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Night, a winding road... Two women alone. A moment's dedistraction. Headlights...a near collision. A car veers into a canyon killing the driver. There are no witnesses...A moment to think....Do they report it ? Does on woman turn in the other ? What would you do ?
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Now that you've seen the film "A Fork in the Road,"
hear from the characters and our panel of ethics experts to see if they change your perspective!

What does Julia say - Image What does Julia say?
Would you turn in your best friend if they committed a crime? Would you turn yourself in? Hear directly from Julia and Alison about why they made the choices they did.
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Comments From the show (image) Hear from the experts

What did our panel of ethics experts think about the film? Hear from David Kaczynski, Jackie Joyner Kersee, and Michael Josephson (pictured).

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Would you turn in your best friend if they committed a crime?

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