Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends
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Maestro to the stars David Foster,  who has collaborated with some of the greatest superstars in music,  returns to THIRTEEN’s Great Performances series with several of his favorite artists  for  a magnificent night of music:  Hitman Returns:  David Foster & Friends is scheduled to air this March 2011 on PBS  (check local listings).  (In New York, THIRTEEN will air the program on Wednesday, March 9 at 8 p.m.)

Filmed last October 2010 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Hitman Returns, the follow-up concert to the hugely popular 2008 Hitman: David Foster & Friends, is an all-star celebration featuring even more chart-topping stars and music from the 15-time Grammy Award-winner’s extensive career catalog.

Watch a preview:

Great Performances is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET, one of America’s most prolific and respected public media partners.

The Mandalay Bay Events Center concert followed showman Foster’s 10-city “Foster + Friends” tour which sold out across the country. “We had such a phenomenal time last go round, I knew that I wanted to come back with a stronger, bigger and even more theatrical show that would be totally unforgettable.  I think we succeeded in assembling some of the greatest voices out there for one night,” stated Foster.  “I was thrilled to be hosting and accompanying my friends on this very special night,” he concluded.

Foster’s high profile friends on this occasion include All-4-One, Martina McBride, Charice, Natalie Cole, Earth, Wind & Fire, America’s Got Talent sensation Jackie Evancho, Lara Fabian, Ne-Yo, Michael Bolton, pedal steel guitar virtuoso Robert Randolph, Chaka Khan, Kenny Loggins, Seal, Ruben Studdard, and Donna Summer, performing songs either written, produced or connected to Foster over the course of his prolific musical career.

The evening offers  a succession of  showstopping solos, from both veteran performers and newcomers, the latter category represented in spectacular fashion by 10-year-old phenomenon Jackie Evancho’s renditions of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Pie Jesu” and Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro,” and “Glee” star Charice’s soulful “All By Myself.”

But the concert is also thrilling for its striking duets: Bolton and Seal’s bluesy mash-up of “When a Man Loves a Woman” and “It’s a Man World”; Natalie Cole and Ruben Studdard’s nostalgic “When I Fall in Love”; Lara Fabian and Bolton’s fervent “The Prayer”; and Donna Summer and Seal’s powerhouse medley of “Unbreak My Heart,” “Crazy,” and “On the Radio.”

Foster — who has been nominated for an unprecedented 45 Grammy awards, won two Emmys and was an Oscar nominee — has discovered and nurtured the careers of megastars such as Josh Groban and Michael Bublé.  He has well as created chart-topping hits for legends  Andrea Bocelli, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Chicago, Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind and Fire & Chaka Khan.

Song Rundown (as of press time)

David Foster “Winter Games”
Kenny Loggins “Heart To Heart”
Chaka Khan “Through the Fire”
All-4-One “I Swear”
Natalie Cole / Ruben Studdard “When I Fall In Love”
Jackie Evancho “Pie Jesu”
Jackie Evancho “O Mio Babbino Caro”
Martina McBride “We’ve Got Tonight”
Michael Bolton / Seal Medley “When A Man Loves A Woman / It’s A Man’s World”
Chaka Khan “I’m Every Woman”
Earth Wind & Fire Medley “In The Stone / September / After The Love Has Gone”
Lara Fabian “Caruso”
Ne-Yo “Miss Independent”
Charice “All By Myself”
Ne-Yo, Charice, Robert Randolph “Earth Song”
Lara Fabian / Michael Bolton “The Prayer”
Donna Summer / Seal Medley  “Unbreak My Heart / Crazy / On The Radio”
Donna Summer “Last Dance”

The concert was produced by THIRTEEN for WNET and WBR (Warner Bros. Records) for PBS broadcast on Great Performances, and will also be released this March as a concert CD/DVD on 143/Reprise Records.

The telecast was directed for television by David Horn, and produced by Mitch Owgang. Bill O’Donnell is series producer; David Horn and David Foster are executive producers.

Great Performances is funded by The Starr Foundation, The Philip and Janice Levin Foundation, Joseph A. Wilson, public television viewers and PBS.

  • jay-o


  • Watts

    me and my friends are waiting for this on pbs after we saw the concert in las vegas. we want to see charice again. thank you pbs. we already ordered the dvd and we might order again in pbs during the show. pls. show all 3 songs of charice.

  • pauline

    I am thrilled another David Foster’s ” Hit Man ” will be on PBS again soon !! Love him and others that will be performing as well … So Grand for sure !! I am in Atlanta Ga. and enjoy my pbs stations soooooo much !! Thankyou !!!

  • Riama Saïd

    Icann’t watch PBS because I ve’lived in France but I get impatient to buy the DVD of Hit Man Las Vegas. I can’t wait. The producers have to put it on internet immeditely. Thank u.

