Jackie Evancho: Dream with Me in Concert
Jackie Evancho sings "Nessun Dorma"

Watch Jackie Evancho perform the aria “Nessun Dorma” from Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot for the GREAT PERFORMANCES Jackie Evancho: Dream with Me in Concert. The concert is telecast throughout June, 2011 on PBS stations (check local listings).

  • Brian

    Very nicely done. Can’t wait to watch the entire concert.

  • Charles Hoff

    When can I purchase the Blu-ray/DVD of this? Membership premium? Okay with me!

  • simnesan

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravisimo! Jackie Evancho: Simply the Best! The Songbird of the Ages!

  • John

    Jackie is great.Unfreakinbelieveable.. The audience needs to wake up.

  • David L. DePrez

    You need not look any further. You have found her. She is the found coin, the found arc, the grail, the pearl of great price.

  • pat reinhart

    Jackie is an amazing talent! I was in the audience when the PBS Special was filmed. She is a beautiful angel with a gift to gently touch the heart of her audience with her voice and with her soul.

  • thor

    I am an atheist – but then I saw an angel singing- and I began to doubt…

  • Robert

    I love watching and listening to her in total amazment.

  • Alfred Sandvik

    Wow! Miss Jacqueline Maria Evancho is simply the best female singer I have heard in my 50+ years, she just blows you away with her singing prowess-just ”FANTABULOSO.” Like I heard Hit-Man David Foster say: I only work with great singers–He is absolutely correct. A stunning performance–where is the tissue paper?

  • bud

    she is so good one of the best i love to hear her sing

  • Retired Serviceman

    Pierce Morgan was right when he said she is the complete package: pretty smile, pretty dress, and an amazing talent. What a breath of fresh air in a time when most girls her age want to look and act like their “Pop star idols”.

    Made this old soldier tear up with her performance.

    Follow your dream Jackie and listen to your parents guidence.

  • Teresa Patrick

    When is this concert on

  • WilliamakaBill

    This song i have to say is one of my favorites of her singing (i’ve never heard this song before she sang) and Angel… i love rock and roll.. i love listening to Jackie as well. Her dreams are coming true day after day after day and she is letting us share them with her.

  • John Nordquist

    What potential! I hope Foster doesn’t do to her what he did to Josh Groban. Josh could have been a great opera singer.
    Nessun Dorma, a tenor aria, also seems like a strange choice.

  • Spaul Harris

    I have listened to this performance from Jackie nearly every day since it became available on the web. I still come near to tears every time I listen to it. As Charles Hoff said, please make a DVD of her work available (special price is fine) as it is the image of this pearl with her voice of strength and beauty that makes the complete picture and brings the deepest emotion.

  • Ian Mac

    Moved to tears. Stunning!

  • Modan

    Simple the very best in the UNIVERS.

  • Bob Christie

    How is it you can be a bel canto at this age??? You can’t teach this. You can only nurture it.

  • Ken

    Jackie is one of the most amazing singers I have ever heard! I can’t explain nor do I care why her amazing voice has the effect it does on me and so many other people. The crystal clear timbre and quality of her voice absolutely thrills your soul. She gives you the shivers and reduces you to tears. You feel completely drained after listening to her but delighted you just had the experience! To listen to her perform is a treat but to watch her perform is a life changing musical adventure. She puts so much into her singing that you feel like you are blessed to be alive at the same time as this young prodigy and hopeful you will live long enough to see her grow up. Why every station at PBS isn’t taking advantage of the opportunity to record musical history is beyond me. Kudos to those wise enough to do so.

  • Connie

    Amazing! I’m stupefied! I truly hope this young lady goes far!

  • richard dunnell

    I could not get it here in Barefoot Bay, Fl. Although we have five PBS channels on Brighthouse, not one of them had it or any future scheduling plans for it. I just hope the performance becomes available on BLU-Ray DVD. I just pre-ordered the CD(Amazon), anyway and am looking forward to its June 14 release.

  • Jim Hultman

    The entire concert was aired on PBS WTVI in Charlotte tonight 8:00 – 9:30. What a delight it was.

