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Quiz: Who Are You?
Quiz: Who Are You?
Which Ancient Roman do you most resemble? Is it the wise Augustus, the unpredictable Nero, the ambitious Cleopatra or the beloved Claudius? Take this quiz and find out for yourself.

Try to answer as honestly as possible. And remember, no cheating or you'll be thrown to the lions!

Good luck...

1. Just one person stands between you and absolute power over Rome and all its empire. Do you:
Assassinate them, crush all opposition and take power. After all, only the strong survive. You can start practicing your evil laugh.
Be patient and bide your time. Convince the people that only you can lead Rome to greatness, but that you'll only take power when or if they insist.
Worry that you're not sure you are cut out for public office at all. Best to hide behind a curtain (make sure nobody sees your feet peeking out) and avoid public attention altogether.
Get close to your rival and use every ounce of your charm to seduce them. You wine and dine them, use them and abuse them until you are in charge.

2. You're in the top job, you have the support of the Senate, a strong army and the people love you. It's time to make your mark. Do you:
Enjoy it! No one can stop you now. You throw month-long parties, drink yourself silly, hold expensive gladiator games and bet on chariot races. Why not? You're a god!
Carefully assess the needs of the empire before conquering key countries and pushing through progressive reforms. This is your moment and there's no time to waste.
Consult the Senate and the people to find out what they want you to focus on. After all, you may be the emperor, but you're really there to serve them.
Start plotting and look for someone to hire as your evil henchman. Face it, you can never be too rich or too powerful, so it's time to find some more countries to conquer and more gold and jewels to seize. Diamonds are forever!

3. A series of expensive wars have drained the treasury and you need to raise more money. Do you:
Ignore it completely. Accountancy is SO boring - let the geeks in the Senate worry about it. Meanwhile, you throw a series of expensive theatrical displays. Ignore the expense - the money will come from somewhere.
Extract maximum political capital from it. By making a generous and very public contribution from your own private funds to people in need, the people will know you've done your bit and you'll be even more popular.
Create jobs and boost the economy by initiating an enormous public works program of roads, bridges, viaducts and buildings. Dull, but worthy.
Decide what Rome needs is a party. You put on a fabulous show where you dress as a deity and stand on the stern of a great ship with silver oars and purple sails. Let's face the music, and dance!

4. You hear of a plot against you. What do you do?
Give that evil laugh you've been practising, round up the usual suspects and torture them for information. When they've outlived their usefulness, execute them without trial. Ha! That'll teach them!
Thinking fast, you realize you need to keep the army on side, so you tell your generals that there's a plot against you but that it's business as usual and their loyalty will be generously rewarded.
Find out who's behind the plot, arrest the suspects, organize a trial behind closed doors and make sure the verdicts are fair.
Discover who's involved and begin a cunning campaign of misinformation to turn the conspirators against each other. Before long, they're fighting like rats in a trap. What simple fools they are!

5. You find someone attractive, how do you win them over?
You arrange an evening of extravagant entertainment, followed by a huge banquet in your lavish quarters. And if they don't succumb to your charm, you sling them into jail as punishment for their poor taste.
You're busy, you have an empire to run, you don't have time for anything as trivial as romance! Now beat it, Cupid, and go bother someone else.
You're a bit shy but you summon up the courage to go and talk to them. Over time, you impress them with your modest charm and winning character, and the rest is history. Aw, sweet!
Win them over? Ha! All you need to do is click your fingers and blow them a kiss. Soon they will be swooning in your arms, for no one can resist your charms.

6. If it all ends tomorrow, how do you want to be remembered? As:
A maverick but brilliant - and handsome - leader and a great patron of the arts, misunderstood by many of his ungrateful people.
A great leader with unparalleled vision and ambition who provoked adulation from the people, set Rome on the path to greatness, and was a tough act to follow.
Somebody who overcame great adversity to become a wise, kind and empathetic leader who did much for the poor and made Rome a fairer empire than it was before.
A clever and charismatic leader with a magnetic personality and awesome appearance who would inspire fascination and intrigue for centuries to come.

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