks he is spreading hate, but really he is spreading curiosity. And thats what motivates people to pick up the Quran. So this LEE character has probably made the muslim population grow not decrease. Thanks again LEE.

  • A Muslim girl

    to lee
    i am proud to be a Muslim educated girl (in a catholic nuns school by the way) and i am not an american
    i don’t know where did u get your information about Islam as Islam is the complete opposite of what you wrote we are forbidden to do any of those things we are obligated to honor all religion and NOT to kill.
    the Islamic greeting is may peace be upon you that is what we believe i wonder if u have any historical information as every thing u said is wrong so let me tell you what happened in 1973 when an Egyptian Muslim president called Anuar El-Sadat won a war against Israel and toke back Sinai witch is Egyptian soil but he did’t want anybody else to die so he went to tal abib ans signed a peace treaty that is still effective until now look him up if u don’t believe me this is one between million of stories about great Muslims who just wanted peace i would appreciated if you didn’t use any name calling as i said i am a Muslim and my religion upbringing won’t allow me to respond.

  • A Muslim girl

    By the way Anuar El-Sadat won a noble price in peace for his efforts

  • A Muslim girl

    who are you talking about PLZ help me understand u r taking about Muslims around the world from the 7 billion this (7000000000 if u don’t know) people in the world there is 1540000000 Muslims according to your statistics there is 1524600000 terrorist in the world that is 21.78% of the population so u r simply saying that approximately one in five may be a little more are terrorists oh yeah this is about right :D really i wish people would think before just saying nonsense.

  • Houssain

    SAM… you hadn’t seen any positive achievements by Muslims… so hadn’t seen any Muslim, Bro, look around you and stop watching TV you’ll know what the real Muslims are ;)

  • Paige

    The roots of algebra can be traced to the ancient Babylonians, who developed an advanced arithmetical system with which they were able to do calculations in an algorithmic fashion. The Babylonians developed formulas to calculate solutions for problems typically solved today by using linear equations, quadratic equations, and indeterminate linear equations.

  • Palestenian

    Hello lee
    I am muslim and my name is Abrahim.
    Did you read islam before or quran ?!
    No you are not because we don’t and can not kill anyone because of his religous. (JUST TO KNOW).
    Do you know what Islam means in Arabic ?!
    it means peace.
    Just read the real Islam (NOT THE ONE IN YOUR MOVIES)
    and respect us like we respect you
    and about the Jews ,read the history of Palestine (my country) in WiKipedia
    this link will give you the information about Palestine
    and we don’t kill the Jews
    we kill the Zionist because they invades Palestine
    They are Invaders
    i hope you Understand Islam before JUDGE about it

  • jessica

    All i can said is that islam gives pace love and guidence to our lifes .islam teches that the is one god to follow the techings of prophet Mohammed saw and to have a happy life whit our children and be nice .and kind to people .If you just pray to Allah swa one time for those that are not muslim you will see that ther is no reson to argue and figth .the problems whit the islamic countries is not islam is political and the figth for the control of the oil .dont weist your time whit non sense .look for the guidence .

  • mena

    Ali Raza, i dont get your point, you are ashamed of being Muslim or you are ashamed of Muslims deeds?? if you are ashamed of the deed itself, i dont blame you,,,,,, BUT, if you are ashamed of your religion itself, i have to blame u,,…….LOOK,, i think you know your religion more than non-muslims do, i think u know its teachings of peace, tolerance and mercy,,,, i also think that u know Islam history that turned the primitive Arab nation to be leading the world (at least at that time),,,,, SO, DO YOU THINK ITS THE MUSLIMS’ FAULT OR ISLAM’S FAULT?? ,,,,,, IF you really believe that it is the people who are to be blamed,, so you, Ali, show the world the real Islam character, dont just be ashamed, take a step forward, may be you are the next Omar Ibn Abd ElAziz or the next Salahuddin, those people among others who kept the way and the spirit of Islam.

  • Fatema

    Actually, algebra originates from the land of the ancient Babylonians and Mesopotamia, now modern Iraq, where is was later used by other mathematicians.

  • Fatema

    You are quite a comedian, you should take it up as a profession, really. If you have anything uneducated to say please add it. The world does no revolve around you as it does not revolve around any person. We are so small in comparison to the world and yet here you are stressing yourself over false things you have been told. If you had even a bit of sanity, you would have researched the real meaning of Islam and then thought twice about commenting because you really have no idea what the hell you’re going on about, and I hope you have a lovely life.


