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    Mr. Rudavsky is presently engaged in co-producing and directing with his wife Judy Katz, And Baby Makes Two, a film documentary about a group of women in New York City who, in their teens and twenties, took every precaution to prevent getting pregnant and are now, in their thirties and forties, actively pursuing it -- without husbands, lovers or boyfriends. He is also producing Herzl, Bibi and Me, an historical and personal film about Zionism, Israel and American perspectives on Israel.

    Herzl, Bibi and Me will be when completed, a ninety minute documentary film which explores from both a highly personal and an objective perspective the history of Zionism, the religious and secular origins of Zionist ideology, and its practical application in the State of Israel. These issues will be explored through the narrow lens of American Jews today who are struggling to create a new relationship between themselves and the State of Israel.

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