  • Mark

    I believe Jackie is proof of multiple lives. I do not see it being possible for a child of her age to have a voice of such maturity, strength and poise…..her voice can only be through memory. She is a very old soul. I continue to be amazed by her and know we have many years of joy coming with Jackie. She is a true angel who has returned to us.

  • McKinley

    Unfortunately, I had to view this via live streaming from a PBS station outside my area (KETC-Channel 9 in St. Louis). It is unfathomable that this station does not know its own target audience and, instead, had Grand Ole Opry music on instead! I’ll send my support money elsewhere from now on…

  • Joanne

    I could not agree more with your post. Young ladies should emulate Jackie instead of the disgusting TRAMPS in mainstream popular music.

  • Lynette

    Jackie stirs something deep in our souls that takes wings with our spirits. She is clearly God’s gift to us in a time when nothing seems certain. Perhaps that is why we tear up when we listen to her sing. Her gift is strong evidence that there is a God of love and a witness of created beauty that goes beyond man’s ability to explain. And she has just shown up in our time!!!
    Nothing just happens by chance. Thank you , Jackie, for being young enough and untainted enough to be an evidence of God’s hand-writing on this world. Thank you for being a stunning reminder.

  • Carmen Guerrieri

    I was only able to catch the last of Nessun Dorma and missed her entire concert. Just going by Nessun Dorma, I know that I missed something very special. I would love the see the concert in it’s entirity. When will it air again?

    I had a similiar feeling some years ago on Christmas Eve Mass at a local Catholic Church, when during the mass after listing to some Christmas Carols, an 11 year old girl got up infront of the entire congregation and sang O HOLY NIGHT. Soon after she began to sing, you could tell by the look on everyone face that this was some special vpice that we were hearing. She actually brought tears to most of her audience at chuch. She reminded us all of another very popular and powerful voice. We thought we were listing to Cline Deon. All had similiar opinions. I wish we were able to follow her to find out how well she had been doing in her singing career. She must have done well. I only hope that some day after our search, we’ll be able to find her. Please let me know when her concert might rerun on PBS. I have to her complete concert. Thank You – Carmen Guerrieri

  • Carmen Guerrieri

    Sorry for my misspelled words and Celine’s name. I was hurried and you know how that goes. I taped Jackie’s Nessun Dorma on my DVR and have listened to it many times. It was the only song that I heard her sing. I just caught the last part of her concert.

  • Robin & Sarah

    Need to stop wobbling your jaw, my dear. Not a good affectation to pick up.

  • DAWN

    Are you kidding me Robin&Sara? How well do the 2 of you sing, do I sense a little jealousy? She’s amazing, pick on someone your own size!!!

  • Golgo Brone


    I hear you, but I hate to tell you this, when asked who she admires, Jackie will tell you Lady Gaga! Google the BBC Breakfast Show and watch the interview, she did this week. She loves Lady Gaga!


  • Golgo Brone


    It appears to be running again this coming weekend, check the listing for Sunday evening. Running local for me at 6:30pm, but I am not in Florida!


  • simnesan

    @ Thor – What you said is seriously awesome. I hope Jackie gets that message. It would be very gratifying for her to know that she has influenced someone on a spiritual level like that. She is a Christian and takes her faith very seriously. Thank you for your candidness.

  • RM

    @Robin & Sarah It is a bad habit she has. When her mom tells her about it… she stops… but only a bad habit

  • Waljon

    Addressing the chin wobble..Her mom has said her future teacher at Julliard, whom they check with on a regular basis says at this point this is not relevant. According to the school, she is too young to teach right now and any bad habits that could affect her instrument will addressed at the proper time. Hope this answers your question

  • Waljon

    Jackie is not an opera singer,nether is Groban, or Haley Westenra or many others. They consider themselves to be Classical Crossover artists. Singing different genres in a classical sense.

    You are right about Nessun Dorma being written for a male, A Spinto Tenor( more like( Placido Domingo) to be exact. but in recent times many females have been singing it because of the beautiful and strong melody..If you go to U Tube and type in Nessun Dorma you will see this is true.

  • Carolyn Lane

    WTTW airing Jackie Evancho Great Performance again tonight 6/11@ 8:30 PM – Enjoy!!

