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Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire was shot throughout Japan at many original locations preserved from the Tokugawa era. The producers extensively researched art collections in museums and temples to secure the art used in the series. The following museums, historical locations and organizations have Web sites which can facilitate the exploration of Tokugawa Japan. The producers wish to thank these organizations for their support. Most of these Web sites have English information in addition to the Japanese. In addition to sites that served as reference for the documentary, we have included various other sites covering the Edo period and modern Japan.


Bato-machi Hiroshige Museum
Edo Tokyo Museum
Gifu City Museum of History
Hagi Uragami Museum
Hasedera Temple
Hikone Castle Museum
The Historiographical Institute the University of Tokyo
Hozanji Temple
Japan Foundation
Japan National Tourist Organization
Keio University Library
Kiyomizu-Dera Temple
Mitsui Bunko
Kobe City Museum
National Diet Library
National Museum of Japan History
Nihon Token Aiko Hozonkai (Isao Machii)
Nijo Castle, Kyoto
Nikko Toshugu Shrine
Nikko Edo Mura
Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle
Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library
Ryosenji Temple
Shimada Museum
Shimotsuke Newspaper
Tokaido Hiroshige Museum
Tokyo National Museum
University of the Sacred Heart
Yakuyoke Horinouchi Myohoji
Zidanhojin Akituki Kyodo Kan


Aizuwakamatsu Film Commission
Crane River Workshop Ensemble
Hagi Film Commission
Himeji Film Commission
Kodak Entertainment Imaging
Marutake Sangyo Co. Armor
Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum
Shiga Location Office
Shochiku Costumes


Ancient Japan
This site includes pre-Tokugawa Era history.

Japanese Armor History
This site diagrams the various sections of samurai armor.

Japanese History: Resources at Duke
Japanese history resources from Duke University.

National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden
Japanese art and artifacts from early Dutch-Japanese relations

National Museum of Japanese History
The museum's Internet Gallery includes a six-panel painting of Edo.

Peabody Essex Museum
The site includes an extensive collection of Japanese art and artifacts.

Tokyo National Museum
The museum has a large collection of art works and antiquities from Japan.

Tokyo Past and Present
A site developed by the Japan Information Network to celebrate Tokyo's 400 years as the nation's capitol.

Samurai Archives
A site devoted to the history of samurai warriors.

Tea In Japan
A site devoted to the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The Virtual Museum of Japanese Arts
An initiative of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this site has information on Japanese fine arts, crafts, martial and performing arts.


A quarterly magazine aimed at introducing Japan to the world.

Japan 101
An information portal on Japan.

The Japan of Today
An initiative of the Japan Informaton Network, this site covers Japan's government, economy, science and technology, society and culture.

Japan Zone
Topics covered on this site include history, culture, music, politics, sports, and etiquette.

Regions and Cities
A clickable map accesses Japan's regions.

Top and Right: Nagasaki/Kobe City Museum


Nagasaki was one of the few cities where foreigners were permitted to live.


Biwa, Koto, Shakuhachi and Shamisen
A site devoted to traditional Japanese instruments.

Reiko Obata's Koto Home Page
A musician's Web site devoted to the shamisen, koto and shakahachi.

Rolling Thunder—The Taiko Resource
An information network devoted to taiko drumming.

Shumei Taiko Ensemble
The Web site of a Taiko drumming troupe formed in 1982. The site includes articles, photographs, audio, video and background on taiko drumming.


A portal and information network for woodblock printmaking. Includes the an encyclopedia and handbook on printmaking techniques, bulletin boards, and online ordering for printmaking supplies.

David Bull's Surimono Albums
The origins of Surimono are explained, and a step-by-step illustration of woodblock printmaking shows the process.

The Production of Woodblock Prints
This site provides a clear, step-by-step illustration of woodblock printmaking.

The Floating World of Ukiyo-e—Shadows, Dreams, and Substance
An exhibit from the United States Library of Congress.

Guide to the Ukiyo-e Sites of the Internet
A Ukiyo-e portal.

Ukiyo-e Q&A
A discussion board on Ukiyo-e.

Ukiyo-e Society of American
A group promoting the study and appreciation of woodblock printmaking.

Viewing Japanese Prints
A site devoted to the scholarship of Socaku Hanga, Shin Hanga, and Ukiyo-e.

The Woodblock Prints of David Stones
David Stones' tutorial on woodblock printing is available on his site, as are images of his work. His "Temple Roof Snow" print is the basis for this Web site's Create a Woodblock Print feature.

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