Elie Wiesel: First Person Singular Elie Wiesel: First Person Singular Elie Wiesel: First Person Singular
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Production Team
Executive Producer:
Stanley A. Zuckerman is co-founder and Chairman of Lives and Legacies Films. Executive Producer of First Person Singular: I. M. Pei, First Person Singular: John Hope Franklin, The Storyteller (a posthumous celebration of Charles Kuralt), and of the current production.

Creator of Reflections, a six-part series on leading figures in American life, including Margaret Mead, Samuel Eliot Morison, Buckminster Fuller, George Meany, Leonard Bernstein, and Roy Wilkins, and of the US government's 13-part, internationally-distributed television series marking the Bi-Centennial — Century III.

He is a former newspaperman, chief of staff to the Governor of Wisconsin, and is a retired Career Minister in the US Foreign Service, with assignments in the Congo, Belgium, Korea, Mexico, Canada and Brazil. He received both the Presidential Meritorious Service Award and the Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Public Diplomacy.

Robert Gardner is a three-time Emmy winner and Academy Award nominee with 30 years experience in all phases of film making. He has produced and directed documentaries for PBS, NBC, Time-Life TV, the National Geographic and others.

His three-hour special Islam: Empire of Faith was a featured attraction on PBS last spring. His two-hour PBS documentary Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in the Promised Land won an Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia journalism award while his two programs, Egypt; Quest for Immortality and Mesopotamia; Return to Eden won a prime-time Emmy.

Among his other major productions are Warnings from the Ice, an hour-long documentary produced for the PBS Nova series; Search for the Lost Ark, a 30-minute documentary for the National Geographic Explorer series, shot on location in Ethiopia, Egypt and Israel, and The Courage to Care, a half-hour PBS documentary about people who risked their lives to rescue European Jews during the Holocaust. Narrated by Elie Wiesel, it was nominated for an Academy Award as the best documentary short subject of 1986, and won the National Emmy award for directing.

David Grossbach, an editor, producer and television writer for more than 15 years, he is a veteran of virtually every form of television production, from national commercial and political advertising to long format documentaries.

His credits include Islam: Empire of Faith and many other collaborations with Gardner Films, as well as Twister Week for Discovery, producer/writer/editor of The Eagle and the Bear for A&E, producer/writer/editor for Closing the Loop, The Great Chesapeake Bay Challenge and Running on Empty, all for NBC.

Nick Gardner, with 10 years of motion picture and television experience, he has traveled to Bolivia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel and France on a variety of assignments for National Geographic TV; to Iraq, Bahrain and Egypt for Time-Life television, and to Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Spain, Iran and the Antarctic for PBS.

His work as cameraman, steadicam operator and jib operator includes documentaries, commercials, music videos and independent features. Recent credits include 20/20 for ABC, steadicam photographer on Lost King of the Mayas for Nova/PBS, jib operator and additional photography on Islam; Empire of Faith, and political television advertising for more than a dozen candidates.

Associate Producer and Production Manager:
Char Gardner, associated with Gardner Films for 15 years; managed production of Islam: Empire of Faith (with production in seven countries and a budget of $1.5 million), Secrets From the Ice (Nova), Time-Life Television's documentary series for NBC Lost Civilizations (two episodes), among other productions. She has worked closely with Producer/Director Rob Gardner throughout the course of their 32 year marriage.

Creative Consultant:
Stefan Kanfer, a former writer and editor at Time, has written nine books, including the recently published Groucho: The Life and Times of Julius Henry Marx, of which the Wall St. Journal said: "At last Groucho has a biographer worthy of him." Other titles include A Journal of the Plague Year, on the blacklisting of Hollywood screenwriters. He was the primary interviewer on the Academy Award-nominated The Line King, and is the only journalist to have served on the President's Commission on the Holocaust.

Associate Executive Producer:
Tim White, co-founder of Lives and Legacies Films, currently nightly news anchor for the NBC affiliate in Cleveland. White has long experience in broadcast television and film production. He served as national news anchor for Fox Morning News, was host of the successful syndicated Paramount series Sightings, and served as co-Executive Producer of First Person Singular: I.M. Pei and First Person Singular: John Hope Franklin for PBS.

Leonard Lionnet has created scores for more than thirty productions for CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, ESPN, MSNBC and the National Geographic Channel. He has previously collaborated with Robert Gardner on Islam: Empire of Faith and Arab and Jew: Return to the Promised Land. His score for "Erosion" — a film based entirely on dialogue-free images and music — gained an Oscar in 1997 for Best Alternative Student Film. Mr. Lionnet will receive his doctorate in music composition from The City University of New York in May 2003.

Website Design and Development:
Bean Creative

Bean Creative is a woman-owned company founded in 1997. The web studio's work ranges from corporate sites for Carnival Cruise Lines to non-profit, educational sites such as National Geographic Television. Bean Creative has developed numerous websites for PBS, including Wall $treet Week with FORTUNE, Think Tank and The Teletubbies.

Teaching Guide:
Gail Evenari has been working in the field of education since 1974 as a teacher, curriculum developer and museum educator. She has written and produced award-winning films for public television, including Wayfinders: A Pacific Odyssey and the Spirit of the Land series. She is currently working on a project that explores the changing notion of heroism in America.

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