  • david davenport

    we are excited on watching charice on pbs.

    we do hope she can do more than one number as slated.

    looking forward to buying the dvd. will it be offered in blu-ray?

  • Art

    I can’t wait to watch the show on Sunday the 6th @ 5:00PM. specially the little one (Charice) Mr. Foster said, she have that powerful voice. LOVE watching/listening to her. I would love to watch her (Charice and Andrea Bocelli sings the PRAYER. I have watch this in the YouTube but the reception/sound quality is bad. Thanks.

  • JC

    DONNA SUMMER!!!!! Enough said. Can’t wait!!

  • ronald

    Cant wait to see Jackie Evancho a 10 year old little girl with a world class voice.

  • Sempi


  • Frank Jan

    We were lucky enough to see the 2009 tour in Chicago…to say the least David and Friends blew the roof off the theatre….I’m hoping for a 2nd tour this year….waiting to buy tickets for any city the tour will stop in…Can’t wait!!!

  • dana carnegie

    Thanks PBS!!! Great performance by Charice…it blows my mind away!!!

  • Cathy

    I just watched the latest show on January 6th and as always I am blown away by David Foster’s talent to put together such a great show. He is the best composer and entertainer I have seen. The guests were spectacular and the show altogether is a masterpiece. So much talent and such a great man. Always looking forward to seeing Great Performanes with David Foster. I am a lover of music and it doesn’t get any better than this.

  • karikari

    What channel is PBS in Los Angeles?

  • lireshevi

    i want charice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcus

    CHARICE!!! LARA FABIAN!!!! JACKIE EVANCHO!!! This is gonna be fantastic….

  • WebScribes

    I watched the new Hitman Returns Great Performances broadcast yesterday, twice! Cheers to David Horn for the great direction/editing. Your “intermissions” were exceptionally scripted and maintained the flow of the event, bravo!

    There were a million great moments but the highlight of the night was Charice surprise entrance to perform with Ne-Yo on Earth Song – she was stunning! The arrangements were genius with song mash-ups and the unexpected classical numbers by Jackie Evancho. I am still trying to fathom the full impact of Charice’s unbelievable rendition of “All By Myself” . . . Thank you PBS and David X2 for this stellar program!

  • azeee

    CHARICE your the best thing that happened in this video…. David thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heuge

    I cant wait to see Charice and Neyo Performance on PBS,Channel 8 in LA

  • tony

    indeed, DF n F “Hitman Returns” with a big BANG. thank you for this great performances. overall it was great production, the performers were great but for me the two most unforgettable moments are the performances by Jackie Evancho and Charice. what a one two punch of a young great talents. Charice is unbelievable with that out of this world voice…chills all over my body listening to her. again, thank you!

  • jwill

    Great line up of performers, DF always find ways to have a great show and 1 reason it will be a greatest show ever “CHARICE”.

  • Avian08

    Charice’s voice is out of this world. She has this gift by “divine intervention”. Never get tired of listening to her!!!

  • Steve

    Donna Summer!!!!!! She has to burn up the stage and close the show! Can’t wait!!!

  • jaja

    Charice is great! Jackie and Lara Fabian too and Ruben Studdard as well!

  • chaster68

    I did have the hitman returns cd/dvd yesterday and wow all the performances are amazing specially Charice part woh hoh!

  • degooze

    This was my 6th DFF concert i watched and will continue to see more. All the performances were great but Charice was the one that always gives me goosebumps. What an amazing performer. I watched her videos and news several hours a day.. She’s very talented, humble, friendly and down to earth…

  • Zee

    It’s SOLD OUT at QVC, I have to wait 45 days to get the extra bonus tracks :’( Waitlist sucks! From the last concert I say this will not disappoint. Charice singing from Whitney to Celine you can’t miss that. Lara Fabian, Donna Summers, Seal, Jackie This will be bigger than the last. The host from QVC couldn’t stop watching it for 3 days ;) HITMAN is a HIT. Can’t wait to watch it tonight, March 7th!!!

  • elylov

    thanks PBS!!! i watched for charice! ^__^

  • Jeremiah

    I was blown away by Charice’s powerful voice!


    Tonight, I will eat my dinner early, the phone will be off, internet as well my gf can wait after the show to have her salad @ dennis. Thank you PBS.

  • Ricksan

    Foster and Friends Return is on tonight in Hawaii. Will order thru PBS tonight to add to my PBS dvd collection. All of the performers are always great with David Foster’s concerts but the singer that mesmerizes me is Charice, she sings with such power and passion. She is undeniably the next one.

  • AnthonyBenjie

    Wow! Those two girls Charice and Jackie were my two favorites! Jackie sings like an angel. Charice’s performance gave me goosebumps! What a great voice!!!

