Celebración! Gustavo Dudamel and the LA Phil with Juan Diego Flórez
Watch the Concert

Flórez and Dudamel, close friends off the concert stage, developed the special lineup of bel canto arias and popular Latin American canciones by Rossini, Granda, Lara, Moncayo, Grever, Gutiérrez and Márquez for
Celebración! Watch the full concert below.

The full song list:

ROSSINI Overture to La gazza ladra
ROSSINI “Principe più non se” from La Cenerentola
ROSSINI Overture to Semiramide
ROSSINI “La speranza più soave” from Semiramide
GRANDA (arr. Flórez) La flor de la canela
LARA (arr. Hayes) Granada
MONCAYO Huapango
GREVER (arr. Guinovart)Júrame
GUTIÉRREZ (arr. Pena)Alma llanera
MÁRQUEZ Danzón No. 2

  • michael motley

    how come I can’t watch this concert?

  • Angela G

    I’m disappointed that I can’t watch this concert

  • J. Olson

    As a long time devotee of Great Performances,on PBS, I too am very disappointed I cannot
    see or hear Celbraccioni & LA PHIL on my laptop.,
    Please advise reasons WHY ??
    Tku – Happy 2011!!
    J. Olson

  • Rich F

    Guys, I’d assume you cant see it online because it is airing at this moment on PBS TV.

  • samuel

    It is being broadcasting right now on MPB channel.

  • Ruben

    Hail Gustavo! Why can’t we see it here? Maybe at 9:00 tonight, as I don’t have cable. I contributed to PBS last week too!. Oh my. I’m so dissapointed. Let’s hope we can get a feed at 9:00 tonight!

  • Albany ny

    What is the name of the woman interviewing Dudamel and Flores? Program is fantastic!

  • eric english

    eva mendez

  • Gerard

    What is wonderful performance by these two young artists. Inspiring and full of promises.
    Thanks for the program,
    Gerard Aria-Devoe

  • Brian webb

    eva mendez

  • Lois F. Brown

    WOW! I just watched the concert and had to contribute on the spot. Please do more of this programming. I am so bored with the “oldies” stuff, I almost stopped watching VPT. I was doing paperwork on the computer and just didn’t change the station from the News Hour and I caught the concert by accident. It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful and a contribution is the proof! Will there be a CD of the concert?

  • Sylvia Corsini

    Wonderful performance – Outstanding. How can I order the DVD as it was offered immediately following the program but I was unable to write the number and am unable to locate on line.

    Thank you.

  • Radu


  • bryant


  • Anne Mount

    Just watched lovely concert – great music, great setting, great rapport between conductor and soloist

    Elegant and warm – perfect for the season.

  • Daniel Terreros MD PhD

    As great as great can be. Humbled in all its dimentions and resonances.

  • Martha McGachie

    The concert was fantastic. I’ve heard these two wonderful performers before and was overjoyed to find that I could watch the show three times in a row in different channels. Now I am going to buy the DVD and enjoy their performance as many times as I can possibly find the time. Thank you PBS for giving us the opportunity to listen to wonderful performances, such as this one. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

  • Jeremy Valdez

    Someday I dream of becoming a conductor. This was so inspirational.

  • CCNY

    go to the LA Phil website and you can buy the dvd

    I saw thhis live at the Disney cncert hall back in october, absolutely outstanding

  • Gail Bender

    Amazing performance and pre-concert interview. However, I would think that PBS could have found a more appropriate candidate for the back stage inserts than Ms. Mendes who looked and acted decidedly uncomfortable at all times.

  • Marnie S. Buckley

    This performance was spectacular, especially the second half. Mendez did act uncomfortable per the previous writer’s comments, although I liked seeing the conductor’s and singer’s discussion of the music. I had such an emotional response to the music and laughed, tried to keep a beat and clapped and whistled for their performances. I enjoyed the interaction between Florez and Dudamel; clearly, they enjoyed performing together. The Latin music was most interesting and seemed difficult to play and sing with the intricate rhythms playing against each other. Bravissimo!

  • Loren

    Extremely enjoyable !!!! Thank you PBS!!!!!!!!

  • neverforgetcandy

    so *****excellent ****
    oh my,…
    i watched it last night,…always catch my eyes…!!! “GOOD”@@

  • Bob

    It is on Amazon.com – Deutch Gramphon DVD.

  • Cesia

    I loved this concert! I would love to see more these kind of concerts!

  • Janet Z. Fagan

    Just caught the end but this concert, but I loved the second to last piece so much, and I loved the interviews with the various musicisions. I was glued to the TV! I love South America and I’m especially interested in the amazing work they do in Venezuela with children, musical intstruments, and orchestras. Gustavo is a product of that, I believe, and what a wonderful person he is! It is fantastic to see a younger person involved in music. I feel so lucky I caught the end and plan to watch the whole thing. The internet is amazing too because without it we couldn’t watch it again so easily, nor could we communicate about these things.

  • Daniel Coronado

    One of the most spectacular music events shown on television!!!

    Bravo!!! Sr’s. Flórez and Dudamel!!!

    What a treat for the holiday season.

    Thank You so very much!!!

  • Joy Madera

    Just glorious!
    The concert truly was a fabulous event.
    Both Florez and Dudamel were spectacular and I feel privileged to have been in the audience courtesy of PBS right here at home with my TV.
    I am very grateful for this experience and echo the sentiments of others who commented. I found the interaction between Dudamel and Florez to be heartwarming; the selection of music most compelling.