  • Pariseve

    In regards to the remark from Robin & Sarah….Open your ears not your mouth. This is a child of 11 years old.
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful inside and out…..watched the concert on Saturday, moved to tears.
    What a wonderful job your parents have done, what a blessed gift you have. Cherish it always.

  • John

    Such a beautiful voice from such a young soul. “What do we live for? Dream”

  • Monika

    It is alright, she can like many different artists, as long as she stays true to herself. She is absolutely amazing. Maybe she will help awake appreciation for classical music in young people.
    Her performance moves me to hears and touches my heart and soul.

  • Luis

    Jackie sings very beautifully…
    my girlfriend and I are very much impress d by her voice,
    performance and TALENT!!!
    Is not every day you see someone like Jackie….
    best of wishes and continued success….

    Isabel and Luis.

  • John

    Sadly, I missed the PBS telecast(s) up to today. It is Monday June 20th. The advertising says “throughout the month of June”. Okay, then please tell me when it will be on again between today and the 30th. Please.

  • Arden

    John: Did you get a reply? Do you know when it will be replayed? I missed it too and everyone is talking about it. Thanks.

  • John

    No, I’m sorry, I have not seen a reply either here or on my email. My guess is that it will not be seen again until perhaps the fall funding drive when it may be offered with other Jackie goodies according to pledge amounts.

  • david ernst

    Dear John,

    PBS is a distribution system for a connected network of local stations. In order to help you and other viewers find programming that you want to watch, we need to know where you live and your local station. That way we can check to see if it’s airing in your local market. In the future, when you find a Great Performances program that interests you, it’s always a good idea to check your local station’s website in addition to our “national” site here at pbs.org to see when your station will air the program.

    GP Team

  • Sonia

    When can I see Jackie Evancho Great Performance telecast, I missed it just heard the last song, and would like to see the whole program?

  • david ernst

    Dear Sonia,

    It doesn’t appear that our Jackie Evancho: Dream With Me program is airing anymore on your local station. We’ll keep you updated if there are any plans to release the DVD commercially.

    GP Team

  • Wayne Kelley

    I Do not know what else can be said Jackie. I do not know if you will ever see all the fantastic comments said to you and /or about you. All I can add is that as a 57 year old man and a lover of great music, not only do you inspire me to practice my violin but you bring me to tears of joy nearly every song I hear I can’t get enough.
    When I stop listening to you sing it seems like a light has gone out in my world like something is missing.
    Keep up your practice, not that you need it .
    You “GO” GIRL!!!! I only hope I can catch your performances now and always :)

  • dave kanak

    The King of opera, Pavarotti sings the Man Only Song, Nessun Dorma like no human, but Jackie, Is Nessun Dorma! Pavarotti gives me goosebumps, but Jackie, bumps and joyful tears. Jackie is the Princess that Luciano is singing to. Jackie elevates ND to the Heavens where I’m sure Puccini is smiling sweetly.

  • Jeff

    My comment?!

    Not necessary!

    Replay the video,… if you haven’t done so 100 times already.

    OK,… make it 101.


  • robert

    wow is all you can say. i wish i could have seen the whole concert whens it going to bluray?also will somebody please tell god that one of his angels is down here lol

  • Joe Merkt

    John, This is Sarasota. It’s a huge opoulation of older folks. Many probably forgot to turn on their hearing aides or were past their bedtime! Also, less facetiously, Sarasota is THE hotbed of culture in Florida. They get world class performances all the time. What they need to do, is recognize that Jackie is also WORLD CLASS!

  • Joe Merkt

    What she admires most about Lady GaGa is her work ethic and her determination; qualities that Jackie shares with Lady GaGa.

  • Joe Merkt

    It may be a strange choice but Jackie can pull it off!

  • Joe Merkt

    GP Team

    I’m in Tampa, Fl and did not know about this telecast until long after it was over. Does my station, WEDU, have it in their schedule? Their website is pretty but, as far as I’m concerned, a DISASTER to navigate. There does not seem to be any kind of effective search capability. I’ve been giving them money for years because I believe in what they do. Now, I’d just like to know if they are showing that concert again.

