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What is Endgame?

Imagine an episode of your favorite television drama where you can:

• Voice your approval or disapproval of what the characters are doing.
• Interview the characters to learn more about their motivation.
• Question a panel of experts about the moral implications confronting the characters.

Now you've got the blueprint for "Endgame: Ethics and Values in America," a multi-media special on controversial moral issues.

This groundbreaking special enables viewers to enter the lives of fictional characters forced to make critical decisions with profound moral, ethical or social implications. "Endgame: Ethics and Values in America" fuses dramatic film, interactivity on the Web, sync-to-broadcast technology, and the energy of live television with a studio audience. Viewers are encouraged to confront those gray areas of human experience where serious moral and ethical choices are made.

"Endgame: Ethics and Values in America" is created by Emmy Award-winning producer Scott Goldstein and hosted by Peabody and Emmy Award-winning journalist Carol Marin. The panel includes nationally known ethicist Michael Josephson, Olympic athlete Jackie Joyner Kersee, and David Kaczynski, brother of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. David Kaczynski will address the moral
conflict between adherence to the law and loyalty to a loved one.

With daily revelations of fraud in corporate boardrooms, scandals in American churches, and plagiarism in our nation's schools, the program's focus on ethics and values is timely and important, providing a forum for individuals to explore the boundaries of personal responsibility and accountability.

The idea for "Endgame: Ethics and Values in America" came out of a conversation between program producer and creator Scott Goldstein and Rudy Giuliani (then a federal prosecutor), about crime and how the process of crime and pursuit seemed endless.

"I realized then that I wanted to do a show that would deal with the world in terms of what's right and wrong," explains Goldstein. "The motto of this show is to check your politics at the door - Endgame looks at America not in terms of politics, race or generations, but rather in terms of right and wrong and how we get to right and wrong decisions."

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