Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s enduringly popular musical favorite “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” comes to television in a production starring Donny Osmond, Maria Friedman, Richard Attenborough, and Joan Collins. Beginning its life in 1967 as a 20-minute “pop cantata” for a school Easter concert, “Joseph” was revived and expanded in the mid-’70s and eventually made its way to Broadway in 1982. This lively interpretation of the biblical story of Joseph of Canaan has gone on to charm audiences around the world with its excitement, energy, and eclectic musical variety.

  • Nicole

    This is the best show in the world. Mainly since of Donny Osmond.



  • Colby

    i love this musical. it is the best ever. i love maria friedman and donny osmond. i can’t stop whtching it. my mom gets made.

  • Julie

    Who was the narrator with Donny Osmond when he was in the Broadway version around ‘92 – ‘93?

  • Tanya

    ^^He wasn’t in the Broadway version, he was in the Canadian version. The narrator was Janet Metz. The Canadian cast soundtrack is my favourite version of the show, but maybe I am biased because that’s the first one I saw live in Vancouver as a kid. :)

  • Colby

    what does baised mean…
    i know almost every thing about maria friedman even though she lives half way aroung the world:)

  • Ben

    REALLY REALLY GOOD!I recomend this to everyone it has everything.I really enjoyed watching this movie LOADS of times!I know almost every word to it!And I am really looking forward to my end of year joseph play.

  • colby

    i know every single word and movements that every single person does and sayes. i would have given almost anything to be in a play based on joseph. i know am a big fan of maria friedman and donny osmond!!!!!:)

  • josh

    Well lucky for me I was chosen to paly the role of Joseph at a community theatre around Pittsburgh,PA…This is my first lead ever and I’m so excited!!!

  • colby

    i would have given anything to play in the play. i would want to be maria friedman as the narrator. she is the best ever and i know every single movement she makes in the movie and all of the words to the whole play!!!

  • tee

    When will this be on again in 2009? I haven’t seen it yet and I would like to.

  • katty

    the pentucket players is doing it this weekend my friends it it apparently its realy good i cant wait to see it

  • curious

    Who plays Pharoh in the canadian version?

  • billie-jo kershaw

    I was so lucky i was only a speaker and only had to sing one line,but i had to say a lot

  • billie-jo kershaw

    I was so lucky i was only a speaker and only had to sing one line,but i had to say a lot
    Are they doing a differant play than this one

  • bob

    I hated the play because i only had one part

  • kiki

    this is the best show and im going to be acting as narrator bcoz my school is doing a play like this its going to be so cool

  • kiki

    donny osmond rocks i luv u

  • Eydie C

    I’ve had a crush on Donny since i was a kid and seeing him with long hair and in some scenes his chest uncovered, made seeing him play Joseph very enjoyable!!

  • adeola

    this is the best play ive ever seen. I love everything about it.

  • Em n Frannie

    We came across this video and have fallen in love…lol I was a Donny Osmond fan 40 years ago…and now my 9 year old daughter thinks he is dream….she has started playing the songs from Joseph on her piano by ear…all because of a Biblical based movie from the Old Testament….MAKE MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!!!

  • kathy olson

    Did I see Abigail Breslin in the student section? Anyone?

  • James R

    There’s a typo in the title…

  • david ernst

    Hey James,

    Thanks for the heads up. We’ll correct it pronto.

    -GP Team

  • Sexy beast

    That guy on the right it sooooooo sexy I would love to be the Potiphars wif and try it on with him
    Yum yum, I want to stroke his chest and brush his chest hair then later we could have dessert

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