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This Week

This Week
Click and Clack turn their garage into a casino, until it unleashes a powerful gambling urge in their producer Beth.
This Week
To Beth's horror, Click and Clack's lifelong love of practical jokes reaches its apex during a visit of Ms. Sheila Goldigger, a potential network benefactor.
"Pasta Wars"
Click and Clack devise an alternative fuel-burning vehicle: the Fusilli 500, the first pasta-powered car on earth. The positive press propels the car into an immediate automotive sensation, as sales roll in at chart-topping proportions. The guys begin to bask in global praise until the Fusilli's unending demand for more pasta, combined with its sticky roadside macaroni emissions, results in a potential geopolitical conflict with Italy. Forced to make amends, the Tappet brothers reverse trend after trend until they wind up in a spot they know all too well: square one.
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