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    “Many people have forgotten about the crisis that’s occurred here in Haiti. Because of the 65 million displaced people around the world and the US election, people had forgotten about it,” says Sean Callahan, chief operating officer for Catholic Relief Services.  More

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    “Everybody feels that sense of coming to the table together, dining together, sharing the meal together,” says Renee Boughman, executive chef in North Carolina’s High Country.

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    Reinhold Niebuhr warned us about this moment. His Christian reflection on love and justice anticipated the violence and injustice we are seeing right now, after the presidential election. More

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    By any account, Trump’s election is a breathtaking indictment of our government and society’s failure to respond to the real or perceived needs of many citizens. It draws attention to genuine anger over how a half-century of economic policy has depleted opportunity and hope among working-class citizens. More

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    In many ways, Hillary Clinton suffered the fate of Susan B. Anthony and other women in American history who tried to raise the bar of social equality. More

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    James Madison offered small “r” republican government as the sentry against the universal human tendency “to go low” and enshrine it politically. He thought large republics avoided tyrannies of majority or minority by jamming the political works with significant numbers of elected officials who disagree. More

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    A discussion of Election 2016, faith-based voters, and voting results; and a spot in rural Michigan is home to five retreat centers that offer stability, community, and a sense of spiritual healing.

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    “Donald Trump captured 81 percent of the white evangelical vote. That was key, because if you take away the evangelical share of the vote, which is about a quarter, Hillary Clinton would have won by a landslide. Now, 81 percent is slightly more than Mitt Romney got, but keep in mind that this time around there were some evangelical leaders who were telling their followers not to vote for Donald Trump,” says Jerome Socolovsky, editor-in-chief of Religion News Service. More

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    “My hope is that every breath I take, every step is prayer,” says Nancy Bell, a Quaker who came to Three Rivers and began receiving spiritual direction from the Benedictine monks at St. Gregory’s Abbey. “Work can be a meditation, and so I try to do what seems to be the thing to do in the moment. Basically I just do simple, everyday things. I guess gratitude probably would be my major prayer. Just being thankful.” More

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    Many voters this year are discouraged, disgusted, divided, and disappointed and unsure about the moral obligation to vote; how Muslim Americans view the challenges of the 2016 presidential election; and the songs that have resonated since slavery with messages of … More

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