    Thank you.

  • Ricky Murph

    Jackie Evancho is a great and amazing singer. I love to watching Jackie perforum. Jackie put her heart and great emotion into her songs. I will be glad when PBS put Jackie’s Great Performance DVD on sale.

  • Ian

    Very nicely said, Lynette!

    Jackie is the personification of beauty – vocally, physically, and spiritually. To know her is to love her. Through her divinely-granted, sublime talent, a slice of the heavenly realms is brought down to the earthly plane for our sheer, blissful enjoyment. Jackie is truly an angelic gift from God for all of humanity to savor. May she and her wonderful family be blessed and protected so that we may have many more decades of this precious creature amongst us. Jackie has brought joy and healing to millions of souls around the world already in her very short, nascent career, and I hope that number will eventually turn into billions of souls.

  • Christine

    While I certainly agree with how taken you are with Jackie and her incredible gift, she is not to my knowledge a saint. However, I know how you feel. But, keeping her in touch with real life and being a grounded individual may turn out to be impossible when she has broken through the realms of whatever reality hits and has to fight to keep her voice from failing. I hope Sarah’s advice to take care of the voice she has been given is in her caretaker’s thoughts. I will be cheering for her longevity as whatever kind of singer she wants to be. The fans know talent when they hear it. And no doubt we know a smart little cookie too.

  • Ken Guiher

    Well I hope you do have some influence! When I asked KTOO or KUAC for Alaska they replied that they don’t do telethons so they wouldn’t be showing it! Since these stations are all about fund raising I’m puzzled as to why. As I read posts from all over the country that say they are doing very well with her programs I’m curious as to the wisdom of this decision. This in my opinion is one of the best programs I have ever seen! Why is Alaska being denied this opportunity to witness a prodigy in the making? I would expect her to be one of the biggest names in future entertainment. What a beautiful example for our young artists to see. It literally echos Jackie’s sentiments “Always follow your dreams!” All of this from a precocious eleven year old! Thanks for your help in making one of my dreams come true which is to give Alaskans the opportunity to witness the genius of Jackie Evancho!

  • LLinLa

    Cool comment, friend!

  • Kathryn Green

    I think for just alittel girl she can injoy so much singing even it just it makes me happy to see how alittel girl is brought up in a good home she must have good parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • doug M

    Listening to Jackie I can not find words that can discribe how the sound coming from this 11 old girl makes me feel. We use the word ’speechless’ too easily. Jackie makes me truly speechless. I have yet to listen to her without sheading a tear. She is like a glimps of Heaven.

  • Ed Shannon

    Your comments about older people are unconscionable. You need to engage your brain before opening your mouth.

  • Quin

    She is a very talented singer, there is no doubt about that, but when doing some research about here i came across this post “http://www.nicolewarner.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=124:jackie-evancho-way-too-young&catid=41:nicoles-blog&Itemid=58 ‘ which of lead me to this site and i have to agree with the link here, go read it. I don’t want to be a bad seed or anything but she really needs to slow down or makes sure someone is looking out for her before she ruins her voice before she even gets started.

  • cynthia fesler

    You can look up the PBS stations that have aired and /or fill out the e-mail form and purchase from that PBS station. They list the donation prices. It is well worth it!

  • dave bradford

    Right on, this prodigy has an amazing talent, her singing leaves me spell bound. She is like the living princess of the songs she is singing!

  • david ernst

    I just realized that while we posted this information on our Facebook page, we did not update it here. The Great Performances program, Jackie Evancho Dream With Me In Concert DVD will be released in the U.S. on September 13th, 2011.

  • Doreen Langmead

    I’m always watching and supporting PBS. Jackie Evancho, bless her beautiful heart, is absolutely glorious.

  • G Camp

    Jakie and her voice are being looked after very closely, by several professional people, doctors and vioce professionals. You can bet her voice is insured – and the insurance company that does that – is very involved and requires constant updates and reports.

    Jackie is just getting starting in her career and is destined to be a cheished singer. As she grows, her vioce will change to some degree…She will be able to hold notes for longer and hit notes that she can already, but is not allowed to use, to further protect her fantastic voice.

