The Roman Empire - In The First Century
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Sigourney Weaver

Produced and Directed by
Margaret Koval
Lyn Goldfarb

Written by
Margaret Koval

Series Producer
Patricia Asté

Douglas Cheek
William Haugse, A.C.E.

Director of Photography
Michael Chin

Dana Kaproff

Principal Historian
Keith Bradley

Associate Producers
Adrienne Cooksey
Ellen Mulligan

Research Director
Roberta Panzanelli

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Music Supervisor
Nancy Severinsen

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Jill Tufts
Dean Hayasaka

Patrick Ruth

International Production Managers
Italy, Alexis Ward
Germany, Christoph Schultz
Turkey, Hulya Biren
Israel, Zipporah Mirsky
United Kingdom, Jenny Apps
Egypt, Saad Muhammad
Italy, James Walker

Art Department
Nicole Leghissa
Frank Gampel
Nadja El-Hagge

Assistant Editors
Tom Halasz
Dan Reed

Voice Over Actors
Raymond Baker
William H. Bassett
Graham Beckel
Joseph A. Campanella
Douglas Cheek
Christopher Curry
Peter Michael Goetz
Matthew Kimbrough
Margaret Koval
Randy Kovitz
Neil Larson
Annie La Russa
Melora Marshall
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Kent Minault
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Mark Moses
David Rasche
Harlan Schneider
Norman Snow

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Michael C. Donaldson for legal services
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Executive Producers
Margaret Koval
Lyn Goldfarb

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Devillier Donegan Enterprises

The Roman Empire in the First Century was presented as part of the Empires Series. To learn more about other programs in the series, visit the Empire Series home page.

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Denise Glennon
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Greg Diefenbach

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The Roman Empire - In The First Century