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About Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

Daniel Goldhagen

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen is the author of #1 international bestseller Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust (Vintage, 1997), published in fifteen languages, which was named by Time one of the two best non-fiction books of 1996 and for which he won Germany’s prestigious triennial Democracy Prize in 1997.  Hailed as “a monumental achievement” by the Sunday Times of London, and as “masterly…one of those rare new works that merit the appellation landmark” by the New York Times, Hitler’s Willing Executioners may have generated more international discussion than any book in our time.  He is also the author of the prizewinning A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair (Vintage, 2003), published in eight languages, and has published Briefe an Goldhagen (Letters to Goldhagen) (Siedler, 1997).  The just published Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity (PublicAffairs 2009), which is already being published in eight languages, has been instantly greeted with great acclaim.

Goldhagen’s essays and columns can be found in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New Republic, New York Sun, Forward, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Die Zeit, Süddeutscher Zeitung, Die Welt, Le Monde, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, El Pais, El Mundo, Ha’aretz, Gazeta Wyborcza and many other publications nationally and internationally.  He has appeared on many national television and radio programs around the world, including The Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Charlie Rose, has been profiled on television, including on Dateline, and in magazines, including the New York Times Magazine and the New York Review of Books, and has been, together with the eponymous international debate, the “Goldhagen Debate,” the subject of dozens of books. Twice named to the Forward 50, Goldhagen lectures frequently nationally and internationally on diverse subjects about the Holocaust, the Catholic Church and Jews, Israel, antisemitism today, and Political Islam.

Goldhagen, born in 1959, received a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from Harvard University and was a professor in Harvard’s Government and Social Studies departments until he decided to devote himself full time to writing.  He is an affiliate of Harvard’s Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies and on the board of directors of Humanity in Action. For more information, please see

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  • jimyjames

    Why did you choose to ignore the genocide committed against Native Americans in the US?

  • mike

    …and Gaza?

  • mike

    An American-Jewish sociologists writes about genocides, very nicely, but then forgets the world’s most complete genocides (native Americans and Australians), or the ongoing murder of the Palestinians. Turning a blind eye or just bad for sales?

  • Kemalemir Frashto

    I was born in Bosnia I was in concetration camp. I would like to give you information what i survived for 18 months.
    God bless you for all u doing
    Please reply me on my e mail. i will unselfishly share all my moments that you could see only in movies.
    I would like to mention that i understand how strog word “freedom” means. Most of the Americans take our freedom for granit
    Thank u and please contact me back

  • Thomas

    Dear Mr. Goldhagen:

    I saw your program ‘Worse Then War’ on Channel Thirteen on April 14.

    You touched upon many issues with regard to mass exterminations; that they arose from planned agendas of those in power, comparisons on how they evolved in different countries and the influence of different political systems, etc. However, after all the analysis is said and done, the documentary (and I assume the book too) fails on several fronts.

    First and foremost with regard to the Holocaust specifically…your work fails to enlighten the viewer (or reader). As with most documentaries on the Holocaust, and with yours as well, far less than the full picture is being told. As such, it presents a one-sided view that doesn’t even remotely explore the Germany that gave rise to the Holocaust. Not only that, your comparisons of the various mass executions under differing political systems does not clarify the issues for Germany, rather the viewer is forced to make inferences from what happened in other countries that were not accurate for the situation in Germany. It’s this ‘slight of hand’ journalism which instead of providing enlightenment, ends up conveying misinformation about a most serious issue of our time.

    You say what the Jewish community wants to hear about the Holocaust and they give you an award, but you don’t illuminate and let the story unfold and tell itself, instead viewers are left to think it was merely the megalomaniac doings of some madman named Hitler who along with his cronies, saw the Jews as “evil incarnate” (your term) and plotted against them on their Nazi rise to power. If anything, Mr. Goldhagen, I’d say you are the one with the planned agenda.

    In the end, how very uncomplicated, how very tidy, and how very unscholarly, yet no different than many of the other Holocaust documentaries that constipate the media. Shame on you for perpetrating yet another farce…if this is how and what they teach at Harvard, then you should ask for your money back…

    …and speaking of money, how are we supposed to support Channel Thirteen when they sponsor such nonsense?


  • Rhode Marquez

    The Worse than War documentary in PBS, April 14th was very insightful. We could argue until we are blue about how the media portrays issues such as the Holocaust, mass genocide, civil wars and much more, wether we agree with it or not, we cannot disregard that on a daily basis people are dying. Should we turn the other way because we have conflicting feelings towards the media? The people we are talking about poor, (un)educated, spiritual or people who believe in their faith as a guide to live a righteous life, children, and the elderly. They are talking VICTIMS that may not have means to defend themselves, except the media. We cant turn the other way and walk away. I may not be able directly “help” a bosnian, kenyan, guatemalan and others. But, I can raise awareness by holding conversation about present genocides during lunch at work, church, friends, and relatives about people on the other side of the globe are helpless. The 2008 Resolution during the presidency of Bush, I will look into if any of our state representatives voted against the resolution. I will contact them and urge them to place a voice for those who are being victimized for their beliefs, ethnicity and social status. WAKE UP, what Mr. Goldenhagen has presented is a reality. Could he have added our native american genocide, the palestinians and much more? Of Course, but it will take individuals like
    Mr. Goldenhagen who dares to talk and question polocies.

  • William H Tate

    Hello Daniel,

    I watched your outstanding PBS “Worst Than War” program. I worked with many displaced and traumatized people in Africa, Middle East, and Central America. I was a former/retired US Army Special Forces officer. We helped the local people learn to protect and defend themselves against such genocide. But no press ever covered that part of our “Peace Corp” like mission. Frustrating when you know your A-teams help and protect many more people than we hurt!

    I am a global business consultant now. I emphasized with you and your father touring Ukraine. I moved to Ukraine from San Francisco in the summer 2005 to help support American/Ukrainian companies learn to trade better after the Orange Revolution. I have traveled to more places in Ukraine than most Ukrainians have!

    But I feel frustrated again by your program spending about a half hour driving around with your father and not one word, picture, mention, monument of The Holodomor (Ukrainian translation for: murder by hunger) The Holodomor is also known as the “terror-famine in Ukraine” and “famine-genocide in Ukraine”.

    You did mention Soviet despot Stalin, but no mention at all of The Holodomor Genocide in Ukraine” or the 6 million or so systematically and purposely starved by their Bolshevik/Russian/Soviet comrades.

    Why?! Why spend 2 hours on an otherwise outstanding program, drive around in Ukraine, and not drive just a few more miles in Ukraine and show and tell The Holodomor story for even 1 minute?! Was your oversight intentional or something else?

    Please make it right! Please do another program on just The Holodomor, “famine-genocide in Ukraine”. Please tell the world about the Genocide in Ukraine!!

    Thank you!

    William H Tate

  • SJB

    This is a reply to Thomas.

    Please, pray tell, on what merits do you profess to uderstand the genocide.holocoaust of the nazi regime? Certainly Dr.Goldhagen does not ignore other factors that give rise to such events taking place such as economic trouble; inflation; the loss of self value as as nationa after WWI——-but other nations have experienced such issues and not resorted to genocide and hatred of groups that were obstensoubly blamed for the ecomic and social crises…..can you refute what the ideology of the Nazi party taught?

    If the genocide of undesireables including the Jews, the gypsys, the Bible Students, the Poles and others……..did not come about because of this “meglamania” Hitler and his SS cronies, then how and why did it happen?

