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About the Producer

Joseph Dorman is an independent filmmaker who has recently completed Arguing the World a feature length documentary, chronicling the lives of four New York Intellectuals. He is currently a senior producer for the primetime program Media Matters, a one hour magazine program for public television that examines the news media. Previously he was a staff producer for WNET/13, New York’s public television station. He has twice been nominated for Emmy Awards for outstanding cultural and public affairs programming. His work includes a number of documentaries on the developing world for The Discovery Channel and Public Television, including The Philosopher King, a profile of Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan, and Desert of Silk, which explored the lives of tribal women in Rajasthan, India. His other work includes series such as The Eleventh Hour for Public Television as well as segments for CBS News and for CNN. He is currently at work on a film chronicling the lives of members of the sixties generation.



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