Activity Sheet I: What Influences Me

Directions: What factors have influenced you most? This activity will help you create a visual representation of these influences. On a blank sheet of paper, draw a small, centered circle. Label it "me." Then draw at least 6 circles of increasing size around the central "me" circle (like a target).

Place your most important influences in the inner circles, working outward to the periphery. You may place more than one thing in any of the radiating circles.

Here is a list of things you might consider:

  • parents or guardians
  • grandparents, siblings and other relatives
  • your neighborhood
  • religion
  • teacher or mentor
  • hero in sports, the arts, politics, etc.
  • rock singer or group, a movie or TV program
  • special talent you have
  • hardship or setback you or your family have faced
  • book or author
  • living in the United States
  • your ties to another country
  • ideas that have influenced you
  • friends
  • other influences you feel are important.


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