    And what basis do you back your assertions upon? What are your scholarly credentails? You
    talk what seems to be a double talk….you do not provide an alternative explanation for genoicide with its companions torture–rape, maiming, etc…..yet you seek to put down a very well made film that does expose the pervasiveness of hatred and its long term effects on human kind.

    Did you not react to what the ex- SS officer said about Anne Frank…..and I paraphrase….to exclude and hate certain humans indcated that you yourself were not of humanity

    This film is far more than a movie about the Jews and their personal story. It is also about the more current tragedies of our time…Darfour, Rwanda, Bosnia…it also speaks to the massacre of the Armemians by the Turks in 1915. Genocide did not begin with Hitler. We could also look to the US and the military killing the Indians; the Trail of Tears; war crimes during the civil war..

    I am sure Dr. Goldhagen could provide with a plethora of material should you desire to read; so please do not minimize this question of genocide and how to stop it by making it a Jewish.-German issue.
    That is grossly unfair to the German people and survivors of all genocide.

    It would have been more enlightening had you responded Thomas to the suggestions on how a committee could be formed to handle international situations instead of waiting on the UN……

    Please respond; and list your academic credentials to support your position so we can applaude

  • scott

    Hey daniel, your agenda is so obvious when you talk about the war between the serbs and the bosnians. You kept referring to them as “muslims” which is true but religion had nothing to do with it. this was an ethnic thing and you know it, it had nothing to do with being muslim or christian. It was obvious that you wanted to justify why muslims hate christians as if the balkan wars have anything to do with 9/11.

  • Amani

    To Scott. No…it was to eliminate the Muslim population. Ask the Muslim Bosnian women who lost brothers, fathers, husbands, and sons. One word= genocide.

  • Amani

    What about the Palestinians?? Nice documentary….Very happy that you brought of the Bosnian Muslim’s. The fear this population still fear is very sad. Even in America, their fear to show they are Muslim still exist. The murder, rape, genocide these group of ppl have went through is sad. Very sad..that this population is not represented at all in the media.

  • Joseph Romero

    How to end genocide: I think a simplistic, yet nonetheless useful, analog to understanding genocide is the “fire triangle”. In order to have a fire, you must have 3 things combined simultaneously: 1) fuel 2) an oxidizer 3) an ignition source. Take out any single leg of the triangle and fire is utterly impossible. So it is with genocide, you only need 3 things: 1) Hate for a group of people 2) A government willing to authorize mass killing 3) a group of people unable to defend themselves. Hatred seems to be part of the human condition so I doubt that this element can be controlled, let alone eliminated. People will always have governments, and even the best governments can’t be trusted to be benevolent at all time, so this rules out the hope of ending genocide by relying on the nature of governments. Which leaves us with the prospective victims of genocide – in every genocide, the victims always have one thing in common in addition to being hated: they have always been a soft target, usually made defenseless by the very governments they relied upon for safety. I think it is silly to turn to governments, the very culprits of genocide, to find a solution. You said yourself that it is absurd to look to the UN for a solution for ending genocide given their flawless record at failing to halt genocides. The solution is to arm the prospective victims so that they can defend themselves. Genocides prove most amply that butchers find it very very very easy to slaughter people that can’t shoot back. I’m convinced no matter how much someone hates someone else, and no matter how much government authorizes you to act on your hatred, butchers retreat from the idea of slaughtering other people when they risk their own destruction by trying to destroy others. Now that you studied so many genocides, perhaps you should go study all the genocides that didn’t take place. Damn, I guess that will never happen. It’s easy to count up all the bodies because of hate, evil governments, and the gross imbalance of firepower. It’s not so easy to tally the living because the hated group fight back. Unless you are willing to count, I don’t know, everyone in Israel for example? Perhaps there are examples of hated groups that persist because they can shoot back.

  • Diana D’Amico

    Regardless of your view, you cannot deny that this documentary will make people ‘think’, be on guard and hopefully take action of some kind when they become aware of any attacks or potential attacks against anyone!
    We think we have no voice, that our one voice matters little but take one voice and add it to another and it speaks volumes. I hope people will not only be hearers but doers, speaking for those that cannot speak for themselves and not turning a blind eye to the sufferings of others. Let us each do everything we can and when we have done that, let us do even more! Use your voice!

  • Sydney Lou

    I cannot imagine that anyone sat through this two-hour doc and came out of it thinking that anyone has tried to “eliminate” or commit genocide against the Palestinians. Beyond ridiculous and deluded.

    But kudos to the Palestinian propaganda machine if that’s what the uneducated believe.

    The doc did omit the Native Americans in USA and First Nations of Canada, having happened pre-Armenian genocide. (The doc might have made space by less repetition as it went on.)

    As I watched I wondered why the leaders of nations who have suffered and publicly acknowledged their genocides (which would exclude USA, Canada, Turkey and some African nations) do not create their own UN council. Seems like they would be in a better position to move on current genocides than nations who drag out diplomacy for political expediency.

  • Demirtas Bayar

    Mr. Goldhagen,

    The film you showed on WNET on April 14 told me that you have not researched the so called Armenian genocide. As a true scholar you should have visited the Erzurum and Van region and talked to the surviving families of Turks who suffered Armenian atrocities before and during WWI (1914-1920). In your film you show a group of middle aged presumably Armenian people as the survivors of the ‘genocide’ that happened 95 years ago. That is amazing even for a non-scholar. This shows clearly the propaganda aspect of your film. You have one million plus 100 thousand Armenians killed during this time. When the relocation of the Armenians from the war zones to the southern Ottoman provinces started the total population of the Armenians in Anatolia was around 1,300,000. Armenians living in Istanbul, Izmir and other western cities were not relocated and their numbers did not change. A little assay is attached. Of these, 500 thousand fled to Russia with the retreating Russian armies. 200 thousand reached Ottoman Cilicia and promptly joined the French army during the occupation terrorizing Turkish cities and then left with the French when they vacated the region. For the numbers see the document titled “Report on the Near East, Doc# 192, presented by Mr. Lodge on 67th session of Congress-Senate, on April 22, 1922” was printed in 1923 by US Government Printing Office. The relief organization was approved by the President on Aug. 6, 1918 and the report gives the status and audits up to Dec. 31, 1921. Your calculation of the Armenian deaths is very suspicious. Armenians held high positions and were respected citizens of the Ottomans. There is no document that shows that the Ottoman government planned and intended the destruction of the Armenians. Read the relocation resolutions approved by the Ottoman cabinet. The above are just a few of the falsifications the Armenians have invented and you could not see their intent behind all this.

    If you were an impartial and balanced researcher you would have interviewed Sarkisian and asked him about the Armenian government decision to invade and occupy Karabach and on 2 February 1992 massacre 25 thousand Azeries in Khojali and expel the remaining Azeries out of the area. By your own definition you must acknowledge this as genocide. You made a summary judgment on the Turks with no due process. Contrary to your interpretation, due process on Serbia by the Criminal Court was that Serbia did not commit genocide.

    Demirtas Bayar
    44 Alex Drive
    White Plains, NY 10605

    Some References:
    1. “The Diplomacy of Imperialism,” by Wlliam L. Langer.
    2. “Revisiting the Armenian Genocide,” by Gurnter Lewy.
    3. “The Genocide of Truth,” by S. S. Aya


    The “opening code” of the whole genocide puzzle, of course relays to the number of people we are speaking about. As you will see from below figures, given estimates differ very much. However, looking to the “reliability and neutrality of the source”, readers are still have to make a guess. The most competent historian in demography is Justin McCarthy, but since he is “labeled as pro-Turk”, we will try to use other “general data” and reach to an estimate by logical “average”.