    She will be fine. Alot of goodd people are watching our for her – as well as her loving parents and famiy. Just sit back and enjoy her music, her beauty, her gift. That little girl will be giving us all beautiful music for our souls for a very long time. She has only just begun!

  • Gabriel


    Many child prodigies start young such as
    Beverly Sills (memorized 21 arias @age7), Julie Andrews
    11, Deanna Durbin 13 and Maria Callas 13.

    All were coached by Professional Opera singers and
    Jackie Evancho vocal coach is Yvie Burnett
    (She then trained as an operatic mezzosoprano, and sung professionally with the Welsh National Opera)

    If Ms. Nicole Warner (Opera Singer)

  • Markus Bell

    There is never anything “unconscionable” about the truth.

  • lea

    she sings like an angel….awesome, such of pleasure to listen to her beautiful voice

  • Elizabeth

    You are Hilarious,
    we have a condo down in Sarasota, and i COMPLETELY agree with all your statements. My family and i would of loved to see Little Miss Evancho sing, but we got there a week after-time. Do you love in Sarasota or something?

  • Sue

    Doing some research ??? Why not just enjoy ?

  • Masa

    Jackie Evancho is somehow able to channel the voice from a past life.
    I believe that one of Jackie Evancho’s past lives was an opera singer name Helga Meyer.

    Helga Meyer was born in Germany in 1942. As a young woman, Helga married an American and spent most of her life as a voice coach at Martha Washington College. She sang for a short time with the opera in Saltzburg, Austria. Many say her soprano voice was as beautiful as Maria Callas’. Helga recently died of cancer in Arlington, Virginia on April 4, 2000. God has allowed her spirit to sing again. Her spirit is the angel that we know today as Jackie Evancho.

  • In awe

    Perfectly said; a summary of all that we all feel when listening to AND watching this Angel.

    Truly, an Angel walks among us.

  • Romeo Marafiote

    I am an 80 year old opera lover and have listened to many sopranos over the years….I have heard many opera singers over the years that have brought tears to my eyes and this young women has done exactly that.

  • jackie

    Reply to the athiest, Thor: Where there are tears, there is a heart! Jackie Evancho is truly a gift from God. He works in mysterious ways!

  • Kum Westbrooks

    It’s on TV here in Austria all the time. Why it this a russian thing?

  • bob millington

    She is indeed the most beautiful gift of song and inspiration which has lifted my spirit and comforted and left me in tearful awe…so many times ..with Conrad Tao and other accompaniment ..this was the most beautiful musical experience of my life …thank you lord.

  • bob millington

    A voice dripping with mana from above…….Like I have waited all my life to see and hear her sing .. God bless and keep you lovely little Jackie.

  • Rana Anway

    Would anyone who has been a part of the program from the beginning mind sending me copies of the prior letters? I am signed up now but unfortunately did not hear of this until now. Many, many thanks in advance.

  • alison

    It is now dec 20th, 2012 and I’m rretty sure it was fairly recently reshown on Cannel 3 or 16 on tampa’s PBS because my friend taped it.
    Hope you caught it, why not call or email them?

  • robert janke

    I have enjoyed, as have millions, both of her concerts. As I look over the schedule for 2013 there doesn’t seem to be any scheduled for 2013. That is a real shame, it would be very interesting to see how she has grown both artistically as well in stature if we could have a 3rd concert. If anyone knows how to put some pressure on the correct place I would love to have that information and I suspect a couple million more would also like that..

    I do have an observation about those who seemed focused on trying to destroy this young girl by doubting her ability, her staying power, how she holds her hands, her parents, etc. From my point of view these people are doing what around here we would call bullying. What we have is essentially some adults trying to destroy a 12 year old girl. She may be protected somewhat by her parents but not her friends when they web surf and come across this trash and aren’t able to handle it. They are likely to think less of Jacki. You people should be ashamed of yourselves even thought you would profess to be just “helping” her. Just shut up and enjoy. My mother once told me to quit bitching if I didn’t like a singer and I should just change stations. It does work.

  • louisa brown

    Bless this baby….

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