    Hello lee
    I am muslim and my name is Abrahim.
    Did you read islam before or quran ?!
    No you are not because we don’t and can not kill anyone because of his religous. (JUST TO KNOW).
    Do you know what Islam means in Arabic ?!
    it means peace.
    Just read the real Islam (NOT THE ONE IN YOUR MOVIES)
    and respect us like we respect you
    and about the Jews ,read the history of Palestine (my country) in WiKipedia
    this link will give you the information about Palestine
    and we don’t kill the Jews
    we kill the Zionist because they invades Palestine
    They are Invaders
    i hope you Understand Islam before JUDGE about it


  • Lilac

    Attaturk was awesome! He brought so much growth to Turkey. Now the muslims are rising up again and the country is plunging back into the dark ages. Just goes to show, you can throw the monstrosity out of the country but you can’t prise it out of the people. What a disaster.

  • peacful.

    I just want to say to ali raza brother if you’re a real muslim, read about islam more read quraan read about the prophet Mohmmed

    For me everytime I’m closer to allah I’m a wayyy happier person! Things get easier life becomes more beautiful.

    And no we muslims don’t aim to kill people from other religons its the oppisite of what god told us. You have to read more,people!!! Don’t just believe what on tv!!! Whast on media is not always true!! Everyone knows it!

    And I hope god guides you to the right path.

  • EZ-Boyz — EZ !!

    well, some 15-20 years ago, the China’s Gov. started researching what happened to China in the 15th century since the china and Western Europe were very much the same in most parts & cities. They wanted to know why Europeans shoot off so high in the 16th century & made all the important things in medicine, tech. banking, society, etc…

    the result was as follows;
    what happened was that in the 16th century, 3-things happened that did not occur in China!!
    1) in Europe, the Printing Press was invented by Gutenberg.
    2) the Protestant movement started and established in Europe.
    3) the Bible, particularly the Old Testament was translated from Latin .

    with start of Protestant, the bible was translated for the first time — since before that the Catholics would not read Bible, but follow what Pope would have commented on it and written about it!

    with Protestant; they recommend to read the Bible, so it was translated and under “Printing Press” era, one could buy a Bible at half price of a pair of Shoes !!

    those who read the Bible, would eventually realize it is all about Relationships… and immerse that into themselves — the World we live in is all about Relationships… 65% of every Verse in the Old Testament starts with “and” — that is so odd that a text after text, the Starting Word would be with an “And” … the Bible wants to show that things are connected… and Related,.. and one who gets that into himself would come up with solutions to make that happen for the society around Him/Her.

    the Chinese did not have access to the Old Testament — most were not exposed to the stories of Old Testament. simply because; No Print Press, and No translation of Bible as cheap and popular just laying around — yes they had Gun Powder, but used it only as for Fire-Works !!

    EZ-Boyz — EZ !!

  • Go-Around, Once Again

    in my opinion, Religion is only hereto Enhance the World… make it better and improved it.
    all Religions are there for a purpose… peace and prosperity of people alike.
    if one religion is not offering that or offers War & Ordnance by everyone else, that is not a religion — Simply said, that is the effort of a Dictator who has made a Nice peaceful religion into Power Grabbing entity !

    this has happened to many followers of some religions…
    if you think you have a religion that is not about Peace and Prosperity, then that is not the original of your religion — but a washed down version of the Original by some Dictator who took advantage of it — one needs to seek the Real and pay attention to what is Peace and Prosperity .

    it has been very easy for the Dictator men to write their own version of each Great religions in this world … look at the recent Brainwashing Evils who successfully have been able to portray their evildoing to their followers into death of their own for their Hate against others !

  • Rama W.

    Islam is a religion that is based on the worship of God who has provided the earth with prophets such as Prophet Mohammad who was the last prophet of Allah , Islam is about being gentle to your neighbor , live with your family and visit them , it’s about being honest , secretariat and to forgive one another and it’s based on the pillars of Islam which are five :the two certificates , 1-the certificate on there’s no God but one (Allah) and that Mohammad is the prophet 2-praying 3-fasting Ramadan 4-and Pilgrimage to al kaaba .and for prophet Mohammad and the stories about killing Gews . Prophet Mohammad had a gew neighbor who used to throw garbage on front and prophet Mohammad -peace be upon him- used to throw it in the bin without being angry .and prophet Mohammad left his house and didn’t find garbage so based on his morals -which Muslims follow the example of- he got worry of his neighbor and asked till he knew that he’s ill and he went and visited him .so when the gew neighbor saw Mohammad he asked him why did he come and the prophet replied that it’s an Islamic moral so he entered . please don’t say things you don’t really know

  • tsrr

    China have a rather large Muslim community, and have had for many many years. Just check out one of the Muslim areas in Beijing!! And also, the first part of the Qu’ran is the Old Testament. And the Torah. No quoting me on this, but I believe that Catholicism, Judaism and Islam are all connected by Abraham’s son/s. It is all dependant on what research you base your conclusion upon of course.