    The “genocide balloon” may speak of 1.5 or even 2 million persons killed ! Is that possible? To start with let us see how many Armenians lived in the Ottoman Empire, how many of them were relocated, how many reached their destinations in 1915, but went back and forth, with Russian and French armies or immigrated, settled (Greek Islands, Cyprus, France, USA, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon and heavily Russia).

    Below are various estimates, made for “Christian Armenians living within Ottoman Empire” borders:

    a. Kirkor Zohrab, estimate of Patriarchate 2.560.000 *
    b. Armenian historian K.J. Basmachian 2.380.000 *
    c. By Armenian delegation given to Paris conference in 1919 2.250.000 *
    d. 30.12.1918 Given by Venizelos at Paris Conference, before war, 1914 2.100.000 *
    Living in 1918 1.260.000 * (L.840.000)
    e. 1895 – Francis de Presence 1.260.000
    f. 1900 Tournbize 1.300.000
    g. 1905 – Ottoman state census 1.294.851
    h. 1912 – British BLUE BOOK! (Annual Register) 1.056.000
    i. 1913 – L.D. Contenson 1.400.000
    j. French Yellow Book (1.555.000) 1.475.000
    k. Armenian Patriarch Ormanian 1.579.000
    l. Lepsius 1.600.000
    m. 1915 – Oct. p.329 Nat. Geographic (All area including Russia, Persia) 2.000.000
    n. Grabill, p.51, All over the Empire in 1914 1.8 – 2.000.000
    o. Zurcher, p.119-120 “Turkey” 1.500.000
    p. 1918 – July, p.61, Nat.Geographic (Total Empire population. 18 millions) 2.000.000
    r. Katchaznuni, living in 1920 (after emigration and losses) nearly 1.000.000
    s. Armenian historian Lalaian – detailed, in Armenia only in 1918 885.000
    “ “ “ 1920 – 690.500
    Deaths in Armenia under Dashnaks ( wars, starvation, epidemics) 195.000
    t. Encyclopedia Britannica 1.500.000
    u. Armenian historian Kevork Aslan 1.800.000
    v. Revue de Paris 1.300.000
    w. Arnold Toynbee’s book “Nationality and the War” 1915, written before
    he joined Propaganda Division had indicated Armenian population as:
    155.000 Tiblisi + 161.000 Constant. + 750.000 Russian provinces Erivan
    Nakchivan, Kars, Alexandropol, Shura + 600.000 Turkish 6-provinces = 1.511.000

    (Above figures exclude those in relief camps, or who went back or to other countries or lived
    undisturbed in other parts of Western Turkey and large cities)

    The readers or researchers who do not want to use Justin McCarthy’s head-count figures, must make a guess or take an average, between lowest 1 million and highest 2 millions, and estimate that the total number of Ottoman Armenians, within the large borders of 1914 should be 1.5 million, with a plus/minus margin of say not more than 10% …

    Readers are reminded that the figures marked (*) were somewhat inflated by Armenians just before the Paris Conference, “to justify that they are crowded enough to fill up the huge land they were expecting from Black Sea down to the Mediterranean. One of the reliable sources would be the British Blue Book, written based on the reports of the American Missionaries, plus their own Consuls spread throughout Ottoman Empire, down to cities with only say 20.000 population. It will be a paradox, to expect the British reduce the numbers, for any advantage or arguments in favor of Turks. Statistics show, that the Armenian population in the areas they named Turkish Armenia, was no more than 20% of all people.

    According to Turkish statistics, out of the total 1.300.000, the number that lived in the subject six provinces, was 628.000. But according to the Istanbul Armenian Patriarchate’s later declaration total number was 2.100.000, out of which 1.018.000 lived in subject provinces. The difference is 390.000. Armenians claimed they formed 38% of the population in the area; Turks claim that it was not even 20% and even in one or two cities (Van, Erzurum) where Armenians concentrated, they still were well under the average.

    Discrepancies exist even for population of Istanbul, where counting should have been easier.

    - Edwin Grosvenor indicates in his explicit book of 1877, Armenians in Istanbul only 165.000
    - Memorandum given to Paris Conference in 1919, shows (Istanbul + Izmir + Syria) 230.000
    - 1913 Armenian Patriarchate figure for Istanbul Armenians 163.670
    - Estimate of British Officers on spot after occupation of Istanbul, in 1920 83.000

    Excerpts from Guenther Lewy’s book: (p.145)
    “….Some recipients of this information were aware of the Levantine tendency to exaggerate and therefore realized that not everything that was told to them by their Armenian informants, could be regarded as the complete truth. In a report on Armenian deaths dated Sept. 23, 1913 the British consul in Erzurum noted “the Armenian tendency to blatant exaggeration
    … According to Arnold Toynbee, “Oriental arithmetic is notoriously inexact” and there is much “unconscious exaggeration” and “purposeful misinterpretation”.
    … Bergfeld noted that the most fantastic accusations against the Turks had become highly popular in the twon. However, as the stories about the masses of corpses in the river became ever more frequent and hardened into definite assertions, he decided to check out their veracity. On July 17, accompanied by the American consul as a neutral witness, he rode for four hours along the river, but found only one dead body. Inasmuch as the river contained very little water and was split into numerous small and shallow branches, he concluded that it would have been quite impossible for a large quantity of corpses to be carried by the river and swept out to sea. In the meantime news also received that the first group of deportees had reached Erzinjan without losing a single person. Bergfeld served in Turkey for eight year and spoke Turkish language. His creditability is enhanced by his documented… “

    The second phase of the controversy, is the number of Armenians living in the six-vilayets who were relocated to Southern parts of the Empire (Zor district in Syria), considering the fact that many Armenians in key employments or professions (doctors, pharmacists, important artisans etc.) were excluded, and in early summer of 1915, those who were Protestant and Catholic too were exempted.
    Whilst there were many Armenians fighting in many volunteer gangs or brigades against Turks, there were other Armenians fighting alongside Turks at Dardanelles, or handling the correspondence in the army cipher sections, because “they only, could speak other languages”.

    We have to make another guess regarding the number of Armenians (Turks were also relocated but without any provisions) relocated from the subject six-vilayets to Syria overland.

    Yusuf Halacoglu, head of the Turkish Historical Society, based on archive records, gives the figure
    of 438.758 who were relocated. Those who traveled by train from Cilicia region, were never attacked.
    Few columns from other districts traveling overland on foot or ox-carts, were in some cases attacked by Circassian and Kurdish brigands, mostly in retaliation of what Armenians gangs had done to them.
    Some provisory gendarmes (the good ones were in the fighting army) performed well, whilst others were unwilling or unable to risk their lives to protect the columns they were guarding. Many of them were later put on trial and some punished by the Army. Yusuf Halacoglu gives the number of about 60.000 persons who died because of hardships, fatigue, starvation, widespread epidemics such as typhus, which is about 15% of the moved people. The relocation law was to be implemented by respective Provinces, and the results depended on the capacity, financial and manpower means of each governor.

