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The Golden Door | The Art of Departure | The Earth is the Lord's | Breaking Free: A Woman's Journey

Episode One: The Golden Door
Written and Produced by Stephen Stept
Associate Producer: Rachel Buchanan
Editor: Ed Barteski
Music: Michael Bacon
Narrator: Blair Brown
Research Associate: Cheryl van Grunsven
Assistant Editor: Stefan Knerrich

For Penguin Television:
Executive Producers: John Hollar, Eric Jones
Project Manager: Carol Kennedy

For David Grubin Productions:
Business Manager: Chris Wolf
Office Production Assistant: Andrew Jenter
Production Executive: Bruce Mundt
Vice President: Lesley Norman
Executive Producer: David Grubin

Series Open & Animation: Rosenfeld & Bloom, Midnight Media
Camera: Keith Walker
Sound Recording: Tom Zimmerman, Alan Chow
Additional Camera: Edward Marritz, Jon Else, Clarence Ting, Bernardo Ruiz, Joshua Morton, Brian Dowley, Ben Wolf
Additional Sound: Doug Dunderdale, Charlie Ethridge, George Shafnacker, Bernard Russo, Larry Cook, Pat Tillman
Field Producer/ Mexico: Victoria Mauleón
Grip: David Margolis
Production Assistants: Julia Hyland Bruno, Andrew Jenter
Irish Voices: George Heslin, Paul O'Brien, Kristine Ryan, Fiana Toibin
Norwegian Voices: Jonathan Fried, Tuomas Hil
Fact Verification Researcher: Denise Dorn
Archival Research: Kari Vong
Research Interns: Ariana Cohen-Halberstam, Christina Fontana, Madeleine Gelblum, Preeti Mankar, Matthew Phan, Daniel Ruetenik, Jade Snow-Carroll, Kristen Vaurio
Video Photo-Animation: Frank Ferrigno/Framerunner, Inc.
Online Editor: Evan Anthony/ Framerunner, Inc.
Re-recording Mixer: Ken Hahn/Sync Sound, Inc.
Supervising Sound Editor: Neil Cedar/Sync Sound, Inc.
Sound Editor: Philippe Desloovere/Sync Sound, Inc.
Score Preparation: James Oakar

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Special Thanks: Sr. Presidente Municipal Reynaldo Armas, Gabriela Arredondo, Michael Bovre, Boott Cotton Mills Museum, Lowell National Historical Park, Connemara Heritage & History Centre, Elena Duran, Federación de Clubes Unidos Zacatecanos en Illinois, Mary Gjermo, Richard Hauger, Ignacio Ibarra, Terje Hasle Joranger, Leonor López, Odd Lovoll, Jinger Mandt, Maria Del Rosario Martinez, Ernesto Lamas Mascorro, Enrique Murillo, Stoughton Norwegian, Dancers Strokestown Park, United States Border Patrol/ Department of Homeland Security

Advisors: John Edward Bodnar, Roger Daniels, Walter Nugent, David M. Reimers, Bernard Weisberger

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The Golden Door | The Art of Departure | The Earth is the Lord's | Breaking Free: A Woman's Journey

Source: Immigrants on ship-Courtesy National Park Service, Series: Destination America

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