  • Joel Felix

    It should be a crime disliking Charice. What a tremendous talent she is. She is the only singer I know who is given a rousing standing ovation each time she sings on stage. She always brings down the house like oprah said.

  • Dhedhe Ade

    Hemmmm……Now I Listen Love Theme from St. Elmo……I LOVE YOU DAVID…. Morning….Always Take care:)

  • rho

    PBS special with David Foster was AWESOME. Great show.

  • Angelgroove

    Spoiler: …………………Nothing good to say sorry this is mediocre at best. Sorry but anyone thinking of being with this dude, think again he uses and spits out the definition of avarice. So many independent artists that are great and we stick with this guy?

    I know I am pissing off you happy insipid ones so sorry there has to be someone to see through these rose colored glasses. PBS is slowly going down the toilet.

  • degooze

    This was my 6th DFF concert i watched and as always- it was an incredible show.. CHARICE’s ALL BY MYSELF song was the hilight of the night. She’s so amazing, awesome performer and a very talented singer. More power and blessings to Charice. I can’t wait for the next DFF concert on Oct.1 and Nov. 25….

  • Bianca

    Purchasing the cd/dvd is the best 20 bucks i ever spent in my life. Awesome performances by all the artists. David Foster is a true musical genius, he really is a hitman. My fave was Charice’s All by myself,who wouldnt like that performance? Jaw Dropping….

  • rhianna

    omg!!!!!!!!!.awesome.charice you gave me goosebumps!powerful voice..

  • bingz

    David Foster, you are a living legend/ producer/writer/artist. You are also a good person inside and out. I wish more David Foster and Friends concert around the world.
    Charice, you are an amazing and flawless performer. Very talented girl/artist in the world. Your life story is an inspiration and a symbol of hope of this generation. To the top baby like a pyramid.
    To PBS, please continue your service to the public viewer for an excellent and educational programs.
    Thank you all.

  • denabach

    Jackie Evancho had the audience mesmorized with her awesome performance!!!!!! The performers were all outstanding, but for me, Jackie’s performance will be the only one i will remember.ALWAYS! They witnessed an Angel that night.

  • Beth

    Vocal acrobatics at its finest? = charice

  • Joel Felix

    OMG.. Charice, your voice is heaven-sent.. Definitely the highlight of the show for me.

  • thos_n_notions

    Seals, Donna, Chaka…etc.= LEGENDS!!

    CHARICE and JACKIE…. Awesome!…. Simply spectacular!

  • einns

    as always!! Charice is Great!!..

  • kb117

    I always wonder why no-talent-haters like you have to post their two cents where it is worthless…
    better get stop hating ans get a life DemonGroove….LOL

  • kb117

    DFF is a blast!!!
    Charice’s All By Myself is a heart stopper… I feel like I am taking a deep dive and holding my breath….WOW!!!
    Loving PBS for this… and their docu shows…

  • PHuli

    I watched the PBS show last Sunday, got my DVD/CD and BLU-ray/CD. I will watch them over and over again. My favorite is Charice. I would buy anything that has her in it! She sets the standard for this generation. Move over, autotune!

  • Holly

    Did I miss the David Foster Concert? Please I hope not…When is it scheduled to run?

  • Holly

    Its sounds like I missed David Foster Concert….When did it run and is it running again this month do you know?…Thanks

  • Bernie D.

    Love Charice!

  • Jessie B

    I’m trying to find out when David Foster’s concert will air again? Does anyone know?


  • Thonil

    Listening to a Charice performance is like riding a roller coaster! Her numbers in this show were no different, i.e. just as hair raising as any other of her big songs. She is really a phenomenal performer. Apart from her, the rest of the artists that night were great in their own magnificent ways.

  • lee

    i want to see all three of them; CHARICE, CHARICE AND CHARICE!

  • david ernst

    Dear Viewers,

    We’re glad you’re excited for Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends. PBS stations around the country will be broadcasting the show throughout the month of March according to their own schedule. To make sure you catch this Great Performance check your local listings by clicking here to use our Great Performances schedule widget. Remember to select your local PBS station and television provider to make sure you get the correct results.

    You can also check your local stations’ websites by visiting pbs.org/stationfinder.

    Also, please note that the scheduling widget only shows the next 2 weeks of programming. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to post them here. We hope you enjoy the show.

    Thank you.

  • Dot Jones

    I hope you are going to show this again. I didn’t get to see it tonight. I saw the first Hitman concert and really loved it so I think I’ll love the 2nd one too.

  • Queena

    Thanks PBS……Love CHARICE!!!!!!!!!!! Wished you’d shown all her songs during the concert.

  • john

    Jackie Evancho owned this show like she will own billboard top 200 this summer with her new cd in June.WINNING.

