Standup to Sitcom: Full Episode

See how America’s top standup comics made the transition to the sitcom format.

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  • Standup to Sitcom: Full Episode

    See how America’s top standup comics made the transition to the sitcom format. Continue reading

    Length: 00:55:46
    Standup to Sitcom: Full Episode
  • Miniseries Full Episode

    Miniseries such as  “Roots,” “Rich Man, Poor Man” and “The Thorn Birds” mastered the art of storytelling. With their epic sagas, these television events kept America riveted night after night. Revisit famous scenes and hear actors talk about the impact … Continue reading

    Length: 00:53:10
    Roots -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Miniseries Full Episode
  • Superheroes Full Episode

    Superheroes crosses many eras: “Superman” in the 1950s, “Batman” in the ’60s, “Wonder Woman” and “The Incredible Hulk” in the ’70s and “The Greatest American Hero” in the ’80s. They all fought villains, rescued the innocent and became role models. … Continue reading

    Length: 00:52:00
    Superheroes - Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Superheroes Full Episode
  • Primetime Soaps Full Episode

    Dallas and Dynasty kicked off the nighttime soap frenzy in the late 1970s, a phenomenon that continued through the last season of Knots Landing in 1993. The episode offers new details about the famous “Who Shot JR” episode of Dallas. … Continue reading

    Length: 00:50:00
    Primetime Soaps -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Primetime Soaps Full Episode
  • Funny Ladies Full Episode

    This episode includes the first standup comediennes to appear on television, including Joan Rivers and the late Phyllis Diller. Funny Ladies also looks at Lucille Ball’s breakthrough on “I Love Lucy” and the sitcom stars who followed, including Mary Tyler … Continue reading

    Length: 00:50:00
    Funny Ladies Full Episode -- Pioneers of Television |PBS
    Funny Ladies Full Episode
  • How “St.Elsewhere” Got it Right

    “St.Elsewhere” was the first show to portray the medical community accurately. Continue reading

    Length: 00:01:36
    How “St.Elsewhere” Got it Right
  • Noah Wyle as Dr. John Carter

    “ER’s” Noah Wyle discusses the character growth of Dr. John Carter. Continue reading

    Length: 00:01:48
    Noah Wyle as Dr. John Carter
  • George Clooney’s Powerful Pen

    “ER” star George Clooney used his popularity to speak out against discrimination. Continue reading

    Length: 00:01:04
    George Clooney’s Powerful Pen
  • Howie Mandel on “St. Elsewhere”

    When Howie Mandel auditioned for “St. Elsewhere,” he thought he was trying out for a sitcom. Continue reading

    Length: 00:01:23
    Howie Mandel on “St. Elsewhere”
  • Tim Allen on his First “Tonight Show” Appearance

    Tim Allen, already the star of a hit sitcom, was invited to perform on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show,” he got off on the wrong foot and gave a less than stellar performance. But by 1994, Tim recovered, enjoying unprecedented success … Continue reading

    Length: 00:02:42
    Tim Allen on his First “Tonight Show” Appearance
  • Creating Seinfeld

    When Jerry Seinfeld sat down with friend and fellow comedian Larry David in 1989 to discuss plans for a sitcom, they knew they wanted to create a scenario that wasn’t too far from Jerry’s real life experience: a New York … Continue reading

    Length: 00:01:27
    Creating Seinfeld
  • Tim Allen’s Transition to TV

    When Disney chief Jeffrey Katzenberg first approached Allen about doing a sitcom, Allen outright refused, only relenting when Katzenberg guaranteed him complete editorial freedom – the ability to create a show from scratch based on his standup persona.

    Length: 00:01:26
    Tim Allen’s Transition to TV
  • Roseanne Barr, Working Class Feminist

    An extension of Roseanne Barr’s unapologetically feminist standup persona, “Roseanne” made waves by fearlessly tackling difficult social, political and economic issues with humor and homespun grace. With nine successful seasons on the air, “Roseanne” redefined the concept of the American … Continue reading

    Length: 00:01:53
    Roseanne Barr, Working Class Feminist
  • Jerry Seinfeld on “Getting Laughs”

    Beloved New York comedian Jerry Seinfeld, star of the hit sitcom “Seinfeld,” explains the challenges of “getting a laugh” in this exclusive web extra.

    Length: 00:00:43
    Jerry Seinfeld on “Getting Laughs”
  • Breaking Barriers Preview

    This episode traces the story of people of color on American television—including the breakthroughs of African-Americans Diahann Carroll (Julia) and Bill Cosby (I Spy); Latinos Desi Arnaz (I Love Lucy) and Edward James Olmos (Miami Vice); and Asian-Americans George Takei … Continue reading

    Length: 00:00:30
    Breaking Barriers Preview
  • Acting Funny Preview

    This episode peeks behind the curtain to reveal the backstage techniques of America’s favorite comedic actors—ranging from Robin Williams’ manic improvisational style to Tina Fey’s measured, highly-prepared approach. Episode airs Tuesday, April 29 at 8PM (check local listings).

    Length: 00:00:30
    Acting Funny Preview
  • Preview: Doctors and Nurses

    From George Clooney on ER to Richard Chamberlain on Dr. Kildare, television’s long love affair with doctors and nurses shows no signs of letting up. Noah Wyle, Anthony Edwards, Gloria Reuben, Howie Mandel, Ed Begley Jr., Chad Everett and others … Continue reading

    Length: 00:00:30
    Preview: Doctors and Nurses
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