    What inspiration for our children this young, vibrant conductor is and how marvelous is the educational program Gustavo Dudamel brings to our schools. (The interview with Tavis Smiley that PBS aired details his involvement and his philosophy.)
    Indeed, this maestro is beyond gifted as a conductor and one incredible human being who shares his talents so passionately and generously in all he does!

  • Myriam Wagner

    I can hardly wait to see them in person. This celebration was the perfect way to end the year. It is very important to feel connected to this wonderful music. Classical at its best!!!!
    Gustavo Dudamel is a true virtouso with a great passion and many gifts to share especially to the future generation to keep classical music alive.

  • Verna Evans

    Is it possible to order a dvd of the wonderful concert of Dudamel and Flores which was shown on PBS tonight? It was magnificent, and I foolishly didn’t copy it. Will it be available in the PBS online store?

  • Colleen Jerns

    I would very much like to purchase this DVD for use in my Elementary music classroom. My students cannot go and see a symphony but I would like to be able to show portions of this to them in their listening studies.

  • a.

    loved it! more dudamel please!!! :-)

  • Jennifer Cooper

    The gal interviewing was not a good choice. She was shallow. Eye candy, for sure, but, shallow.

  • Thom Paulson

    A fabulous presentation! Great to see and hear the collaboration in making the music, and the enthusiasm and fantastic musicality of all involved. Gustavo Dudamel is a catalyst — a spark — that ignites talented musicians to present some really great music. It all seems new . Thanks so much for making this available online.


    Caught this on PBS and was glued for the entire thing, Great presentation and the atmosphere was just electric. Dudamel is definitely, “the dude” . I highly recommend this for anyone who loves symphonies, this was not boring at all.

  • Paul

    As a ressident outside of Boston, I am a frequent PBS watcher and a holder of season tickets for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. I watched the Celebracioni with Dudamel and the LA Phil…… I can now see that the LA Phil has become one of the most beautiful Orchestras to listen to…..they acheived the most difficult music in virtuoso style…..Dudamel has made the LA Phil into another “first class” American Orchestra…..simply marvelous….. BRAVO’S!!!!!!!! and Flores?……no words to describe his incredible voice………He is the “King” of the High C’s

  • Collin

    An extra added touch to this concert wasn’t just the contributions of the conductor, soloist and musicians. It was the quality of their environment too. So the sound was better than normal, better than the typical settings found elsewhere in the world of classical music.

  • Christophel

    Absolutely amazed. I must say, the Danzón No. 2 performance was one of the best performances I have witnessed in the last ten years.


  • Adriana

    Excellente, Brilliant, pure heart, pure talent, pure gift!…it is a truly celebration a truly joy to wacht it! thank you PBS..

  • Teodoro Hernandez

    You can see full concert in Medici Tv.- It´s free . I can see it all of the time!!

  • Albert

    Here where I live they no longer show programs like this regularly on our PBS affiliates. They give us “Antiques Roadshow” and “Georgia Outdoors” instead, and they move programs like this to crazy hours like 2 P.M. on Sundays (when nobody watches TV unless they watch football), or worse, 11:00 P.M. at night. Whatever the reason, they never bump “Antiques Roadshow” (which I hate) for “Great Performances” unless it’s a Christmas or New Year’s Eve program. So we have to watch this online.

  • Gloria Brandt

    I was fortunate to catch this lovely concert on PBS here in California. I had first “met” Juan Diego Flores when he spoke about being nervous singing , for the first time, the Maestro’s tour de force, “Ah, Mes Amis” (which he then sang) on the special airing of “A Life in Five Arias” after Luciano Pavarotti”s death. It was delightful to see the obvious connection between Juan Diego and Gustavo Dudamel. Dudamel is the darling of the western symphonic world, for obvious reasons. The second half of the concert was lovely, although It would have been nice to hear a little more of Juan singing with his father. It reminded me of the sequences filmed in that aforementioned Pavarotti remembrance, when Luciano sang with his father.
    But suffice to say, Latin music touches ones heart. I love it. Well…..after Rossini!

  • Tatiana Gaona

    Their versions for orchestra of popular Latin american and Spanish songs are just amazing. These are the songs that my grand parents and parents listen to!!!. I love to see that these talented musicians elevating that popular repertoire. The national Colombian orchestra did the same with folk songs from the Colombian Caribbean and the Andes but it didn’t come out well. You need world class musicians and good arrangements to show those little popular gems.

    You could choose a better host. Eva Longoria was superficial and silly. She is maybe from latino origin but she doesn’t have any real cultural connection left besides her very poor spanish and her skin color.

  • Karla Carrillo

    The conduction of Gustavo Dudamel and the connection with the orchestra shows that when there’s harmony there’s beauty. I loved the whole concert, I would just suggest that next time there’s a better host. I’ll still buy DVD so I can watch it over and over. Thanks PBS for letting us watch.

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  • Dominique Samas

    This was fabulous. David Tennant and Patrick Stewart were absolutely amazing

  • Buena Obery

    Do you get an error? Can you see the icon? I guess make sure the application is trusted and all the permissions are set to allow. Or try deleting it and re installing.

  • Ansel

    there is nothing wrong with the file, more than leilky your media player cannot handle/interpret the file. Just use a different media player google to see what is available for your platform. Otherwise, you can just stream it online, by clicking on the MU link above, and then click on View on Megavideo . Hope the suggestion helps and good luck!

  • Karen Cleaver

    why is there no sound two years after the performance?? Booo

  • david ernst

    Hi Karen,

    Please notify your local station if there were any technical mishaps during the broadcast.

    Thank you,
    GP Team

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