Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends
Seal and Donna Summer sing "Crazy"

In a clip from Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends, Donna Summer and Seal perform Seal’s hit single from 1991 off of his debut album, “Crazy,” with accompaniment by David Foster. Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends airs throughout March 2011 on PBS (check local listings).

  • steven harland

    its unfair that due to “rights restrictions” i cant get to see this clip of Donna and Seal,what about all her other fans in other countries that cant get to see it either,or is it just me way over here in Scotland,it should not be posted on facebook if it is not available to everyone.

  • Lui Comans

    No media necessary for Donna Summer, She has acomplished enough and still going strong;
    even with the new generation….This Show is on video (DVD / Blue ray) anyway.

  • wanda gonzalez

    I live in Puerto Rico and love PBS. I’ve been able to explore many of your local programming in various States.
    Please… remove those” rights restrictions”.

  • Frank Gillan

    Steve Harland..I am from Scotland but am in Bangkok on holiday and I have tried to watch Donna on the internet but cannot. I only saw and heard about David Foster for the first time last night. I will have to get the DVD I suppose. Cheers.

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