Expulsion of Iraqi Christians

Last week (July 18), extremist rebels with the Islamic State group expelled the entire Christian community in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, except for those who agreed to convert to Islam. Most fled to the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq. There had been a Christian presence in Mosul for nearly 2,000 years. Watch the Syriac Catholic leader of the region, Patriarch Ignatius Youssef III Younan, discuss the plight of his flock during a visit to Washington. Interview by Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly intern Natalie Yezbick.

  • Abu Asal Ibn Tayyebi

    Praise Belongs to God for the give us glory of Islam..

    Wa ba’du: Sentences of this letter as given by the Servant of God, Abu Bakr al-baghdady, the ruler of Christians in Islamic State Region to give peace and security for them:

    Their lives, their property, places of worship and their descendants throughout the region Raqqah will be safe, they church will not be destroyed, their property will not be diminish , they will not be required to hate their trust (i.e convert into Islam), and no one of them will be harmed. For it all, with conditions/terms:

    1 They are not allowed to build a new churches, monasteries, and ascetic pries in the city, they should not repair the damaged from the existing building.

    2 They are not allowed to openly show up the cross and their holy book (bible) in the croweded place of Muslims, they should not use the loudspeaker in they worship ceremony.

    3 So that the Muslims will not hear their holy book (bible) and their speech, all their worship activity must be in the church.

    4 Must not conduct activities that will lead to hostility against Dawla Islamiyyah (Islamic State), such as deploying a spy, find any information about Dawla Islamiyyah, or helps the enemies of Dawla, such as hiding enemy of Dawla, kidnapped the Muslims, and etc, if anyone know about it, should submit the information to Dawla.

    5 They must be committed, eliminating all forms of worship that appears outside the church.

    6 Should not prohibit anyone from the Christians who want to convert to Islam, if he want to convert into Islam.

    7 They should not be insulted, disregard Islam and the Muslims, they should not denounce the teachings of Islam.

    8 For those who have grown up among them, must be committed to pay jizya, for those who are rich should pay 4 gold dinar (dinars in question is a gold dinar used in buying and selling, weighing 4.25 grams), for the middle-income economy people should pay 2 gold dinars, and for the poor people among them, should pay 1 gold dinar. They should not hide the wealth that they have, they have to pay 2 times a year.

    9 Not allowed to have weapons

    10 Should not sell pigs and alcohol to Muslims in the market, and drink it in public places

    11 If they break this agreement, the cemetery has been provided for them, as it could be.

    12 They should perform decently in a dress, and buying or selling with rules of Daulah Islamiyyah.

    If they fulfill all the requirements above.

    Their soul, their property and their homes, will get the protection (as it had been given) Messenger of Allah. Their belief/religion will not be disturbed and reduced, Islamic law is very fair to them, and they will not be punished entirely if one of them made a mistake.

    Those who agree to the terms contained in this agreement. For they are God’s protection and the protection of Muhammad shalallallahu alaihi wa sallam, until God bring with Him affairs. If they violate this agreement, their protection will gone, and the Islamic State will fight them like the others.

  • prinefan

    F’king religious insanity-is there any other kind?

  • prinefan

    The worst crime ever committed against humanity was the invention of the scam of god and religion.