  • Canaan

    TRULY one of the top 5 concerts ever. Loved you (David) and all of these artist before, but WOW! Deep respect. Honored and appreciated!! Smiled, blasted, sang, danced, and got teary eyed! BRILLIANCE EVERYWHERE. So GREAT to see every realm, let alone to hear and listen. Much respect! Hope we see many more concerts like this. I will be there

  • jsn

    Another great performance of Seal, Lara, Jackie and of course, the amazing Charice…..Charice vocals is out of the world……Thank you David Foster for bringing in one stage the all time favorite songs….Definitely, you are a genius.

  • april brooks

    will it be on again?

  • Dave R

    I scheduled my recording for 8 pm on march 10th, but it aired and recorded a doo-wop show on PBS at that time… what gives?

    hope it will air again.

  • Bobbie

    Same here! I can’t seem to locate it being aired any day/any time on Charter Comm. (Long Beach). I’m so bummed!

  • Brenda

    Watching a recording of the show now. My foot won’t stop tapping.

  • Tamara Brooks

    I caught the last of the show Dave Foster “great performances” when will it come on again it looks amazing?

  • agno

    OMG charice…

  • sharisufan

    the whole show is great, esp. charice!!

  • Maybelle

    I caught the last part of 3/9 pbs-KOCE’s Hitman Returns… Great Show……. WOW OMG Charice!!!!!!

    When would be the replay of this grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat performances.

  • lynn tso.

    oh please tell us…when will the show of Monday 14th KAET will return?? I MUST SHOW IT TO MY HUSBAND -I will tape it if that night he is hospitalized- we live in Mesa, Az thanks

  • Diane

    OMG! OMG! OMG! PBS you rock!!!!!!! love it, love it, love it, cant wait til its on again, more please :-)

  • Irene

    Just absolutely loved that David Foster program last night. Wow, PBS you did it again…. Great entertainment…. Please put that show back on and let us know when you will broadcast it… We are planning to get a small group together at home to enjoy it… Thanks again….

  • gary

    Amazing Charice!!!

  • Vicki

    I keep missing it, evidently, and find it hard to get a local listing. My PBS station is in Little Rock. Please let me know when this show will be replayed so I can set TIVO.

  • Susan

    i did not know something wonderful like this is going on on pbs, thank God i tune in on time to watch this beautiful event. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO BUY A TICKET TO THIS GREAT EVENT?

  • Clarence Watson

    Aloha Mr. Watts. The last I saw Charice she was playing in Waikiki with the SOS, not the las vegas revue, the real guys. AND, youre right she played to a standing ovation, my wife and I loved it. Maybe you can still catch her there!

  • cttransit451 and cttransit462

    I Like that new show!

  • cttransit492

    I want to buy Hitman cap.

  • clovene kerr

    missed PETER CETERA!!!!!!! would like to see him alone on a show. knew his voice for years with ” chicago” but didn’t have a face to put with the voice until ….DAVID FOSTER special. really disappointed he wasn’t on the 2nd one. No voice can compare to CETERA in my opinion. funny, there are 3 generations of my family that feel same way. thanks!

  • Mina

    PBS Hawaii, thank you for replaying the David Foster Returns! Charice is the only one who gave me goosebumps or “chicken skin” for her amazing rendition of “All By Myself!” I’m so proud of my kababayan!! Charise, Wow!!

  • Sue Desalle

    What about SEAL!! He is truly the most romantic singer and beautiful man. So much soul, so much charisma, so much love from his heart. All the entertainers were great on the “Hitman David Foster Returns”, but Seal deserves much credit, especiallly for his interpretation of “Unbreak my Heart”! A master performer!

  • cttransit491

    What about Lisa Lambe, who was the current member of Celtic Woman or Hayley Westenra, who was the past member of Celtic Woman!!!!! She is truly the most Fantastic singer and the beautiful Celtic Woman members (both current and previous). So much fun, so much successing, so love to watch it on tours. All the entertainers were great on “Wells Fargo Talent Show”, nut Lisa Lambe deserves much credit, especially Hayley Westenra of Celtic Woman (previous) and it was a success show!

  • cttransit491


  • Lilly B

    I love David Foster ,,,amazing man
    Thank you for your music

  • ysabel912

    CHARICE ROCKS!!!!! she is an enigma….. truly amazing…… to the top baby……

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  • W.Mercado

    How can I buy a copy of this special? It’s simply amazing.

  • detroit1

    anyone know when this David Foster special will air again on PBS?

  • Kenny Picott

    David Foster is a genius. There are only a few great musical talents of this caliber worldwide. He is definitely at the very top is that short list! I don’t think there will be another like him in my lifetime. Hitman, your are THE MAN!!!!

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