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  • The first electric light company is formed, the Edison Electric Light Company, located at 65 Fifth Ave., New York City

  • Women attorneys win the right to argue cases before U.S. Supreme Court by an act of Congress

  • The first public electrical street lighting system in the U.S. is installed in Cleveland, OH, by Charles F. Brush

  • The first intercity telephone system is established between Boston and Lowell, MA

  • The U.S. Census records a population of 50,155,783. New York becomes the first state with a population above 5,000,000.
  • 1879
  • A charter for Bryn Mawr College for women at Bryn Mawr, PA, is obtained by a group of men and women belonging to the Society of Friends

  • James Garfield is elected President of the United States. Chester A. Arthur is elected Vice President.

  • Sarah Bernhardt, the celebrated French actress, makes her American debut at Booth's Theater in New York City

  • A successful roll film for cameras is patented by George Eastman of Rochester, NY. In 1885 he markets his first commercial film, cut into strips and sealed in a box camera that is returned to the factory for removal and developing.

  • U.S. China Treaty allows U.S. to restrict immigration of Chinese labor
  • 1880
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