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This Week

This Week
Click and Clack turn their garage into a casino, until it unleashes a powerful gambling urge in their producer Beth.
This Week
To Beth's horror, Click and Clack's lifelong love of practical jokes reaches its apex during a visit of Ms. Sheila Goldigger, a potential network benefactor.
"Zuzu vs. Fidel"
A local tabloid news personality stirs things up when she showcases garage dog Zuzu's amazing ability to diagnose car problems with her sense of smell. Because diagnosing car problems by smell is Fidel's talent as well, he feels slighted and quits the garage after being insulted on live television. Now it's up to Click and Clack to somehow get Fidel to return to work and expose the mysterious 'Dog Tickler' impostor, the translator of Zuzu's thoughts, as the source of the real trouble. Can Fidel's car clairvoyance help unmask this pooch's perspicacious provider?
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