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Shelly Zegart

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Since 1977, Shelly has developed into a recognized authority on the historic, cultural, and investment value of antique quilts. She sells quilts, buys quilts, appraises quilts, studies quilts and lectures about quilts. She has been a member of the Appraisers Association of America for the past 10 years.

She was founding director in 1981 of The Kentucky Quilt Project Inc., the first state documentation project. Shelly lectures on all aspects of quilt history and aesthetics and continues to act as an advisor to other groups conducting quilt surveys.

In 1994, she co-founded The Alliance for American Quilts with Karey Bresenhan, Nancy O'Bryant and Eunice Ray, for the purpose of developing the Center for the Quilt and, in cooperation with the Library of Congress and a consortium of university partners, The Quilt Index.

Spacious, colorful, and warm, many of Zegart's quilts are displayed on walls in hospitals, banks, hotels, and offices, as well as in private homes. She sells quilts to individuals and corporations worldwide. She works with designers and decorators, painstakingly matching a color or graphic design. Shelly is as concerned about pleasing an individual who can spend $350 for a gift as she is in satisfying corporate clients who want to purchase investment quilts for their offices.