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Ehab Yusef - Longing for Peace in a Land of War - "When you live this kind of life, you stop thinking about your goal in life. You walk in the streets and the alleyways and bullets and missiles are all around you. All you can think [about] is the shooting going on around you. Even when you're studying, you don't think about your future." - Palestinian teen

Ehab Yusef is a 17-year-old Palestinian. He is a third-generation resident of the Lubnah refugee camp, in the city of Rafh in Gaza. Like teens the world over, Ehab has big dreams. He longs to travel and paint and wonders what his life will bring when he graduates from high school this year.

But growing up in Gaza doesn't offer a lot of hope for a promising future. Where Ehad lives a violent life is celebrated and in these rubble-filled streets there is not much cause for celebration.

"When the world changes, I change with it. I live in an environment of gunshots, missiles, martyrs, tanks, buldozing, destruction of houses," says Ehab. "And a person has to adapt to his environment."

Ehab has never known a peaceful environment. He deeply misses friends who died a violent death. He has been wounded in the constant conflicts with Israeli soldiers. Yet, though he throws rocks at the soldiers in the streets, he longs for peace.

"I wish peace would come, so that my life could get better. Then I could have a house with a garden in front of it, get married, and have children and a car like everyone else who lives in the US and outside Palestine," he said wistfully.

Ehab Yusef's story is told in "The New Face of Terror: Upping the Ante," the third episode of "Avoiding Armageddon." Since the show was filmed, Yusef was wounded a second time, but has healed and is still living in Gaza - unsure where the future will take him.

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