    Bearing in mind that the whole country was suffering epidemics and shortage of food, even the army fighting in three fronts (plus internal against Armenian fifth columns) were deprived of clothing, footware and provisions the province governors were experimenting such a large scale movement for the first time, with no additional staff but very little extra allowances. Imaginable dramatic conditions, (shortage + incapacity + inability) cannot be classified as an “intended annihilation”. Just a few months earlier in January, 80.000 soldiers starved, froze to death on the Russian front, because of imprudence. Did things improve in 3 months ?
    According to German army records, their loss of soldiers because of epidemics and shortages was about 10% of the total force, dying in the rear lines. Even their commander in chief died of typhus.
    The situation with the Turkish army, was reported to be much worse, due to lack of sanitary means and personnel, poor clothing and less than one third of the daily food ration. Death in Turkish armies, in the rear lines, was said to be close to 30%.

    Now let us see what others said about the number of deported-relocated people.

    a- A British memorandum on “relief needs” dated Oct. 30, 1918 speaks of deportation of “over 1 million”.
    b- Cypriot historian Sonyel gives this figure as 800.000 deported.
    c- Raymond Kevorkian speaks of 870.000 deported to Syria.
    d- Boghos Nubar head of Paris delegation, states in 1918 that the number was 600 – 700.000
    e- British Foreign Office, Geographical Section, indicated the total living population in subject provinces
    (Erzurum, Sivas, Diyarbakir, Harput, Van, Bitlis) as 3.601.075 of which 665.815 were Armenians and
    2.687.748 Muslims, rest Greek, Nestorian and others.

    Under these figures, how French Parliament and others, plus some ignorant writers or historians can speak of 1.5 millions killed in the process of relocation, is a most stupid claim, with nothing to do with historical scholarship or minimal arithmetic. May be above excerpt of Guenther Lewy and report of Bergfeld, explains that the habit of “blatant exaggeration” succeeds and convinces dummies…

    The third and most important controversy, is about the Armenians who survived, reached safely destinations, some settled and started new business, some went back after the surrender of the Ottoman Empire in 1918.

    Again, we have different sources and records, which can be classified as below.

    a – The most important and reliable document is the letter of American Consul J.B. Jackson, one of the
    most bigoted men from consular pool, dated Feb.8, 1916 in which he gives a broken down list of
    survivors in ten main cities, reporting to ambassador Morgenthau that a total of 486.000 are alive.
    b – Another very reliable source is the report of Dr. F. Nansen, head of the “League of Nations
    Emigrants Committee” who according to Akabian’s book (p.253) was giving below breakdown:
    * Emigrated from Turkey to Russian Armenia and Caucasus 400.000
    * Refugees who fled abroad 400 or 300.000 min. 300.000
    * Living in Istanbul, Izmir, Syria (Venizelos report Paris Confer.) 230.000
    * Remaining cities of Anatolia ( “ “ ) 150.000
    Total number of living persons according to Armenian sources –1919 1.080.000

    Note: We have various confirmations that 150.000 Armenians went back to Cilicia when occupied by France
    and their special Battalion D’Orient – (see other chapters) committed atrocities. However, after the French
    agreement with Kemalist Turks in 1920, and French evacuation of the “internal war areas” in these provinces,
    150.000 Armenians (few Greeks) left with the French Armies causing an economic vacuum. (Grabill p.260)

    c – Katchaznuni, in his manifest of 1923 spoke that nearly One Million Armenians were alive in 1918 prior
    to evacuation of 1917 by Russians after Revolution, and founding of their short lived Republic

    d – Historian Lalaian in separate excerpts speaks of 885.000 Armenians alive (in those areas only) and
    that by 1920, they lost 195.000 lives because of starvations and bad management of the Dashnaks

    e – 880.000 reported to Paris Conference by Venizelos (Boghos Nubar’s claim) as living in 1919 in area

    f – Akaby Nassibian gives other breakdowns as follows in her book: (p.249, 253,211,72)
    – According to joint British Arm. Relief committee: Greece – Syria – Palestine – Caucasus 750.000
    – Immigrated to Russia from Turkey, 310.000 or 400.000 other source says 500.000
    – Fled to other countries 350.000
    – In Egypt waiting acceptance 5.00, at Basra for transport 14.000 14.000

    g – James Barton, (head of American Board of Foreign Missionaries and Relief Organization) reported to the
    Paris Conference in April 1919 that 100.000 Armenian refugees in Aleppo and Damascus were waiting to
    return to their homes. Stanley Kerr, an American Relief Official wrote that 170.000 of these were eventually

    h – George Montgomery, an American official at the Paris conference, gave a detailed tabulation of Armenians
    alive in Turkey in 1919, which amounted to 594.000 + 450.000 in Caucasus + 60.000 in Persia =1.104.000
    Total (Apart from those in other countries or immigrated)

    i – German Missionary J. Lepsius, arrives to a total of 948.500 or rather 1.108.000 survivors1921.Including
    those in Caucasus – Armenia, Palestine, Arab lands under British-French mandate and by 1925 morethan
    30.000 had emigrated to France and about 100.000 to USA.

    j – According to Caleb F. Gates, president of Robert Collage, the Armenian population statistics in January
    1921, as confirmed by the Armenian Patriarchate, was as follows: Armenians in Ottoman province,
    approximately 600.000; Armenians alive: 944.900; Armenian total losses: 355.000.

    Naturally, Armenians (although they received 98% of all relief supplies – guarded by Turkish soldiers when within borders of the Empire- were not immune to epidemics and starvations,(which swept out some 20% of population in areas where there was no war) and like over 500.000 Muslims who died in inter communal wars, exiles, epidemics, starvations, they too suffered. Death made no selection. It will be very improper, to count these deaths as “massacred by Turkish armies” and declare Armenian race “importal” (much that they claim to be of noble Arian race). Let us not forget that more than half of the people returned to their homes after mid 1915 when deportations were stopped and in larger numbers with the advance of Allied forces after Ottomans lost the war. Those coming back from Russia, had to go back when Kemalist forces took control over the area and Republic of Armenia had to surrender in 1920 with the treaty of Gumru. It is not known, how many people took these hard long trips by ox-carts or on foot back and forth, but it is not difficult to guess that some 30% of the traveling or camped people died, like others. We understand that almost 200.000 died within two years in Caucasus under the rule of Armenian Republic, and of course those are counted as “massacred by Turks” as well.

    Looking at above people alive before 1914, those who were moved and those who survived until 1920, we can take a guess that at least some 200.000 Turkish Armenians living in subject six provinces died of various natural causes (may be some 30 – 40.000 killed in bi-lateral butcheries). The Ottoman State ruling at that time, (fighting wars on three fronts against super powers for the very existence) may be found “guilty of being unable to provide proper means during the relocation process”. But those who make an assessment of “massacre or genocide” fail to remember that it was the same government who lost 80.000 of their 90.000 army in less than two weeks on the Russian front, because of deprivations and lack of management and prudence, and that this disaster was mainly caused by the sudden and unexpected resistance put by the Armenian Volunteer forces fighting for Russians, which the Ottomans “naively thought in August 1914 Erzurum Congress of Dashnaks” that they will fight on the side of Turks against the gift of “autonomy promised in the long wanted six provinces”. The refusal of that generous offer, was the first breakpoint, the Sarikamish disaster caused by Armenian resistance was the second breakpoint, the Van Revolt in March-April was the third breakpoint, and with the landing of ANZAC forces in late April in Dardanelles, attack in the South Suez front, and Russian advance, plus the fifth column activities of some 25.000 – 40.000 volunteer units, the Ottomans had every justification to push out “all people” from fighting areas, and had no time, chance, will, or reason to sort out the wet and dry fire wood. This is “my evaluation”. The readers may make their own evaluations considering the authenticity of above given reference sources, which apparently the “slanderers never look at”. No one speaks of the Sarikamish disaster experienced just very few months earlier, and draw a parallelism ! The condition of the soldiers in attack, was much worse than the conditions and supplies to relocated caravans. Why no one holds Britain and French blockade of all ports for starvations, considering the fact that they “let the relief goods go through blockades”.

