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Daniel Bell(b.1919), City College '39; Henry Ford II professor emeritus of the Social Sciences, Harvard University and scholar in residence of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Past professor of sociology, Columbia University. Co-founder The Public Interest Magazine former member of the editorial board of Fortune and former editor of The New Leader.

Member, Presidentís Commission on Technology, 1964-66 and of the Presidentís Commission on a National Agenda for the 1980ís, 1979. An influential sociologist and social theorist; author of numerous books including The End of Ideology, The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism both of which appeared on the Times Literary Supplementís list of the 100 most important books of the second half of the twentieth century . Mr. Bell considers himself a liberal in politics, a socialist in economics and a conservative in culture.

QUOTE: "When I had my Bar Mitzvah, I said to the Rabbi, í Iíve found the truth. I donít believe in GodÖ Iím joining the Young Peopleís Socialist League.í So he looked at me and said Ö ĎKid, you donít believe in God. Tell me, do you think God caresí?

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