Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Celebration from Madison Square Garden
Seeger and Friends Perform "This Land Is Your Land"

Pete Seeger and friends perform the classic “This Land Is Your Land” together on stage at Madison Square Garden for Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday Celebration.

More performances:
“We Shall Overcome”
The Happy Birthday Song
Joan Baez Performs “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”

  • Valerie Smith

    Well, that was mighty fine! Mighty fine, indeed! Can’t wait for the PBS broadcast.

  • Maria Obreiter

    Please let me know when Pete Seeger 90 birthday celebration is going to be on. Time please thank you

  • Erin S.

    One of the best nights of my life – truly an incredible event. Can’t wait to see the PBS version.

  • Vahid A.

    Simply GREAT!date and time for broadcast please. The “velvet revaloution” is world wide!Looking forward to even better days!!!

  • Beth Cronk

    we sang our hearts out- the joy was crackling the air what a night – what a life
    what a privilege!

  • Bernice Haley

    How wonderful to share these videos – from Orillia, Ontario, Canada – home of the Mariposa Folk Festival — we all love you so very dearly & those that got to see you @ Hugh’s Room in July of ‘08, felt truly blessed, then brought your blessings back here. 2010 Marks the 50th Anniversary of Mariposa – seeing all the faces, in the video(s) that have appeared @ Mariposa over the years — truly magical Memories.
    Thank you for love, energy, spirit and selfless devotion to all of us
    Walk & Sail in Peace

  • Hank Wagner

    So when is the broadcast in my area? Northern Colorado. Denver

  • Erika

    I’m in tears all over again. It was such an amazing night. I will never forget it as long as I live.

  • Stacey

    Just found out about this thanks to an story. WOW! I can’t wait to watch more of this! This takes my breath away!!!

  • Virginia Perrenod

    I hope it’s in early October when I’ll be in New York. Otherwise when will it be on PBS? I saw Pete Seeger’s concert in Houston, TX nearly 30 years ago. He is really great!
    Virginia Perrenod

  • Zaheer Alam Kidvai

    Had to watch this again. Eyes too blurry the first time around!

  • Doc Wallin

    I was like Zaheer. Pete is one of the world’s musical treasures. Take care to offer this event in full on DVD for us to share what he has given us for so long.

  • PT

    Absolutely delightful, can’t decide if this outdoes the presidential performance!

  • Mark C

    Joan Baez and Tom Morello dancing on stage to Woody Guthrie?!?!?! What the EFF?!

  • Schuyler

    I watched this special the other night and PBS was giving out these Pete Seeger box sets for donations during the broadcast. I have it and I would definitely recommend checking it out!

  • Linda

    This “Land is Your Land” says it all. Happy Birthday Pete. We are blessed to still have you! Will be watching for PBS broadcast!

  • Robert

    When Pete was a mere child in his 40s, I watched him sing protest songs on the steps of the Manchester, N.H. Courthouse steps, protesting the treatment of The Reverend Uphaus. I followed the Weavers and Pete. He moved me to tears then—and he still does. He is a national treasure. And by the way, in Manchester, he was accompanied by a young girl who sang with him. Her name—-soon to be famous—-Joan Baez.

  • Jo-Ann Polinske

    Singing, “This Land is your Land”, with my first grade students was always a priceless experience.An admiration for Pete Seeger’s contribution to our great country, thru music, was well done on his 90th birthday. He also introduced me to another fine musician, and his band thru Seeger Sessions. All musicans present were super!!!

  • Mountain Martha

    Learn those verses. Woody and Arlo have always been my heroes.
    I had tears in my eyes. I remember hearing Pete and Holly Near in Austin, Tx in the 80’s.
    Pete- you inspire the desire.

  • Jean Aslakson

    Great! Thanks. When will the entire celebration be on?

  • David

    One of my few heroes. I saw him over ten years ago at the Vancouver Folk Festival.

  • Chris Lemay

    Wow – Can’t wait for that broadcast! Wish I will be that awake and well when 90! All the best Pete!

  • Fred Michel

  • Nick Levendofsky

    I sure hope they make this into a DVD. I would love to get a copy of the full show…

  • Randal Coon

    I abolutely fell in love with folk music after seeing a Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie Concert at Wolftrack in the early 80’s. Anxious to see.

  • DrTony Sabatasso

    Pete Seeger speaks to what is happening now in a America in 2011.The entire movement of folk was born out of the great Depression. The songs were sung ,written, and shaped by the pain and the misery of the disenfranchised masses of we Americans who suffered thru those Times.As a psychologist i say “go play this music listen to it , it heals” Dr Tony Sabatasso

  • Dr.Tony Sabatasso

    in these confusing and painful now now in America what music heals your heart amind and soul? Please share here

  • sandy Reed

    Hey Dr. Tony Sabatasso,
    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. I was so happy to see your name on this site.
    Hope all is well! Pete Seeger is a true insiration and a hella good singer songwriter. My youngest is just getting into folk music, Dylan, Arlo, Woodly, Pete and Ramblin Jack. Ya can’t go wrong with that!!

  • Amy wood

    Good to hear from you Dr.tony sabatasso, I remember you always respecting Mr. Pete seeger

  • melody kania

    Dr. Anthony Sabatassso, I agree with you fullheartedly!

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