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The Angel Moroni Appears to Joseph Smith

Image: "Moroni Appears to Joseph Smith in His Bedroom," 1977, Tom Lovell, Musuem of Church History and Art

September 21, 1823

Joseph prays for forgiveness for his "foolish errors" and "weaknesses of youth," and is visited three times during the night by an angel named Moroni. Moroni tells him about a hidden book and quotes scriptures from the books of Acts, Joel, Isaiah, and Malachi.

September 22, 1823

Joseph tries to go to work in the fields, but can't, having been kept awake all night by the angelic visitations. His father tells him to go back to the house, but he faints on the way. Moroni appears again and commands Joseph to tell everything to his father. He does, and his father tells him to go to the place where the angel said the plates had been concealed. Joseph goes there, digs out a large rock with a stick lever, and tries to lift out the plates. He can't. Moroni appears again and explains that Joseph's thoughts have been lusting after wealth and fortune, and he cannot yet have the plates.

Source: J. Christopher Conkling, A Joseph Smith Chronology, Deseret Book Company, 1979.

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