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    Menachem Daum, Project Co-Director and Producer, has a Phd. in Education from Fordham University. For over a dozen years Dr. Daum was Research Director of the Brookdale Center on Aging at Hunter College. His oral history project among elderly Holocaust survivors in New York impressed upon him the wealth of historical and anecdotal knowledge within the Hasidic community, and inspired his published essay Preserving the Spiritual Legacy of the Holocaust. He has been producing videos within the Hasidic community for the last six years. These have ranged from fundraising and promotional videos for various Hasidic sects to documentation of weddings, special holiday programs, and special events for women in the community. In 1988, he produced the Emmy-nominated film In Care Of, hosted by Hugh Downs. This documentary explored the ethical and practical dilemmas raised when an elderly person becomes impaired. He recently produced Stay Tuned: The Challenge of Hearing Loss with a grant from the National Institute for Health and will be distributed among self-help groups nation-wide.

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