  • Ros Epstein

    Hello Daniel

    I watched the program Worse than War on PBS last night and have not stopped crying since them.
    You touched my inner core.
    I am the daughter of survivors of the Holocaust. My parents were born in Rumania (today, the region belongs to Ukrania). My sister and I were born in Lima, Peru and we live now in the US since the end of the 1960’s.
    I watched your father’s return to his home town and I so long to see were my roots come from.
    My soul cries everyday for the grandparents and family that never came out alive from Europe.
    My children are named with names from the Bible. I want them so badly to carry our wonderful heritage.
    Thanks you for not allowing the life’s of 12 million people be forgotten.


  • lc
  • Gaius Baltar

    Goldhagen is a proven fraud. See A Nation on Trial, by Norman G. Finkelstein and Ruth Bettina Birn (”a brilliant dissection of Goldhagen’s book, ‘Hitler’s Willing Executioners.’ “, NY Times). Raul Hillberg, the founder of Holocaust Studies, said that Golhagen “was totally wrong about everything. Totally wrong. Exceptionally wrong.” See PBS demeans itself by allowing this charlatan a platform.

    As for Demirtas Bayar’s disinformation, Turkish historian Taner Akcam in his book “A Shameful Act” uses Turkish sources to prove the Armenian Holocaust–an event which even Attaturk admitted. All the disinformation, propaganda, and rationalizations in the world cannot rewrite history.

    What’s next? The David Irving Show?

  • becks

    the first thing that i thought of when i was done watching this program was that i could absolutely not believe that native americans were not even mentioned. this is part of our american history and just has to be included in a program about this topic. what a shame that it was not. maybe it would make americans understand what is happening in other countries if we all thought about the genocide that happened here, not all that long ago and right where we are living now.
    after seeing some of the other comments here, i just wanted to add that i did not take this as a history program or lesson. to me this was more a program about human psychology, sociology, and biology, how human beings, mostly men, try to control other ones by manipulation, greed and fear, why some people allow themselves to be controlled, what people fight about, how inhumanley people can treat each other, and what the human brain is capable of justifying as normal when influenced by society. i hope that the better we understand ourselves, the better we can start to treat each other.

  • Ralph S.

    The book goes deeper in some ways than the film. On p.331 there’s a chart that lays out what Goldhagen calls “eliminationist assaults”. He lists Native Americans, and earlier in the book, he says “The Americans’ systematic destruction of Native American life and lives, and their spatial elimination from American society, was an imperial conquest carried out by the state with the broad support of Americans” . In the book there’s mention of other eliminationist campaigns by the United States. He includes the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

    I think the film and the book intend to define the phenomenon of genocide/eliminationism. I’m sure a book could be written for each and every occurrence in genocide’s sad history: The Native American genocide, the Darfur genocide, etc, etc, etc.

    The book and film are significant contributions to our understanding of the phenomenon. By defining the phenomenon, each genocide becomes understandable. Each is part of a program of one people against another. Above all, it is a deliberate human endeavor and it takes a significant toll. As such, if we want to, we can label each occurrence, and, if enough of us care about the next Darfur, hopefully we will save lives.

  • ursula duba

    “jimyjames says:
    April 14, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Why did you choose to ignore the genocide committed against Native Americans in the US?”

    no matter what any scholar/writer does to expose the essence of genocides and why decent people and their allegedly decent governments didn’t and still don’t put a stop to it in a time-limited documetnary, there is this idiotic expectation that one single documentary MUST address ALL genocides going back thousands of years. may i recommend that you READ goldhagen’s book WORSE THAN WAR wherein you will find coverage of the genocide of native americans in the US – besides many other genocides dating back more than 2000 yrs. the book contains 655 pages. take the time. then complain.

    you may also visit the website at the yale genocide study program at
    which was founded in 1998 and is still going strong. many papers presented at seminars are published on the website.

    then there is the excellent book by professor ben kiernan, the founder and director of the genocide study program “Blood and Soil: A World History of Genocide and Extermination from Sparta to Darfur “. If that isn’t sufficient for you, you may want to subscribe to Journal of Genocide Research and
    “Genocide Research and Prevention: An International Journal In addition, you can always google genocide of native americans in the usa for more info.

    i do hope you will take the time and make the effort to do essential reading before you COMPLAIN. after you have done essential reading of reliable sources, feel free to complain again – but hopefully about more substantive issues.

  • Maggie L

    What is remarkable about this film, in addition to the attributes mentioned above, is that actual people who were victims or perpetrators are interviewed. That puts the human face on the phenomenon. The numbers are then more shocking. I watched this film after watching the Frontline show about President Obama trying to get health care reform going. The angry faces at the summer town meetings were frightening in their severity. I wondered if they even knew what they were angry about or what the issues were, there was such fury.

    The connection between the hysteria and fury displayed on the faces of Americans when they object to healthcare reform, abortion laws, or any other topic that touches on their emotions and fears, and the hysteria and hatred of the genocide killers when their fears were manipulated, makes me realize that we are not far from mass violence in our own country. When the ones who scream the loudest get more attention than the voters, we are in trouble.

  • Sasha

    Why no mention of the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Jews/Israel against the Muslims/Palestinians?

  • gil mendozza

    Daniel… your astonishment of why this systematic killing of people and nations happen?… you see… why I say … AMERICANS ARE GULLIBLE AND STUPID! We the American people forget the bad stuff… and you wonder why can be stopped by our presidents or politicians
    Daniel… I am not going to go way back; but for the last thirty years of my life… and we all know that our own Government and our own presidents/politicians and as well other nations Governments… p r o m o t e or look the other way regarding all this systematic killings.

    Daniel…. your book… it’s all there… only you need to add and tell who… and why… bimbo Bill…creepy Bush…and now my good friend Barack… they/ some body are responsible for all this systematic killings…. they were and are the master minds;… now the “UNITED NATIONS” don’t tell me that you don’t know that this organization is well corrupt… this organization should be put an end to.
    Daniel…. you see my friend Barack before he was the president… he was ANTI-WAR now that he is the president he’s a WARMONGER! you tell me why?…and who’s brainwashing him?…

    Best regards, gil mendozza for the Windham Community Coalition

  • David Rothauser

    Dear Jonathon,

    I watched the pbs documentary about your book, “Worse Than War,” with great interest. I found your examination of genocide from a personal and historical point of view deeply compelling and powerful. Your idea of preventive measures to genocide through democratic institutions prepared to act collectively or independently is thought-provoking. Everything about the film held me riveted to the screen. I commend you for your work and approach to this horrific topic.

    With all due respect I hope you will allow me one constructive criticism. With rare exceptions, most American historians writing about the holocaust and other acts of genocide write about the genocide committed by people and governments abroad. In so doing they unwittingly (for the most part) create an air of self-righteousness, especially evident when posing preventive theories or solutions to the problems from a singular American point-of-view. More to the point these historians, consciously or unconsciously, deny including the genocide that our American government perpetrated upon American Indian tribes that remains starkly evident to this day in the broken system of Indian reservations that long preceded the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.

