The New York Jewish Intellectuals

C.1935-c. 1965

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Elliot Cohen

Lionel Trilling Hannah Arendt*
Sidney Hook Meyer Schapiro Diana Trilling
Philip Rahv William Phillips  
Gentile Cousins: Max Eastman Fred Dupee
  Edmund Wilson Dwight Macdonald
  Reinhold Niebuhr James T. Farrell
The "Other Synagogue": Michael Gold Joseph Freeman
Magazines: Menorah Journal
The New Masses
Partisan Review

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Alfred Kazin Harold Rosenberg Richard Hofstadter
Clement Greenberg Saul Bellow * Lionel Abel
Delmore Schwartz Paul Goodman Bernard Malamud
Isaac Rosenfeld    
European Relatives: Nicola Chiaramonte George Lichtheim
Gentile Cousins: Mary McCarthy William Barrett
  Elizabeth Hardwick Richard Chase
  James Baldwin Ralph Ellison
    Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
Magazines: The Nation
The New Republic
Partisan Review

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Daniel Bell Irving Kristol Irving Howe

Melvin Lasky

Leslie Fiedler** Nathan Glazer
Robert Warshow S. M. Lipset** Gertrude Himmelarb
David Bazelon    
Gentile Cousins: Murray Kempton C. Wright Mills
Magazines: Commentary
Partisan Review
* * The New Leader
The Public Interest

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Norman Podhoretz Robert Silvers Steven Marcus
Susan Sontag Midge Decter Norman Mailer
Jason Epstein Robert Brustein Theodore Solotaroff
  Philip Roth  
Gentile Cousins: Michael Harrington  
Magazines: Commentary
Partisan Review
The Paris Review
New York Review of Books
Columbia University Congress for
Cultural Freedom
a distance)
T.S. Eliot Robert Lowell
  Edward Shils W.H. Auden
  James Agee  

The New York Jewish Intellectuals
(by field of interest)

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Art: Meyer Schapiro, Clement Greenberg, Harold Rosenberg

Philosophy: Sidney Hook, Hannah Arendt (Ernest Nagel)

Literary Criticism: Lionel Trilling, Philip Rahv, Alfred Kazin, Irving Howe, Leslie Fiedler, Paul Goodman, Lionel Abel, Steven Marcus, Robert Warshow, Robert Brustein, Susan Sontag, Diana Trilling

Intellectual Journalism: Elliot Cohen, William Phillips, Irving Kristol, Melvin Lasky, Robert Silvers, Norman Podhoretz, Jason Epstein, Theodore Solotaroff, Midge Decter

Poetry: Delmore Schwartz

Fiction: Saul Bellow, Bernard Malamud, Norman Mailer, Isaac Rosenfeld, Philip Roth (Harvey Swados)

Theology: (Will Herberg) (Emil Fackenheim) (Jacob Taubes) (Arthur Cohen)

Sociology: Daniel Bell, Nathan Glazer, S. M. Lipset (Philip Selznick) (Edward Shils) (Lewis Coser)

History: Richard Hofstadter, Gertrude Himrn~farb

Economics: (Robert Hejlbroner) (Robert Lekachrnan)

Note:Parentheses indicate individuals who were close enough at times to be regarded as "cousins."

*Arrived later, yet became one of the elders.

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