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Irving Howe(1920-1993), City College '40; founding editor of Dissent Magazine, Distinguished Professor of Literature, City University of New York; past professor at Brandeis and Stanford Universities. Served with the U.S. Army during World War II; MacArthur Fellow, 1987. A noted editor of Yiddish literature who discovered the author Isaac Bashevis Singer for an English-speaking audience, his work includes A Treasury of Yiddish Poetry.

His books included Politics and the Novel, World of Our Fathers, and Socialism in America; He was a founder of Democratic Socialists of America and was considered one of the country's most influential literary critics until his death. Mr. Howe was a democratic socialist.

QUOTE: " I was a kid, I was sixteen years old when I went to City College. On the one hand, I had visions of great political activity. On the other hand I was afraid of differential and integral calculus, and as it turned out, I had very good reason to be afraid of it."

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