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Stash's Workbench Game

Hanging around every car garage is a person who is a tool master, a creative genius who is rarely without a solution or an innovative gadget to get the job done. In our garage, that's Stash!

Things are getting busy around the garage and Stash needs your help putting together some inventions that the gang could really use. Parts are limited, so you have to use what's lying around. But don't worry, Stash will be there to guide you.

Follow Stash's blueprints and grab needed items around the garage to complete the inventions. But hurry up! The waiting room is full and you'll only have a short amount of time to complete each one. The guys need these inventions now!
Stash's Workbench

Fidel's Suit Up! Game

Click and Clack need help updating their image and style, so they have turned to Fidel, their resident Style Consultant Extraordinaire. But have you seen Click and Clack? Fidel has his hands full and he is going to need your help.

Choose to work either on Click or Clack and put together a new outfit and look that would make Fidel proud.
Fidel's Suit Up!