The Carol Burnett Show Crack-ups

Margaret Cho and Carol Burnett describe the cast’s famous unscripted fits of laughter. Harvey Korman’s crack-ups were usually in response to Tim Conway’s facial expressions and nuances of comic delivery.  According to Burnett, the cast of “The Carol Burnett Show” would make bets in the green room on how many minutes — or seconds — it would take before Korman cracked up during a scene.  Learn more behind-the-scenes stories about Carol Burnett and  “The Carol Burnett Show” collaborators on Pioneers of Television: Funny Ladies.

  • Christopher Korman

    The greatest thing I can say about the Carol Burnett show and Jane Lynch said it best it might have said the Carol Burnett Show but Carol gave every on the show a chance to shine alone.As my dad Harvey use to say about Carol she was the first star to give away the store.Carol is the rarest of icons she felt secure in her own status to give others a chance to shine and was the first one on the side of the stage leading the laughter.I wish there were more shows like Carols still on.