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Film Credits
for Crucible of Empire

Written and Produced by
Daniel A. Miller
Daniel B. Polin

Directed by
Daniel A. Miller

Edited by
Ted Winterburn

Original Music and Song Arrangements by
T. O. Sterrett

Narrated by
Edward James Olmos

Associate Producer
Sarah E. Kramer

Director of Photography
Roger T. Grange, III

Consulting Producer
Kenneth Mandel

Based on an Idea by
Leon Wolff and Perry Wolff

Post-Production Coordinator
Libby Kreutz

Graphic Design
Clive Helfet

Virginia Grey
Diane Hamilton

Editorial Consultants
Allan Appel
Joseph Dorman
Tony Kaye

James C. Bradford
Walter LaFeber
John L. Offner
Louis A. Pérez

Additional Photography
Phil Abraham
Ralph Petri

Stephanie Klapper, CSA

Casting Assistance
Jamie Richards,
Ensemble Studio Theater

Character Voices
Theodore Roosevelt
William McKinley
Emilio Aguinaldo
Máximo Gómez
Richard Harding Davis
Calixto García
Larry Linville
Laurence Luckinbill
Lou Diamond Phillips
Shawn Elliot
Jeff DeMunn
Roger Pretto

The Senators

Senator Henry M. Teller Senator Frank Lautenberg
Senator George Vest Senator Henry Cabot Lodge
Senator Patrick Leahy Senator Knute Nelson
Senator Paul Simon Senator Redfield Proctor
Senator Alan Simpson Senator George Hoar

Additional Voices
Gilberto Arribas
Paul Austin
Brad Bellamy
Chris Ceraso
Arthur Giron
Dion Graham
John Martin Green
Jane Hoffman
Peter Maloney
Thomas McHugh
Paul Mullins
James Murtaugh
Socorro Santiago
Joe Taylor

Anne Allgood
Brigid Brady
Bob DiBennardo
Philip Hernandez
Eric Scott Kincaid

Joe Locarro
Frank Mastrone
Richard Poole
Ken Prymus
J.K. Simmons
Kayla Snyder

Production Coordinators
Bonjin Bolinau
Shebana Coelho
David Ritsher
Gillian Walker

Production Assistants
Kelly Feeney
Faye Lederman
Jonathan Santos
Dina S. Miller

Sound Editor
Doug Roberts

Re-Recording Mixer
Tony Volante

K Troop, 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry
The National Suffolk Horsemen’s Association
Boots and Saddles Productions
st New York Infantry

King Juan Carlos Institute, NYU
Le Pavillon, New Orleans
Merchant’s House Museum
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace
University of the Philippines

Film Archives
Archive Films
Historic Films
Hot Shots Cool Cuts
John E. Allen, Inc.
Library of Congress

Photo Archives
Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University Library
Archive Photos
Art Resource
Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley
Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid
Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
Corbis/ Bettmann - UPI
Cuban Heritage Collection, Otto G. Richter Library, University of Miami
Culver Pictures, Inc.
Ramiro A. Fernandez
Frederic Remington Art Museum
Henry B. Plant Museum
Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Collection
Minnesota Historical Society
Missouri State Archives
New York Public Library
Ohio Historical Society
Rare Books and Manuscripts,
Ohio State University Libraries
George J. A. O’Toole
Alice and David Phillips
Suffolk County Historical Society
Theodore Roosevelt Collection, Harvard College Library
United States Naval Historical Center
United States Army Military History Institute
University of South Florida Library
Ron Ziel, author of Birth of the American Century

Assistance Provided by
Graham Barnett & Fred Musto, Yale University
George E. Boziwick & Don McCormick,
New York Public Library
Marva Carter, Georgia State University
Eisenhower Center of American Studies
Jerry Fabris, National Edison Historic Site

Special Thanks
Eileen, Kate, and Ben Seth Kramer
Mindy M. Krazmien James E. Nickerson

A production of Great Projects Film Company, Inc.,
in association with the South Carolina Educational Television Network

In memory of
Alexi Grannis


Executive Producers
Kenneth Mandel
Daniel B. Polin


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All Rights Reserved.

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