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Making Precedent

Step into the lives of six people at the center of ethical dilemmas and decide for yourself how to resolve difficult conflicts. You will see how your opinions compare to those of others at the end of each case.

A doctor taking blood pressure. Do you have a duty to warn?
A patient's inherited disease may endanger travelers; as a family doctor, do you warn of public danger, or protect the privacy of patients and their children?
A couple holding hands. Can you pick your children?
Your family carries a genetic disease fatal for boys. New technologies allow you to choose the sex of your baby. What else would you be willing to choose?
A doctor speaking to a patient. Is your body your own?
You have just been diagnosed with a horrible disease. How far are you willing to go to save yourself?
A doctor taking blood pressure. Can you judge a good parent?
IVF, ICSI, egg donation—there are dozens of ways to make a baby. As an infertility specialist, is it your choice who should make a family and how?
A bartender. Are you a genetic time bomb?
Genetic predispositions for disease will affect us all. Indeed, someone you work with carries a gene for a deadly disease that strikes with little warning. Is he (and are we all) obliged to get tested to prevent disease—and disaster?
A scientist looking through a microscope. What makes you human?
Research on part-human, part-animal embryos offers hope for incurable diseases. As a biologist, how much are you willing to manipulate human cells and embryos?
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