The :30 Second Candidate
Historical Timeline

1939 Franklin Roosevelt first president to appear on TV

1948 Harry S Truman campaigns on cross-country Whistlestop tour

1950 Senator Benton of Connecticut produces first TV ads

1952 Eisenhower Answers America spot campaign

1956 Stevenson tries out TV in second presidential run

1960 Kennedy/Nixon debate shows television's power

1963 Kennedy assassinated, Lyndon Johnson sworn in

1964 Top agency produces historic campaign for LBJ

1966 Rockefeller ads make difference in NY Governor race

1968 Nixon's campaign called "The Selling of the Presidency"

1972 Nixon wins landslide victory over George McGovern

1974 Nixon resigns over Watergate cover-up

1976 Trust in leadership central issue in Ford/Carter race

1980 Carter ads stress hard-working leadership

1984 Reagan perfects nostalgic, soft-sell approach

1988 Bush ads attack Dukakis "Willie Horton" ad airs

1990 Controversial "Hands" ad helps Jesse Helms win

1992 Perot uses "infomercial" approach

"Morphing" becomes a popular technique

1996 Clinton perfects "comparison ads"

1998 Unprecedented spending in CA race "Issue Ads" influence elections

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