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You can find more information on Duke Ellington's Washington in the following places...


A Duke Named Ellington, 1988 documentary biography for Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.), approximately 120 minutes.

Beyond Category: The Life and Genius of Duke Ellington by John Edward Hasse.

Duke Ellington by Barry Ulanov.

Duke Ellington In Person: An Intimate Memoir by Mercer Ellington.

Duke Ellington: Reminiscing in Tempo,1991 documentary biography for Public Broadcasting Service, approximately 60 minutes. Partially funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Ellington: The Early Years and The Ellington Reader by Mark Tucker.

Music Is My Mistress; Ellington's autobiography.

Reminiscing in Tempo by Stuart Nicholson.

Notable Black Washingtonians

A Place in Time: A Selection of Black Female Literary Artists in D.C. 41-minute film focusing on the lives of Jessie Fauset, Angelina Grimke, Georgia Douglas Johnson, and May Miller Sullivan.

Colored Woman in a White World by Mary Church Terrell.

Madame Evanti, A 28-minute biographical sketch of Lillian Evans Tibbs, the first internationally recognized African-American opera singer, who lived at 1910 Vermont Avenue, N.W.

Ralph Bunche : The Man and His Times by Benjamin Rivlin (Editor), Published 1990.

Ralph Bunche : Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize by (African-American Biographies) Anne E. Schraff, Published 1999.

Uptown/Shaw and Urban Revitalization

"'A Great Agitation For Business:' Black Economic Development In Shaw." Washington History v.2, no.2; p.49ff

A Guide to the Historical Resources of Shaw, by Kathryn Schneider Smith and Marya McQuirter.

City of Magnificent Intentions by Keith Melder et al.

Cook, Patricia M. "'Like the Phoenix:' the rebirth of the Whitelaw Hotel." Washington History v.7, no.1; p.4ff.

"The Dunbar Story: 1870 - 1955" Mary Gibson Hundley.

Fitzpatrick, Michael A. "Shaw, Washington's Premier Black neighborhood." Thesis.

The Guide to Black Washington by Sandra Fitzpatrick and Maria R. Goodwin.

Howard University History: 1867-1940 by Walter Dyson.

"The Negro in Washington" in Washington, Capital and City by Sterling Brown.

Urban Odyssey: A Multicultural History of Washington, D.C. by Francine Cary.

The Secret City: A History of Race Relations in the Nation's Capital by Constance McLaughlin Green.

"Shaw: Heart of Black Washington" in Washington at Home: An Illustrated History of Neighborhoods in the Nation's Capital by Marcia Greenlee Traceries.

"Visual Journal: Harlem and DC in the 30's and 40's" Robert McNeill.

Washington in the New Era, 1870-1970 by Letitia W. Brown and Elise M. Lewis.

The Whitelaw Hotel: A Legacy Restored, 60-minute video featuring interviews with former residents, employees, and Shaw residents who tell the story of the only major hotel open to African Americans for decades after its construction in 1910, and its recent restoration as affordable rental housing.

The Y Guys, A 28-minute video on the history of the Anthony Bowen YMCA and its predecessor, the Twelfth Street YMCA, filmed by junior high school participants in the Bowen YMCA after-school program. This video was a collaborative venture of Woolly Mammoth Theatre and its Outside Woolly program, which produced the video, and the Bowan YMCA.


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