    So either way, the Chinese would have had that portion of the Bible that you’d be referring to right there at that particular time.

    I might just add, translation is not such a blessing to any Holy Text. The fact that the Qu’ran was passed on by memory is, in itself, quite a beautiful thing. They learn it when they hear it. They recite it every day 5 times when they pray. And it stays with them, in their hearts, as they are the words of Allah (swt).
    The Bible has been translated numerous times from when it was first put together. Each time a translation is done, nuances of meaning can be lost, forms of practice might be changed by one little word, etc. I’m not saying its a bad thing to spread the word in a language everyone can understand, but at the end of the day, it might end up compromising the original intention of the work, Holy Text or not.

    Here is a link for all of you that care to spare a few minutes and learn a little more about Qu’ran, the Bible, and when you get down to it… putting your head down on the floor and asking for guidance from someone, anyone, who will answer you.

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you follow, as long as you are pure in your action and your intention. And you work towards peace with yourself and those around you. In time, if you haven’t met Allah yet, you will soon as he comes to those in need of guidance or as last push in the right direction :)

    Insh’ALLAH many of you will at least find the time to put down your weapons, be they words or firearms, and just move towards being nice :)

    [also printing press has been in asian countries for many years also. Please note that the highly texturized glossy magazines that were around in the 1900’s in France, pouchoir prints, for the haute-couture industry of the time got their technology from Japan. Where from? Woodblock prints!! Otherwise known as Ukiyo-e :) )

  • Duha

    Please … give me a minute of your time …

    I am muslim … and I’m proud of … being a part of the Islamic nation or of the christian nation is not a big deal nowadays … because we all are humans … and we only want to achieve the best together … we shouldn’t be talking about religion and the personal believes of each one of us … because they’re just small differences … and as you can see … there is so much differences even between the fingers of the same hand !

    What combines us is much more important than what divides us …
    So even if there’s some Muslims today who are trying to damage the image of Islam … We shouldn’t consider that all Muslims are thinking the same way !

    Most of us respect Christian people and Jewish people … and all the people … every where around the world !
    And … to be quite honest … I’m proud of Dr.Oz … because he is a great example to show the whole world that being a Muslim is not something wrong … and a Muslim can be creative and productive as much as everyone else … all around the world and that’s one of the most important teaching of Islam teachings.

    Thank you.


    Hello DC OZ.
    My name is ZINEB. I am from MOROCCO.I am a MUSLIM too.I have not missed any issue of your show on MBC4.
    I consider you my hero and I hope to become a doctor like you.
    I really hope that you read my lettre
    thank you

  • Isa S.

    you make a good point there. However, you cannot blame islam for this ignorance. This problem actually arises from the backwards culture of many of these nations. They seal themselves off from the rest of the world, and then implement things such as sharia law. The people there cannot think with creativity, and that is why most of the great muslims in this world come from western society.

  • squashleo05

    The Sears Tower when it was built,was the talest building in the world,and was designed by Dr.Fazl ur Rehman,a muslim,who had come to the US from what was at that time Eas Pakistan and later became Bangladesh.You can see a giat bronze bust of him,complete with his moustache(!)on the mezzanine level.
    Also Pakistan,a predominantly muslim country,has more than 10,000 doctors in he US,serving this great country very well.The community of Joplin,Missouri,after being hit by a tornado was served free of cost by a team of doctors from APPNA,the association of pakistani doctors in north america.
    There are many more examples of muslims doing construtive work in this country,but i shall stop here.

  • Adam Husmo

    Wow some hatefuI voices glancing thru the comments . I was expecting like idea what kind of disease/medication he should air in the future .