    When historians include the genocide committed upon American Indians in their writing, they broaden the spectrum of genocidal studies and strengthen their standing and credibility on the topic.

    Too frequently, America, although not officially the “policeman of the world,” has assumed that position as a moral godfather, only to find itself surprised by suicidal attacks that we cannot prevent. Be strong, be self-critical.


    David Rothauser

    David Rothauser
    MEMORY Productions
    39 Fuller Street
    Brookline, MA 02446
    617 232-4150

  • stavroo

    Unfotunately I only saw part of the film , I missed the beginning but as he recapped some recent genocides of the last century the obvious ommision of a continuing atrocity blew my mind! Has he mindfully neglected the genocide of palestinians by Zionists, or are they just unworthy untermenschen for him? The show cut out its broadcast before finishing so I dont know if he revealed this persistant Jewish atrocity. Outside of Dafur, to my knowledge this is the only continuing contemporary genocide, Yet has been going on for half a century and is still neglected by the American press, Why was this ommited? or was it shown in brief?

    His book Hitler’s willing helpers, I read with great delight… initially. yet in the end found it a very poorly researched and trashy account, compared to my own studies and experiences of germans in germany gleaned over a 15 year surveilance. , His failing to consider basic human nature which is, Im sorry, rather nasty was used to target germans unfairly, he seemed intent on blaming Germans at all costs While failing to consider the Milgram experiments which showed even university educated Americans in the similar situations would behave the same. And history has confirmed this over and over again in recent years abu grahib, secret renditions and guantanamo to name just the most recent atrocities. Not even to mentions the videos uncovering willfully randomand joyous murders in Irak of civilians (the reuters camera team) of the last week.This guy needs some introspection. Forwarding his own agenda underlines his unashamed bias.

  • icyaliho Manzi

    I watched Worse Than War. You did good job because myself I’m Tutsi genocide survivor, I would like to ask you if is possible to put together a documentary like this one but telling the World which Countries were organized Tutsi genocide.
    As Rwadan I know very well that France was involve in Tutsi genocide but the rest of the World doesn’t know!

  • mark wamsley



  • Franklin Meyers

    Dear Mr. Goldhagen,

    I am a 41 year old Sophomore in college and we watched your film “Worse Than War” tonight in my ethics class and I found it very disconcerning that not very many students were aware of the subject and history of genocide.
    As angry and sad as your film made me I found it very informative and applaud you for your efforts. As my age indicates, I can remember the sad ordeal that Mr. Slobodon Milosovic created and carried out. I did not know that it was as bad as your research stated and that is due to my lack of knowledge about the subject. My major has nothing to due with ethics or journalism but I find this subject worth pursuing for my own moralities sake.

    Thank You and please continue your fight. Dan Wagner’s Ethics class/ Ivy Tech , Kokomo Indiana

    Sincerely, Frank Meyers

  • Alejandro Cortes

    I can remember growing up as an immigrant child in the early seventies and eighties being brought to this great country at the age of two years. The discrimination I experienced by other children and school staff at times was frightening enough. And although it doesn’t compare with the atrocities these peoples had to endure, after watching this documentary, one cannot help but to realize just how susceptible humans can be. Like the perpetrators of these heinous acts, people can be influenced by their greed, lust for power, beliefs, and fears. I have read some of the comments that people have made about Daniel ignoring some genocides in the past. But I must applaud Him for his work. We must all strive to maintain ourselves educated about issues that can affect humanity and keep ourselves and others “In Check”. In the end, all of the parties involved were victims of their own ignorance.
    We live in a time where ignorance is becoming less and less each day! This is the time for us as a race, the Human race, to take the steps that will bring about the much needed peace and harmony to the energy of our world. We must listen to the great masters that have pierced the veil of time and by divine mercy have dwelt among us. “The facts of nature cannot in the long run be violated. Penetrating and seeping through everything, like water, they will undermine any system that fails to take account of them, and sooner or later they will bring about its downfall. But any authority wise enough in its statesmanship to give sufficient free play to nature- OF WHICH SPIRIT IS A PART- need fear no premature decline”. Carl G. Jung

  • Marie A.

    I watched the film “Worse than War” and later the video, because I did not want to miss a word. I want to understand WHY people are able to kill its own kind. We are the HUMANITY with reasoning capabilities but many times animals behave better than humans. That is why I love dogs, they do not betrayed you.
    It is very interesting to study the human psychology; humans want to control, dominate, and many are constantly searching for money and POWER. We need more spirituality to enrich the soul, and I am not talking about religion.

    Daniel, you did a very nice work with your film, and I am glad you share that documentary to show people what is genocide, what is happening in the mind of the killer. The killer feels powerful as he kills, no feelings for the pain or cries of other people like him. The killer seems to be in a mood like in vodoo.
    Another interesting thing is that MEN are the killers, I did not see any woman said she kill the neighbor or a friend as men did. I guess women are mothers.


  • Dottie H.

    The film was beautifully done and very deep, but it left me feeling so sad and empty. Others on this page have asked, what about what WE did to the native Americans. Oh, it’s still going on in RI with our Narragansetts on whose sovereign land, the governor can send state troopers to arrest them for selling cigarettes in their convenience store.

    What is worse is the maxim…. “A culture cannot survive without its language.” That was not an issue for any of your survivors, but those who were not slaughtered here now struggle to relearn their languages to recapture their cultures. ‘Tis the same with the 6 Gaelic languages nearly lost per order of the Brits. Everywhere they conquered, it was “English only” and God help those caught speaking the olde tongues. I am a Celtic American who wishes my grandmother could have shared more than the brogue with me as I once skipped by her side. I’m olde now and I applaud the efforts of those in Nova Scotia, Ireland and Scotland who are learning and teaching the elements of a culture.

    Thus we complain about all our immigrants.


  • Edgardo

    I just learn through the entire write-up of yours and it was fairly fantastic. That is an excellent write-up thanks for sharing this informative data. I will visit your blog regularly for some latest submit.

  • Prashant Goel


    I appreciate this work of thorough investigation in an effort to change the operational paradigm. As so many great leaders have said, inaction in situations such as this is no more excusable than action. Perhaps we suffer from a deficit of great leaders currently. It is when we take responsibility, truly and fully (as you have), as individuals for what is going on in our world that we will see a corresponding, commensurate ability to create change. Unfortunately, the attitude of pure selfishness dominant in international affairs allows excuses such as the ones as Ms. Albright offers in the piece. It is shocking that the question “Why intervene?” even can be permitted to exist.

    Thank you. I would encourage you as well to speak to the people at, if you are at all inclined, so that you may do a talk which will in all likelihood increase accessibility to your work. (I don’t have any affiliation with that group.) Regardless, I am sure this will find its way to continue to make its sobering impact.

    Well done.

