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This Week

This Week
Click and Clack turn their garage into a casino, until it unleashes a powerful gambling urge in their producer Beth.
This Week
To Beth's horror, Click and Clack's lifelong love of practical jokes reaches its apex during a visit of Ms. Sheila Goldigger, a potential network benefactor.
"Gigantic Motors"
When Click and Clack unwittingly lose their main sponsor, they are forced to knuckle under and sign with Gigantic Motors, the only moneyed underwriter willing to take them on. Bowing to pressure to keep their crew employed, the guys find themselves saying good things about their new benefactor's line of gas-guzzling products until they find themselves seduced by the most fuel-inefficient SUV of them all, the Compensator - a gift from Gigantic Motors. As a result, the brainwashing the brothers receive is so thorough, it takes an intervention by Beth, Crusty, Fidel and Stash to bring Click and Clack back to their senses. But the question remains - did they have any sense in the first place?
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