    Me as a Muslim started a company to build remote telemetry software system doesnt mean i build nuke. I build system for water management system .
    Me as a Muslim took flying class doesnt me i wang to crash into building , i rent plane once a month to my favorite diving class.
    Me as a Muslim of you see is slightly wealthy doesnt mean i have AN oil well on my backyard. I studied hard without any partying and work 16 hours a day.
    The problem with many of Americans are they watched too much FauxNews. I will go with the same level as you to hate any particular faith. How can I when I am a mixed blood of East and West.
    Travel more . Hawaii is still US .
    With these hate comments , no way for me to pick US as a vacation destination . I might even get shot just by passing a peaceful demonstration !

  • fatia

    you are so ignorant!!!!! please before you give your opinion ,,,,,do a little research about religon!!!!!

  • Yasmin Abduelal

    I am proud to a Muslim woman. I am proud of Dr. Oz finally coming about and talking about is struggles in religion it happen to all of us.

  • Abby james

    Sam ,
    You think this is a positive achivement because I am sure you have not Met any other muslim doctors .
    This is a huge and positive achivements ,but
    All muslim doctors work wih their faith ,heart,and Love .Not like doctors in US or Canada who work jus with money and for mney .

    When Muslims all knew math ,Arithmetic ,had engineers,and knew rich science You guys id not even exist !!!!!!

  • Munira

    Exactly…reflection of the american society not the muslim society…the media puts what the westerns want to hear not the truth….

  • Munira

    @lee how can you be so arogant?if you wish to kick people out of their country(which will never happen btw)what does that say about your character?it’s people like you who bring displeasure and terrorism to this world,who have loath for certain group of people, like hitler,mussoloni who called themselves christians and burned millions of people just for being who they are.and why do you bleive america is so anecent in all of this?if you whish to drive all muslims out of america for the 9/11 what have you done about white people skining black people for just being black in your land?and don’t forget your 9/11 is 24/7 in iraq,afghanistan…anyways don’t fill your heart with haterate, because where i live in there are many relligions,culture,languages,nationalities,skin colors….Ethiopia, but nobody cares what your religion,culture…is, we live peacefully as a nation and trust me no terrorists.and almost half of the population is muslim.

  • Munira

    Do you know how hard it is to fly in a plane when smn siting next to you is looking over their shoulder,scared to death,weighting wheither if your gonna blow up the plane or not?i didn’t think so…… either you like it or not,today image is everything.and steriotypes are there.Do you know how hard it can be being judged by all kinds of steriotypes?,people judge me 4 being muslim,black,ethiopian,female but each i luv most about myself so,YES smtms i just have 2 but i should’nt have 2,but ppl make it immposible not to…

  • Munira

    Hi Dr.Oz,am munira jst wanted to i respect what your doing for ppl across the us.I think all of us should follow your foot steps and strive to create a healthier,safer,better tommorow…

  • Omar

    Well Neil Armstrong is (or was) muslim…

  • Alycia

    Right on Lee :-)

  • Alycia

    Adam Husmo you’re absolutely right stay away form the Great USA, we don’t need more muslims in this country, we already have more than enough. Go somewhere else like Europe or Australia! We will be fine and dandy with less of your people in my country.

  • Khair

    i am as a muslim live moderately and peacefully here. :) anything u say about muslim i just smile back at u

  • Dina

    Lee.. You’re really making a fool out of yourself here.. You dont have to leave your comment if you are that ignorant.. you seriously watch too many screwed up movies.. And I think you just gave us a new explanation of Islam-phobia..

  • Islandwish

    Mini you obviously are a muslim or else an idiot. The KKK was run by Democrats you idiot. Do your research before you show off how stupid you are. Muslims are all about hate and killing off anyone who doesn’t share their views. I’m sure there are plenty of planes that will take your sorry ass there and we will be glad to see you go. Enjoy your burka.

  • Alfred Green

    ***It is too bad that Dr. Oz was not asked about the more insidious aspects of Islam, such as Mohammed’s pedophilia (he married a girl age 6 and violated her at age 9); female genital mutilation; men allowed up to four wives; temporary “marriages” to legitimize sex; sex with animals and with children, both legal in Iran; husbands allowed to beat their wives at will: honor killings of offspring who “violate” some part of Islamic law; the Koran’s calling for subjugation of Christians and Jews, and if they do not pay tribute they are to be killed; stoning to death of women for a variety of “offenses”; etc. Dr. Oz’s moderation may be an anomaly in America as the more radical adherents are making huge inroads into American society.