    Prashant Goel

  • Amrendra Kumar

    Dear Daniel,
    I saw your PBS documentary and it got me pondering about the question of genocide and prevention of it. I agree with almost all of the points you made. But i was not satisfied with the solution you suggested for preventing genocide. You reasoned that genocide happens when political leaders feel that they can get away with the crime and if swift and sure accountability (military and economic) be brought, the leaders will be deterred from committing the crimes. I am agreement with the logic, ie if we as International community can bring in the deterrent force and criminal liability it would work as you say. But i fear that getting all countries to agree to this is going to be nearly impossible in the near future. Moreover the solution does not go into the root cause of the problem of genocide.The buildup to a genocide is a long process, it originates in the background of ethnic prejudices and the exploitation of this prejudice by some political leaders. As one of the commentator above has compared genocide to the burning, that is it requires fuel ( hatred against a group), Oxidizer ( Govt. support-open/tacit) and Spark ( A particular event), if we take this analogy we must act on all three fronts to prevent genocide. Our present solutions and the solution suggested by you kicks in only when the event of genocide has already begun, though i think that deterrence would be a factor in shaping the decision of the leader but i believe it would not be sufficient. Moreover by the time the international intervention occurs most of the killing would already have been done, it hardly takes more than a couple of days to kill, rape and displace an entire ethnic population.

    The solution i believe is to recognize the possibility of a genocide well before it actually occurs. A study of all genocides in the past including the Jewish, Bosnian, Armenian, Rawandan and the current Darfur would reveal a common pattern. The existence of ethnic suspicion/tension, the fanning of ethnic hatred by leaders, and some ongoing small scale conflicts. We should document and monitor these developments all across the globe. Action at this stage would be more effective in preventing the genocide. It would also give us enough time to be prepared to take coercive action. The biggest damage is done by the impunity of the politicians/leaders when they are openly spreading hatred against another ethnic group. If it were possible make leaders accountable for their words, it would surely deter them.

    Imagine the international community were able to censure/excommunicate/punish Hitler way back in 1933 when he was giving all these hate speeches against the Jews and Gypsies. I am quite sure the holocaust would not have happened. Agreed that there was a long background of prejudice against the Jews in the German Population, Hitler’s speech brought the divisions to the fore, it dehumanized the Jews as an ethnic group and provided legitimacy. The greatest crimes against Jews were done when they were being dehumanized by hate speeches, and being segregated into ghettos and being subjected to discriminatory laws.

    Consider the case of Muslims in India. We have a long history of mutual suspicion that lead to the division of the country on religious lines. We still have a significant minority of Muslims in India, ( around 20% of India’s Population). The ultra nationalistic Political group of BJP and RSS has exploited these divisions over the past 2-3 decades. They have largely succeeded in polarizing and spreading hatred among a large section of the society against the Muslims. Through the use of cultural and educational organization RSS and other institutions they have been able to place people supportive of their ideology in the highest position in administration, police and judiciary. The leaders of BJP/RSS openly or with thin disguise have spread hatred against the Muslims. These speeches have lead to demolition of Mosques, large scale riots and dislocation of populations. There is almost complete ghettoization of Population in all Indian cities. Though the greatest crimes against Muslims has already been done and it continues to be done, no hate spreading leader has ever been brought to book. The situation in India is like a big pile of flammable wood, waiting for a spark to ignite it. If the international community can act at this point and bring censure and accountability to these leaders and politicians that the possibility of genocide in India be eliminated..

    Actions needed

    1. A body that studies and monitors all ethnic tensions in every part of the world and publish a ” Danger of Genocide” index. It also publishes in details of hate-mongering by politicians, political groups and regimes.
    2. Actively naming and shaming the person/groups involved in hate crimes, initiating cases in International tribunals, International Sanctions.
    3. Formulate a convention in UN that provides a legal framework for punishment of hate crimes.
    4. An international task force capable of rapid military response to any genocide.

  • Stefan Slobo

    Dear Mr. Goldhagen:

    I saw your video “Worse Then War” on:
    The movie deeply touch me and also function as a wake-up call that everyone
    who are able helps on an another to create a better world to live in.
    Enclosed is two quotes which has to do with the subject.

    Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.
    Albert Einstein

    “…The nation is fortunate indeed that it has men with the genius to recognize
    approaching doom and the courage to speak out.” L Ron Hubbard

    Kind regards

    Stefan Slobo

  • Stefan Slobo

    Dear Mr Goldhagen,

    Found on the internet an article from former Swedish politician Per Ahlmark.
    Wanted to share it if it can be of use in your work.

    “Political murder
    170 million people have probably been killed in mass murder during the 1900s.
    There are about four times more than those who died on the battlefield.

    Per Ahlmark shows that dictatorships has stood for more than 98 percent of this
    killing and the Communists for two-thirds. Research confirms
    Now that political murder is last century’s greatest catastrophe.

    The four regimes that murdered the most is:
    USSR 1917-1987 62 million murdered
    Communist China 1949-1981 35 million murdered
    Nazi Germany 1933-1945 21 million murdered
    Nationalist China, 1928-1949 10 million murdered

    Uganda, Angola, North Korea and Cambodia are high in proportion to population.

    1900s worst mass murderer Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union) 42.672 million
    Mao Tse-tung (China) 37.828 million
    Adolf Hitler (Germany) 20.946 million
    Chiang Kai-shek (China) 10.214 million
    Vladimir lllitj Lenin (Soviet Union) 4.017 million
    Tojo Hideki (Japan) 3.99 million
    Pol Pot (Cambodia) 2.397 million
    Yahya Khan (Pakistan) 1.5 million
    Joseph Broz Tito (Yugoslavia) 1.172 million

    Facts from “The open wound” (Timbro 1997) by Per Ahlmark”

    Kind regards

    Stefan Slobo

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    May be you are right.I think it is a good archive.Thank you!

  • Jeff

    Humans are capable of committing genocide and it becomes easy for some when their target population is defined as being outside of the ‘human’ family in one way or another.

    We study and hate genocide and the fact that basic cowardice is the reason we do not step in to prevent it when it occurs. But then, we ignore that we are complicit in an on going genocide in the killing of our unborn children.

    You can not hope to stop genocide around the world when we collectively rationalize and condone it here in the U.S.

  • Alberto

    Dear Mr Goldhagen:
    Human race is worst than animals about killing their own.. you dont have to go far away to Africa or Bosnia, less than 3 hours away by flying you can find one of the most horrific genocides against men, children and women today,, (they used chainsaws, machetes, guns, clubs) with their intellectual perpetrators in congress and in the power,, Colombia is a country that have been killing their own during 60 years, but from the last 15 years the right wing has been torturing and killing people in villages under the the ideology of finishing the guerrilla. This killers have elected congressmen, mayors, governors, etc. and they keep traffiking drugs to get rich and to buy guns and power. You wont believe the horrors that peasants has seen like in Guatemala in the 80″s. As a fact, Colombia is the second receptor of u.s military aid after Israel and one of the countries with most refugees in the world.

  • Dan

    Have to agree with some of the other comments. Goldhagen is a fraud and stirs up nonsense simply to sell books. How incredibly disrespectful this is to the survivors and their descendants. Worse Than War was painful to watch not because of the stories of genocide – which I agree need to be talked about – but Goldhagen is too full of himself to be a true scholar and not manipulate stories for his personal gain. Goldhagen thinks his opinion is the only correct way of thinking – which actually is no different than the Nazis and their propaganda. Multiple degrees also does not mean a person is always right or does respectable research. Disgusting…and PBS should be ashamed to be broadcasting Worse Than War.

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  • Leonie Marshalek

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    Hey! This is my very first comment here so I just wanted to give a swift shout out and say I genuinely appreciate reading via your articles. Can you advocate any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Thank you!

  • Wyatt Linde

    Mark Baechtel (do I sound obsessed? He was my first fiction teacher & is still a dear friend) also says that the book will teach you how to write it. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m going to keep acting like it is.

  • Wyatt Earp

    Dan from July of 2011,

    You are an idiot. What was disrespectful about the film? Where does he state that his way his the only and best way to handle Genocide? He merely makes suggestions to foster debate and discussion. You are more a fraud than he is. Not every film can do it all. People expectations are way too high. Give them man credit for tackling a tough subject. I think he has more than earned the right to speak out about it.

  •!/Cook_Vegetarian cooking vegan

    q: How do you know you are in a room with a Ron Paul supporter?a: He’ll Tell you.

  • gambler

    You are “worse than your documentary”. You start your documentary with the question why? but instead of finding an answer you patheticly use genocides yourself to make more impact with your documentary. you are doing it with no research at all. Especially on Armenian-Turk issue i saw how one sided your story is. I’ve also did a research on that issue. First article you use on that issue was from a Russian transcaucasian source and it was reported by an Armenian to him. WWI Russians were arming Armenians to use them against Ottoman Empire. Second article’s source is also Armenian Social Democratic Party member and in that article also notes that “these advises have not been substantiated from any other source”. Booom there you go again using New York Times just to make it look realistic. Also that photo you used with decapitated heads just to get some attention was not Turkish soldiers. They are Armenian rebels and those heads are belongs to Turkish bodies. False information , one sided story lack of information lack of journalism. Your starting point was really good i was expecting something special but im disapponted. You, as a child of a father who has been a victim of genocide should be doing much much much better than this just as a sign of respect to all genocide victims. I would also like to suggest you to find an answer to your question “why does it keep happening again? and why doesn’t anybody doing anything to stop it from happening again?”. Answer should be in Gaza…

  • Ronda Simpson

    I would like to hear from anyone out there or even the author of this documentary…at what age do you think this dvd is appropriate for school age children? 11-12-14-16-17-18- when would you say school age children would be able to process this or should be exposed to this explicated documentary?

    Just wanting to get feed back from others…

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  • Sergio Pleaez

    Dear Daniel,

    Thank you… I was born in Guatemala and raised in the United States. I was raised knowing the Genocide that happened in my home land, but never to the extend that you showed in your documentary. My perspective on humanity has changed completely. I can’t comprehend how horrible and inhumane were this acts. Just like you I never put it together the connection between my own people and the other people around the world, and how distance i grew up from all of this. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this to the attention of people like me, and is up to us to spread the word and let this genocides being never forgotten.

    Sergio Pelaez

  • Blanche Caylor

    Cheers Michael, I’ve had a call from one the the sales team, and an email with a few testimonials that I was mulling over. Wil give them a call this week to ask that question!

  • Jamie Tullius

    No extra setup needed just a subscription to dsIDXPress and then you fill your info on the admin to retrieve all your listings.

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    For each other, you can find one who smooches the other whom offers the oral cavity.

  • rhodes

    I don’t mean to start an argument with anyone but I do prefer these kind of videos rather than his GM Mode, just saying. Anyway I think the feud between Big Show & Cody Rhodes is dry, it’s boring and I really couldn’t care less. Big show is a big guy why so why does he have the Intercontinental championship? Personally I believe he’s World Heavyweight Championship material.

  • Sean Olide

    like your style – keep at it, its good work!

  • Samantha

    By now who isn’t sick of people claiming Jews are the only ones who suffered during WWII? Approximately 12 million souls perished during the Holocaust. Of these, about 6 million were European Jews. In addition, around 3 million Russian prisoners of war died under Nazi rule. Since these people came from supposedly inferior Slavic and Asiatic peoples, Russian POWS figured among the first of those to be gassed at Auschwitz on Christmas Day 1941. Also often forgotten among the 12 million death figure was nearly half a million Roma and Sinti, more popularly known as Gypsies. The Holocaust death total also included about 200,000 persons who were euthanized or put to death in so-called “mercy killings” as a result of their mental or physical disabilities. This group ranked among some of the earliest victims of the Nazi genocide. The euthanasia program, too, was a radicalization of forced sterilization programs from a few years before. In a strange twist of fate, one of the victims of the euthanasia program in 1940 was a distant cousin of Hitler, who had been confined to a sanitarium as a result of her mental illness. And the German overlords executed tens of thousands of Polish Catholic clergy and intelligentsia as part of a broader program to enslave and exploit the country. Of course, the Holocaust experience turned out to be one of the defining experiences for a young Polish priest, the future Pope John Paul II. And there’s one more statistic that most don’t know. During Stalin’s “forced famine”, there were far more people who perished than Jews did during the Holocaust. Just because some has access to propaganda machinery, doesn’t mean they should delete statistics to favor a monopoly on Jewish suffering during WWII.

  • Samantha

    Maggie L can’t understand why anyone would want to stop the worst genocide of all — abortion. She punctuates her bewilderment by saying: “When the ones who scream the loudest get more attention than the voters, we are in trouble.”

    So long as we continue to murder the most vulnerable among us — unborn babies — we are already on the way to far more trouble than we already have. We’re not far from the path of Aztecs who sacrificed hundreds at a time, on altars, for no other reason but for priests to profit from the sale of hearts to the highest bidder.

    Ask yourself: Who profits from nationalized health care? From guaranteed mortgages? From student loans? From abortion(*)?

    If you believe a person benefits more than the corporate recipients of government funds, well, there’s little wonder in my mind why genocide has and remains so common among man. There should be little wonder in your mind, too, but the very genocide that you so easily condemn in despots, you can’t see in yourself. It’s those like you living among us that scare the hell out of me, because I know you’re perfectly capable of killing the likes of me, too. All it takes is a propaganda campaign that portrays us as evil, for your killer instinct, lying in wait, to emerge and kill us as easily as you snuff out the life of an unborn child. You proclaim your genocide is righteous while all other genocides are abhorrent.

    I’m against genocide as much as those who are most zealously against it, but my position also includes protection for the most vulnerable among us — unborn children.

    * Roe v. Wade came after the vast economic expansion following WWII, a time when the economy would’ve stalled without adding women to the work force. It was also a time when public opinion vastly favored pro-life. Changing public opinion would’ve been a hugely time-consuming process, if not impossible, but the pro-corporate SCOTUS easily passed Roe v. Wade, setting the stage for female careerists to succeed without threat of pregnancy or the overhead of raising children. Abortion was sold as a woman’s right to her body. Of course, that was a lie. The real truth is: A corporation has a right to a woman’s body. Fat chance that truth would’ve sold very easily.

    Slowly, women didn’t buy all the way into abortion, as evidenced by preferred maternity leave, daycare centers, and laws that protect women who refuse abortion that otherwise would save corporations billions in overhead — overhead that board members hadn’t counted on. Abortion will eventually implode on its own evilness, as new generations, more enlightened as consequence of the Internet, see abortion for what it really is — genocide. They are already seeing the pro-choice crowd for what they really all are — murdering denialists.

    In the same way an entire nation can get behind a despot to commit genocide, so can a population get behind corporations to commit abortion on a scale far greater than all genocides combined since the Nineteenth Century.

  • Book

    Too funny. Danny Goldhagen apparently never heard of or can’t find “Palestine” on the map. Since before 1948 his own tribe has been committing genocide non-stop there.

    Hey Danny…How about you demanding an IDF no-fly zone over Gaza?

  • daisy

    so right, Book! this film is told totally from a white eurocentric viewpoint. i kept thinking how this doc doesn’t cover the greatest genocides committed by euro/western/whites like on the continent of Africa or the greatest genocide ever, the approc 100 million indigenous natives of the western hemisphere. this is a biased documentary

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