  • XXX

    Well… another Islam hater. Read Al Qur’an… not watch bad quality movie. Islam support one woman man. Read again Al Qur’an before write wrong statement… really, make me laugh…

  • Zidane

    @Alfred Green , Stop watching Bad quality movies about islam please , all what you said is WRONG …
    please read Al Qur’an before you say anything stupid …. ( mariage & sex with children’s & animals …. are you kiding me !! please at least if you want to say wrong opinions about islam , make them bearly acceptable for human mind )

  • Sunshine

    Neil Armstrong was the victim of a hoax. He was not a muslim, but a deist. He believed in God, but not the Trinity, miracles, or the inerrancy of scripture.

  • mario jerjes (christan)

    I am a lebanes christan man i am feeling sorry about u lee u c in lebanon all muslims and christans live
    together in one hand i live in tripoli a muslim city all i can c is peace and love and respect
    i was like u but i have some mulims friends whom taught me corected my thoghts so corecct urs

  • Levent

    Hi there,

    I’m a Turkish atheist and some people act that im a muslim too when they hear that i am a Turkish. Of course thats not a problem for me but then they are beginning to criticize Islam without any reason.

    I have criticized the Islam during all my life but not against an atheist but well against a muslim that defends Islam.

    Thus i have always been treated good by the people as a caucasian an educated person, but when i say that i Turkish roots have, then some people treat me like a muslim and Arabic. Thats racism.

    By the way all religions are nonse and dangerous not only Islam. But Islam had never reforms like Christianism. Thus i can say that we must criticize Islam until they reform. But not provoke well criticize.

    Sorry for my poor English.


  • ABQ

    Lol Alfred, go to your local Mosque and the imam will correct whatever you said perfectly.

  • Mido

    1- The Real question – Could it be is “The Holy Qur’an” doubted ?
    - According to facts, it couldn’t be as much as it proven be right with very modern science of view (for a book comes from more than 2400 yrs ago , WOw)
    2- How u bring this assurance of terrorism view about Islam ?
    - Just as nonsense for reckless individuals actions as it would be for all nations – The only different it’s under the misuses of spotlight – The only difference is the claimer don’t bring up real proofs that Islam asks its followers to make terrorism; for a religion called peace in mean
    - I finally conclude – DO NOT READ ABOUT ISLAM, DISCOVER IT seek real MUSLIMS to get the facts

  • Mido

    Lee you are such a liar – you reading another religion legislations may be Christian as it has been faked lately – I challenge u to read us one verse of Holy Qur’an ask people to kill – it’s in Arabic – Translate it and show off the real source via direct-link
    This verse explicitly speak about the Kill (seek translation if you don’t trust ur fingers)
    {وَلاَ تَقْتُلُواْ النَّفْسَ الَّتِي حَرَّمَ اللّهُ إِلاَّ بِالحَقِّ وَمَن قُتِلَ مَظْلُومًا فَقَدْ جَعَلْنَا لِوَلِيِّهِ سُلْطَانًا فَلاَ يُسْرِف فِّي الْقَتْلِ إِنَّهُ كَانَ مَنْصُورًا}
    The translation is (And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except by right. And whoever is killed unjustly – We have given his heir authority, but let him not exceed limits in [the matter of] taking life. Indeed, he has been supported [by the law].)
    Do you want to Know the rest of unjust spells in it Ok here it’s
    - (And do not approach the property of an orphan, except in the way that is best, until he reaches maturity. And fulfill [every] commitment. Indeed, the commitment is ever [that about which one will be] questioned, And give full measure when you measure, and weigh with an even balance. That is the best [way] and best in result, And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart – about all those [one] will be questioned)
    - ( And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age [while] with you, say not to them [so much as], “uff,” and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word, And lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy and say, “My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small) How could it bring terrorism thereafter.
    - Christianity doesn’t ask its followers to tell lies about other – Does it, Lee?!

  • Lee Is Fucked Up

    @lee bro u really need something called spellcheck his names Obama not nobama and its called Islam not jislam go get ur facts straight. U clearly are a lazy ass bum who still lives with his parents after dropping out of college cause he can’t afford university. U CLEARLY have soo much free time on ur hands cause ur writing essays here. Tell it to someone who cares u piece of shit!

  • Kenner

    It is sad to hear all of you guys bickering about religion, and accusing each other of who’s right and wrong, or what this prophet did, or what that prophet did. To waste your time on such a discussion is sad and completely overlooked the point on which Dr. Oz was trying to address.

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